"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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 “It’s a Wonderful,..LIE”

      Written by Savannah Michael

      Tweaked by her mom


‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the town,

creatures were busy, hurrying around.

The streets were cold, the lights dim,

And the smell of the air was deathly grim.


Proclaimers in their coats and donning their hats,

Had just settled down for a long stand in the gap.


Mothers going in, babies scheduled to die,

workers so heartless they didn’t even cry.

The clinic was busy making up for lost time,

Then the abortionist drove in, with his new car, so fine.


When there in the building arose such a noise,

I knew it was the screams of little girls and boys.

We were trying to save them, but was it enough?

They were so helpless and the battle seemed so tough.


Innocent blood was covering the ground,

But as we stood begging mercy, not one church could be found.

When what my wondering eyes should see,

But a cold-hearted man and eight lost employees.


With scissors and knives, acceptable for killing by law,

 I knew in a moment it must be Yogendra Shah.

More greedy than bankers, his workers they came,

He screamed and shouted and called them by name-


Now Sally! Now Julie! Now Klara and  Rebecca!

On Toni! On Ryan! On Allison and Deb!

So into the clinic these workers they ran

With their chief murderer, who cared not of God’s plan.


  And then in a moment I heard coming near

Mothers and fathers whose heartless intention was clear.

They waited in line; some angry, some crying, to do their terrible deed,

As saints prayed and pleaded, but the warning they did not heed.


God gave them a life to protect and to love

But they didn’t see it as a gift from above.

So into the clinic they walked two by two,

Many were trembling, was it the right thing to do?


The abortionist was dark, a man with no feelings,

And a mother, she cried, over her devilish dealings.

A snap of his fingers, a twist of his head,

Soon left her to know she had something to dread.


He spoke not a word, but went straight to his task,

A baby was dismembered and put into the trash.

She got up and walked away from the place,

But now somewhere inside her, she felt an empty space.


Shah sprang to his car, to his team gave a goodbye,

Back to work they all went, where more children would die.

But he heard saints exclaim

Ere he drove out of sight,


“Merry Christmas to all

for Jesus is Lord and His laws reign!”


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