"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Emasculated Fathers

Angela Michael • 6/4/2007

There is a double-standard when it comes to Fatherhood… It was just a little over a week ago today that we were contacted by a young man who was referred to us by a law enforcement agency. He was desperately trying to save his unborn child from the jaws of death. It seems his rights had been terminated by the young woman who was carrying his child; they had been together approximately 8 months.
One day he came home to find police serving him a restraining order and evicting him and his belongings. Mind you, he never got physical with her, but he admitted to getting verbal with her when she told him of her plan to get an abortion. He told us he went to every doctor’s appointment with her and how he choked up when he saw his baby on the ultrasound machine. That same day we received an anonymous letter pleading us to try and stop the mother’s plans.
The following is a copy of the letter we received:


I don’t know if there is anything you can do about a girl from (town). I shouldn’t say girl she is close to 30 years old. We had several people try and tell her she is about to commit MURDER. She just has her mind made up. She is supposedly going to have AN ABORTION on Tuesday, May 22, 2007 at 2:00 o’clock. I didn’t know if anyone would be down there to try and stop her and tell her there is others ways to handle this then to commit MURDER. If I had to guess she will probably get there before 2:00 p.m.

She is a beautiful lady with long blonde hair and very thin.


Over the weekend, we contacted prayer warriors and put out a prayer request. We drove to her apartment that the father of the baby paid for. We finally made contact on the second attempt; she pulled up with her sister. We introduced ourselves and she acknowledged she knew us, but when we asked for a few minutes of her time, she immediately brushed us off but promised to call and get together the following evening. We knew we would not hear from her.

The following day came and went. We increased our prayer network and sent a care package to her that contained a post-abortive tract from a young woman who regretted her abortion, a little model of a 10 week old fully formed baby, and a letter basically saying, “Please don’t do it, God loves you and the baby.”

(Actual letter)


            Please read through these materials. God loves you and your baby. He wants the best for you, and that baby. You can’t get that baby back, it will haunt you the rest of your life. That little innocent baby girl or boy in your womb, is as precious as your little daughter. You can’t get this baby back; many women regret their abortions. There are many people who love you Kelly and want to help you.

She never called, but the father of the baby was desperately fighting for his child’s life. He wanted to pay for everything and raise this child he watched floating on the ultrasound screen only weeks earlier while listening to the baby’s heartbeat. He was devastated. The morning of the baby’s scheduled execution, prayer warriors had been busy placing some signs at the abortion mill.  Hopefully the mother’s conscience would be pricked and her heart touched when she saw them.

We were leaving for St. Louis when we received a phone call from the sister of the pregnant woman. She saw the signs and was upset. “She isn’t going to have an abortion. She’s changed her mind.” I told her this was good news. “Is there anything we could do to help her as far as resources, doctors, and such?” Her sister declined, “She said she’s been spotting for days. She will probably have a miscarriage.” I then asked how far along she was. “7 weeks,” she answered. “Well, maybe she should go to the doctor and get checked out,” I suggested.  “She has an appointment at the end of the week,” she said. “Well, we can do a free ultrasound if she would like.” I then added, “We can hear the baby’s heartbeat at 10 weeks.” “Oh, they’ve already heard them.” I thought she was only 7 weeks, hmmm…  I felt she was being less than honest and decided to end the conversation. We kept the father abreast of all phone conversations. He informed me she was much farther along in her pregnancy. God was showing the plans of the wicked, and they were cruel.

Prayer warriors were on their knees intervening on behalf of this innocent child and all those involved. The devil was hard after this innocent blood. We needed divine intervention.

After wrapping up the radio program, we headed over the river to the City of Slaughter . Once there, we were informed the two sisters had made one pass and sighted the intervention team. Praise God we arrived minutes ahead of them! The death merchants sent their goons outside the slaughterhouse in wait; they were circling like vultures for this baby. We could feel the evil surrounding us as we were on the last lines of defense for this little one. It was a struggle of Life and Death in the heavenlies as we waited for the mother to appear.
 I looked over my left shoulder and saw both of them wearing black hoodies as if to disguise themselves. Marching “about-face” as they got closer I said, “Kelly, don’t do it. DJ loves you and he loves that baby.” They brushed right past me.

The staff pushed them inside. The death camp education director Allison Hile came back out and harassed us with her camera then went back inside.  We assembled on the front sidewalk and began praying. The mill closed the upstairs blinds. Throughout the deathwatch, we asked customers to, “Please let Kelly know we are still praying for her and the baby.” To, “Please come back out.”

 After four hours, she did. By that time we had left and returned home. I received a phone message from someone identifying herself as “Kelly”. She cursed me and said, “Hey you F----- B---- You win...I didn’t do it. Now what are you gonna do for me?” and hung up. Part of me wanted to believe the message, but I knew the truth as we left a scout behind. It was disheartening. We were exhausted, but had to phone the father.

We found out that the sister phoned him from the clinic denying what was happening before our very eyes. We told him we would have the incriminating evidence and send it shortly to him. He was still hanging onto a thread of hope that his child was still nestled in the mother’s womb. That night he received the proof. 

The following day we were informed that the woman was still professing to be full of child. The father wanted more proof that his child was still alive so we offered to do an ultrasound as she wanted more money and the car he had recently reclaimed from her. “She’s playing you,” we informed him. “Any day now she will announce that she had a miscarriage.” But, we knew this young man was in denial and still had deep feelings for this woman. This woman never produced any evidence that she did not kill their baby. Her friends and co-workers stated, “She no longer has her tummy. She is quiet and withdrawn.”

The following is information we found on the Internet:

The Abortion Decision and a Father's Rights


Law functions not only as a regulator but also as a teacher. With that in mind, it makes sense to ask: When the subject is abortion, what does the law of the land teach about the father of the unborn child? Very simply, that it denies him any rights to defend his child; he cannot say one word about the continued existence of his child in the womb. The Supreme Court's decision has literally stripped him of all his parental rights regarding his own flesh and blood during the first nine months of his baby's life. It is only at birth that the man's full rights (and obligations) return. Because the teaching power of the law is so strong, many people in our country now blithely accept this incredible violation of the most basic human right, the right not to have an unborn son or daughter killed.

Many men are outraged at this. However, there are men who are delighted with Roe v. Wade. Now they can pursue their pleasures without a thought about the consequences. When told of a pregnancy, they say to the woman, "That's your problem." Other men do even worse—they apply pressure on the woman, threatening to break off the relationship if she doesn't have the abortion. She must choose between the baby and the baby's father.

If he tried vigorously to stop the abortion, one of his strongest feelings is a sense of total powerlessness. While power can be misused, there is a proper and necessary power to which every human being is entitled. That is the power to protect the ones we love, to make the decisions which will enhance our lives and those of our families. If we ever had to watch while someone we love lay dying, then we know the great pain of powerlessness. It is this same pain which overwhelms a man who is unable to protect his child from the violent death of abortion.


The schizophrenia of Fatherhood is astounding. This is not the first father whose rights to his unborn child were trumped by the woman carrying his child. We have had the misfortune of holding up many a powerless and devastated father outside this abortion mill in Granite City . Now, if the state wants to go after that very same man for child support, he is held accountable and has his wages garnished.

Even if he didn’t want the baby in the first place, where are his rights? It’s a baby then! It has a right to life then and the government seems to go after the non-custodial parent’s wallet THEN!
But when a young man wants to take on his responsibility of nine month pregnancy and the expenses on into the birth and rearing his child, it is null and void. In other words, it’s a baby when SHE say’s it’s a baby. The entitlement and the rights thereof “Fatherhood” needs to be restored and protected. In the course of human nature there must be a balance. So to in the courts of law, the scales of justice need to be balanced, once again.
With Father’s Day right around the corner, we must remember “Fatherhood” is not just a title, it is a duty. It is the most emotional word in the English language, and it is a mission lest we forget where we have come from. Men and/or fathers are naturally the protector and provider and are instinctively responsible for life. You can only imagine the damage that is being done when the government through the woman totally forces him to abandon that position.
Abortion is a terrible crime against humankind. Most importantly, it’s a crime against the innocent unborn. But, abortion damages women and men, bringing its onset of destructive consequences to their lives.  How many fathers are out there, feeling emasculated and suffering silently?

Romans 12:12: “Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer”.

God my God I cry out…Your beloved needs you now” ~Bebo Norman  

Update: We ran into this young lady at a county fair several weeks later. It was very obvious she was still pregnant to our surprise and relief. She contacted us, apologized for her behavior, shared her story with us, and took us up on our offers of support and help. She was in much need of encouragement and we found out the father of the baby was not fulfilling his role and responsibility. There are always two sides to a story and relationship we found out.

We purchased a crib, baby supplies, and a few gift cards and Daniel and the children delivered everything just in the nick of time to a very teary eyed and grateful expectant mom. A week after that, a beautiful 6 lb. 4 oz. baby girl was delivered. We praise God for this happy ending. This story is encouragement to let all believers know that if you have faith and persevere and in true Christian love, God can turn around what the devil meant for harm and use it for His good.

We should be less worried of what others may think of us and more concerned of what God sees of us. There are more mothers like “Kelly” out there. Especially when abortionists are considered heroes and the act of abortion is called a blessing.

Women need love, not abortion.

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.