"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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God’s Mail Delivered at National Day of Prayer

May 3, 2007

Written by Angela Michael

delivering God's mail at National Day of Prayer.jpg (60093 bytes)
delivering God's mail at National Day of Prayer
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man speaking with Angela
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people dispersing
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couple & Angela praying


            We arrived in the midst of light rain where 45-50 people were gathered in the public square of the St. Clair County Courthouse for an observance of the 56th National Day of Prayer. It is a public monument to approximately 40,000 inhabitants in Belleville , Illinois . This prayer service was hosted by Pastor James Slone of St. Matthew United Methodist Church.

            We carried two 5x10 ft Scripture signs along with two graphic signs. We walked up to the stage of this event and stood so that the crowd was able to view the signs head-on. Noticeably, you could recognize the pastors in the crowd as their faces were the most grimaced. We listened to several pastors take turns at the podium requesting prayer for certain ailments affecting our nation.

            As the pastors kept coming up and asking for prayers, they kept asking to be blessed. They continued to pray for God’s blessings instead of repenting of our sins. One certain plague that besets our nation and courses through our streets that was left out of the prayers was the mention of abortion.

            The service took all of approximately 20 minutes and even had a brass ensemble band which played a couple of songs. But the one major ingredient that was missing from this prayerful gathering was true repentance, and noticeably was the omission of the sin of abortion.

             The American Church refuses to recognize the blight on our nation and that is the curse of bloodguilt. We are not worshipping God; we’re worshipping ourselves. We have become our own gods.

            They ended the service with everyone singing a stanza of God Bless America . I was so reminded of that little tract by Penny Lea where, while the boxcars drove behind the churches in Nazi Germany, the churchgoers sang a little louder to drown out the cries of those who were about to be slaughtered. It was nauseating to listen to fellow Christians singing God Bless America while they are looking at the face of a dead baby very much like the babies being murdered just 20 minutes away from this square at the local abortion mill.

            We were respectful of their service, but as soon as they closed with their God Bless America song, we stood on the stage and announced that we were here to deliver God’s mail and we called for the pastors’ attention. The pastors stopped in their tracks and we told them that we had some literature for them.

            The pastors did accept the literature and give their various excuses explaining their absence at the abortion mill. Others in the crowd told us what a fine job we were doing and to “keep up the good work.” But we told them, “Faith without works is dead.” James 2:26.  They need to put feet on their prayers. God will never bless our nation as long as we allow the slaughter of 40-50 babies a week at our local deathcamp in Granite City , Illinois .  

            One man told us that his wife did pro-life work and Angela said to the man, “The problem in our nation is that we aren’t confronting the immorality. Rather we’re embracing it and we wonder why we have shootings like the Virginia Tech tragedy. As long as we stay on this course of omission, why should we be surprised when there are more school shootings, shootings at theaters, and shootings at malls?” which this local community has seen a lot of lately.

            We told him that our schools are shoving evolution down our kids’ throats and telling them that they are their own gods and that it is ok to weed out the weakest and most vulnerable in our society, that it is the survival of the fittest. When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you are going to reap it in the streets. The man nodded in agreement with us, shook our hands, and thanked us again.

            We passed out the tract titled “Christian Viewpoint of Abortion” Angela had to run after the only African American pastor there and handed him the tract and said, “Pastor, we must speak out against the sin of abortion. Over 60% of the women going into our local abortion mill are black American.” And he corrected me and said, “We do speak out against abortion.” And he walked away.

            This was a great opportunity, a mission field to witness to a lot of hurting people as we noticed this was a courthouse. A few people were milling around us and our signs. We told them that it was the National Day of Prayer and asked them if they needed prayer. One young black American man told us that his grandma is suffering from colon cancer. We asked him her name and began praying and interceding for her for God to restore her body and rid it of the cancer.

            We walked over to an older coupled that looked worn and tired and asked if they needed prayer for anything and the woman said that they had financial needs and health needs. Again we prayed and interceded for them. They thanked us.

            We were reminded that this was a great opportunity to glorify our Lord. Most sinners didn’t come to Jesus. Jesus went to them.

            We loaded our signs up in the van and headed over to the Midwest ’s largest baby dumping mill where midnight abortions were about to begin. Throughout the night, 4 precious babies’ lives were spared. Alleluia!


            Be encouraged~ Angela

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