"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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The Right Spirit

Written by Savanah Michael


July 2007


“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor…  Isaiah 61:1


“We and the world, my children, will always be at war. Retreat is impossible. Arm yourselves.”  ~Leif Enger


        We are at war. And if you can imagine we are standing on the frontlines in a combat zone. We were born for such a time as this.

        Standing at the gates of hell pleading for lives and souls is an intense spiritual battle. It requires those wholeheartedly involved to be prayed up, their minds focused on Christ and the task He has set before them, and to be working through the Holy Spirit showing the love of God to the mothers, fathers and families preparing to murder a child; not a task to be taken on lightly.

        We do have to realize many of those going into an abortion mill are acting in the flesh and not of the Spirit. Many are upset and crying, some are silent and numb, some and shouting and cursing, some laugh as they go in, and yet some will even tell you about the “god” they know or the “bible” they read from. That is why we have to be ready on all fronts and know how to deal (talk) with each person we encounter. Pray that God would have the Holy Spirit guard the words you speak so that each mom or dad or even an abortion mill employee would be convicted with what they hear and see.

        As standing at abortion mills is a spiritual battle, that doesn’t mean our flesh just goes away. Moms and dads are neglecting their duties as parents and are killing precious lives made in the image of Almighty God. Sometimes we want to let them have it and shout at them a condemning message in our anger; to get in their faces and shake them until they realize what they are doing is wrong. Would this be effective, and don’t most of the moms already know this is murder and sin against God? No matter what our flesh desires to say or do we have to rely upon Christ’s strength and operate in the Holy Spirit, as tough as it may be. These women probably aren’t looking for a group of people to crowd around them with everyone trying to talk at the same time, everyone with a different message. It’s also hard to see how yelling at a woman would cause her to want to run into our arms and save her baby; rather, it’s more likely making her run faster into the abortion clinic. Would you be open to someone shouting at you? Let’s be practical. A soft voice with a message of help, hope, and God’s Word can do wonders. This doesn’t mean we have to “water down” our message that abortion is murder and God hates it.

        To love our neighbor, we keep the model of the Good Samaritan in mind. This reminds us to be willing to provide real, practical help for the mothers in order to rescue their babies.

        Some men and women have a specific calling from God to minister directly to the moms and dads going in. Many have been fighting the battle for years and are good at engaging a mom in conversation and at least get her to question having an abortion, if not changing her mind and heart altogether. To those who aren’t called to sidewalk counseling, prayer warriors are always needed. Praying for their fellow pro-life brothers and sisters engaged in the battle, for the abortion mill workers, especially for the abortionist, for the men and women about to abort, etc. There’s also a need for praise and worship teams, those who can sing God’s praises and give him glory for His goodness and love. There are many different areas of ministry at an abortion clinic. Pray about it and find yours and support others as they minister. Many are called, few are chosen.

        Acting in a right spirit would cause us to remember what Jesus calls the second greatest commandment- Love your neighbor as yourself. Our neighbors are the moms and dads walking in the mill to kill their child; do we love them enough to tell them the truth of what they are doing, and the consequences? Our neighbors are the little boys and little girls who are moments away from death; do we love them enough to lay down our lives so they might live?

        The body of Christ is made up of many parts, many people with different talents and abilities, but it is one body. So it is outside an abortion mill with many believers offering their different areas of ministry – praise and worship, sidewalk counseling, holding pro-life signs, praying, reading God’s Word, etc. We should all strive to work through the Holy Spirit, lifting up the name of Jesus, seeing unborn babies saved and lost souls coming to Christ. If this isn’t your focus, if it is promoting yourself or your agenda, then the frontlines of the battle isn’t a place for you.

        Let’s be the Church of Jesus Christ out on the streets and bring abortion to an end! The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ!!

WE overcome evil by doing good. Let the Word of God be our standard.

        “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?”  Proverbs 24: 11-12

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