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  Hope Employees Arrested in Abortion Mill    

June 20, 2008

Written by Angela Michael

Proverbs 29:16 “When the wicked thrive, so does sin, but the righteous will see their downfall.”


             Natalie                                        busted butcherettes in squad car        



The buxom blonde was wearing handcuffs behind her back and Sgt. Schultz tried to block our cameras from capturing her arrest and placed Natalie and another butcherette inside his squad car. Earlier in the morning, we noticed Natalie was taking more cigarette breaks than usual; something was up. An abandoned dump truck was blocking the alley so the Budweiser semi couldn’t make his delivery to Ken’s Lounge at the end of the alley. We thought that was why the police were there in the alley. 

            When the side door to this slaughterhouse cracked open slightly we knew they were trying to conceal something and I called for Mia. It was a standoff for a few minutes. Suddenly, Natalie and Jessica were being led to the squad car. Only Nat’s hands were in handcuffs, but Sgt. Schultz who serves and protects this bloody business tried blocking our shot. The police then sped off towards the Granite City “Hanoi Hilton”. We staked it out, but no activity.


Later, we found out Natalie , 25 years old of St. Louis, and Jessica, 24 years old from Granite City, were being investigated for allegedly obtaining drugs and prescriptions without a license, authorization, or permission. This abortion mill would like their clients to think only professionals work inside, but in our history of 15 years just outside this mill daily we know the truth and the caliber of most employees in this bloody business. They are criminals. The temptation of drugs and money and lascivious behavior runs rampant in most mills. That is why the employee turnover is so high. Most workers don’t last two months due to the stress and can’t stomach participating in daily operations. Or you fall so in love with the money, you become hardened. Eventually they get caught stealing drugs, money, or both inside the abortion mill and get fired.

            A lot of the workers get involved with drugs and drinking to numb themselves from the reality of dismembering babies. It’s like a coping mechanism. Abortion mills are a haven for criminals and criminal activity. Everyone knows unless you live in a cave in Afghanistan , abortion mills are the most unregulated, self policing, and lucrative industry in America . Just recently two more lawsuits were filed against this abortion mill within a 6 week period. It’s the “red light district”, minus the red light.



Natalie’s car remained on the parking lot over the weekend which told us she was arrested and couldn’t post bond. The local newspaper editor promised that if an arrest was made he would print it. True to his word an article was printed. It appears Natalie and Jessica, both employees at Hope abortion mill, were stealing another co-worker’s pain killers. They picked up her prescription at the local Walgreens drugstore down from this abortion mill without this co-worker’s permission or knowledge. Detective Jeff O’Connor was quoted, “This is a reminder that drug dealers on the corners are not the only ones responsible for drug crimes.” This is a Class A felony and both women can receive 4 years in prison. Bail was set at $50,000 for each.

            To read the article, go to http://granitecitypress-record.stltoday.com/


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