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“Bag-Boy Blagojevich Finally gets Bagged

“For a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him” 2 Peter 2:19

Written by Angela Michael


We in Illinois , the Land of Lincoln , should not be surprised at Tuesday’s media blitz and coverage of IL Governor Rod Blagojevich’s arrest for alleged corruption. We have been citing this fermenting garbage for sometime. As you drive into Illinois there are state line signs with corn and skyscrapers in the background. What a farce! Those cornfields have been replaced with corruption and ill repute. Illinois is a cesspool of wickedness and crime. But this is just a continuance of the Al Capone type of politics “Chicago-deep dish.” That’s why Republicans don’t stand a chance here in Illinois of ever winning anything. But that should not deter them from trying. Good for them.

            Illinois has always been free-wheeling and dealing when it comes to vice. Why should we be appalled at the recent arrest of the state leader? It’s Chicago politics as usual. Why shouldn’t the recently vacated Senate seat be sold to the highest bidder? It just goes hand in hand with the rest of the evil that abounds here in the Land of Lincoln .

            Standing daily outside the infamous Midwest’s largest late-term abortion mill, Hope Clinic located in Granite City , Illinois where there is no regulation, we have seen it all. We in Southern Illinois, deal with the trickle-down effect of Chicago politics. On our website www.smallvictoriesusa.com, read for yourselves the “Granite City’s Underage Abyss” of abortion and the crimes against children that go unreported and unregulated inside this chop-shop.  Lawlessness thrives here. If you want sex, drugs, and murder, come on over. Lay your money down here in Illinois . The floodgates to depravity are open wide for all to be seduced. Name your price...

            Hot-Rod Blago was just arrogant and stupid. He made a lot of those in the Democratic Daley Machine political groupies mad. So they threw him under the bus. The Governor got caught selling the soon to be President elect’s senate seat through wiretaps. What is so concerning is that he was just a governor, for goodness sake; just wait till the spoon-fed Anti-America Chicago-style politician Barack Hussein Obama gets in the White House. Do you think Obama is any different from Blagojevich? Proverbs 26:11 “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” Americans better open their wallets even bigger. Oh, we are going to get change alright, more like “better gimme yo change,” Chicago-deep dish. Bon appetite.

            “For a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him” 2 Peter 2:19…


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