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Granite City’s Little House of Horrors

Who is performing abortions at Hope Clinic?

    Safe abortions? That’s a lie! Women are being butchered and some…die. A coat hanger would be safer.    

Written by Angela Michael

March 13, 2008

            Small Victories exposes and calls for the investigation of untrained and unlicensed butchers inside Hope abortion mill that are “mutilating” pregnant women. Safe and legal? More like legal and cheap. Back alley abortions have not stopped since “choice” was made legal; they just go on behind sterile facades such as women’s health centers. Who is policing and regulating these surgical abortion facilities? Tattoo parlors are better regulated. Just follow the money. The state of Illinois is allowing the “fox to guard the henhouse” and has trusted the most unregulated and lucrative industry to abide with the “Scout’s Honor Code” in reporting and enforcing health and safety violations.

            Just as the ink had dried on one settlement agreement between abortionists Darwin Jackson Jr., Yogendra Shah, and Hope Clinic owner and abortionist Hector Zevallos for a huge amount, another lawsuit is about to be filed on behalf of a former Hope Clinic patient in February that had major complications after her abortion. The aforementioned settlement agreement involved “K.S”, a former patient and her attorney that had asked for $750,000.00 after she was butchered at this late-term abortion mill and later had to undergo a hysterectomy and wears a colostomy bag as the abortionist pulled her bowel through her perforated uterus during the second trimester abortion.

            For years now, we have been documenting the activities and arrival time of Mr. Shah or convicted felon Allan Palmer, the only two licensed abortionists inside Hope abortion mill. Darwin Jackson Jr. was fired and removed from this slaughterhouse in November 2003 due to multiple lawsuits of gross negligence and malpractice, http://www.operationsaveamerica.org/press/press/abortionist-ousted-from-mecca-midwest-slaughterhouse.htm .

            Since then, there have only been two abortionists licensed to kill and showing up. Former employees have shared their horror stories with us concerning the unscrupulous and compromising conditions and on the job training ALL Hope employees must undergo in order to keep their jobs. That is why the turnover rate is so high with staff. In February 2004, “Paula” a mother of two came inside our ultrasound van for a pregnancy test and wept as she admitted that she was once employed at this abortion mill and could not last two months due to the pressure and being faced with what she was trained to do and be a part of in order to keep her job. She stated, “Everyone is trained to do the procedure.”

            This would explain why we are witnessing just during our daily vigil 30-50 girls going inside this mill for hours and 10-15 minutes after the abortionist arrives, these same girls are walking back out with their little brown bags indicating they have gone through with the abortion. The abortionist is there only 15 minutes and abortive women are being discharged. The bags are given as a keepsake or to throw up in. Hope Clinic’s website states first trimester abortions take up to 2-4 hours including recovery. Second trimester abortions, those are pregnancies over 13 weeks, take the two-day procedure to remove the baby’s body.

            This past week, yet another young mother with other children at home sought us out and literally fell into our arms seeking medical attention for complications from her second trimester abortion. She had been suffering at home for weeks. She called the abortion mill in Granite City for help and advice. Their only response was that they wanted twenty more dollars for a follow-up appointment. This young mother explained she was on a fixed income caring for other children and did not have the $20 they requested. Click! This hemorrhaging mother then phoned her OB physician for advice and he advised her of the seriousness in her condition and to get to the closest emergency room for immediate care.

            This mother was hospitalized and emergency surgery was performed to save her life. She was full of infection and found to be full of decomposing fetal parts that were left inside of her uterus.

            We met with this mother while she was hospitalized and she told us the gruesome story of the horrors and the living hell she has been going through since her botched abortion.

            When this mother found out she was pregnant this past fall of 2007 she was diagnosed with placenta praevia. This is a serious condition that can have life threatening complications if not closely monitored. The placenta is low lying, sometimes covering the mouth of the cervix or uterus. A woman can hemorrhage very easily if not monitored.

            This mother went to Hope Clinic in February for her second trimester abortion. She witnessed no male employees there that day. She spent 6 ˝ hours inside Hope abortion mill, mostly just waiting. At first, she was told by a female employee they would not do the abortion due to her pre-existing condition of placenta praevia. Then, a second employee said they would do it. She never saw a male employee.

            During the traumatic procedure, only females were in the room with her. The heavy set blond-haired woman who sat behind the reception desk earlier was in the procedure room now holding her down and telling her to, “Hold still.” There was a woman with brown hair at the foot of the table pulling and tugging, screaming for her to, “Hold her butt still.” Three times her bottom came off the table as the brown haired woman put her arms inside her and kept tugging. She could hear a loud suction type machine. This young mother was in extreme pain. These were not simple menstrual cramps she had been told to expect. She told them so. She still never saw a male employee.  She ended up in a recovery area with a white haired woman for approx 30-45 minutes. She was then discharged bleeding heavily.

            While hospitalized and recovering from her surgery, she phoned the abortion mill and asked the name of the physician who performed her abortion. The receptionist at Hope Clinic asked her, “Which male was it? The white guy or the Indian?” (Allan Palmer is Caucasian, Yogendra Shah is from India .) “Neither,” the young mother told her. “It was a female.” The receptionist replied, “We don’t have any female abortionists.” Shocked and dismayed, the mother hung the phone up.

            Again, we have long suspected the only licensed abortionists inside Hope Clinic are not the only personnel doing abortions on pregnant women. Former abortion clinic owner and author Carol Everett has stated, “It was cost effective to hire and train regular personnel to do these abortions.” Who is regulating and policing these abortion mills? When we were witnessing botched abortions on a bi-weekly basis in Granite City , we inquired to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation officials in Springfield , Illinois and were told, “No one has complained.” How many women have to be mutilated or lying in comas before someone will investigate this chop-shop?

            It is an assembly line atmosphere inside this mill. We have been informed the abortionists want to spend no more than 7 minutes on a first trimester abortion and 20 minutes on a second trimester late-term abortion. Substandard conditions are common in abortion mills such as Hope Clinic. Recently, we received a testimony from a mother who saved her baby and reported this house of horrors was filthy and enhanced with bloodstained carpets and walls. After posting this story on our website, a cleaning firm and carpet company came in the evening to fumigate and replace the incriminating crime scene. That is why we have warned women of the multiple lawsuits that have been filed against this 2 million dollar state-of-the-art slaughterhouse before they go inside. At least years ago women knew what they were getting with a coat hanger, and at this point with the number of medical complications we are catching, a coat hanger appears safer!

            Abortion proponents told us years ago that legalizing abortion would benefit the health and welfare of American women. It would be an acceptable part of mainstream medical care. They also told us legalized abortion would eliminate the thousands of deaths that abortion advocates claimed were happening in the back alleys. The mythology of back alley abortions has not ended with legalized abortion; it continues behind the sterile facades of fresh paint.

            What abortion advocates promised legalized abortion would accomplish clearly has not and only added to the problems of society. Nor has it kept people without medical licenses from performing abortions, or ended the use of unsanitary conditions. Nor ensured competent post-op care or prevented women from being mutilated or dying. The cost of choice is clear: You pay now or you pay later. The only person profiting is the abortionist and the abortion industry…hand over fist.


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