"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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April 2008

Lisa the Ripper

Written by Angela Michael



             Obstetrician by day                                                Ripperologist by night


Meet your new Ripperologist, Lisa Memmel


            Retiring abortionist Yogendra Shah looks like a fattened tick ready to pop and he is leaving some not-so-pretty BIG bloody shoes to fill. He soon will be departing from this chop-shop where he has been butchering with ease for over 25 years in Granite City at the Midwest ’s infamous largest late-term baby dumping mill. He has helped to kill approximately 400,000 children since coming to America and becoming a citizen by naturalization. It was American tax dollars that paid for his education, American tax dollars that paid for his training, and American tax dollars have paid this retiring terrorist to murder future little Americans.

            Meet part of the new “Scream Team” that hopes to serve up as many dead babies as time will allot. That should not be too hard for Memmel as she has already been caught showing off her cutlery talents with the recent botched abortion. Read: Granite City ’s Little House of Horrors”   You could literally say that Memmel was up to her elbows in blood on that fateful day.

            Just this past Tuesday, the Illinois Disciplinary Board, after the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation was contacted, was in Granite City investigating the latest complaint of filthy, sub-standard conditions and medical practice by unlicensed employees. There has been another turnover of new employees, especially butcherettes. All of the butcherettes that were present on the day of this botched abortion have been fired or let go. The receptionist who held the abortion patient down as she struggled with the pain and pressure of being pulled off the table three times…gone! The butcherette who gave her the Cytotec to begin contractions...gone! The one who stood by the foot of the table...gone!  Why is that? Dead men tell no tales…neither do terminated workers.  

            “You cannot serve two masters.”  She is not a seasoned killer yet, but is still in training. We just got off the phone after speaking and confirming that Ms. Memmel is still delivering babies and has medical privileges at Little Company of Mary CATHOLIC Hospital and Care System in Evergreen Park, a suburb of Chicago , Illinois .

            “Three Sisters of the Little Company of Mary came to the United States in 1893 at the request of a Chicago civic leader whose wife had been cared for by the Sisters in Rome . Little Company, historically known as the Baby Hospital ,” has celebrated the births of nearly 200,000 babies. We welcome you to enjoy our Catholic tradition of family-centered mother/baby care. At Little Company, we feel every life is a gift from God and we celebrate by playing Braham's Lullaby after each birth. Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers is also affiliated with the University of Chicago Perinatal Network so you can rest assured during the birth of your baby you are in good company.” ~http://www.lcmh.org/body.cfm?id=20  That is as long as Lisa Memmel doesn’t confuse delivering a baby with ripping a baby apart.

            She is commonly known and referred to as the “floating” doctor/abortionist. She floats from 2800 West 95th street , her primary office, to the University of Chicago at 5841 South Maryland Avenue in Chicago and then she floats down south at least twice a week to the City of Slaughter and rips babies from their mothers’ wombs and sometimes rips the mothers while doing so. “Ripperologist” is an appropriate title for the replacement serial killer inside Hope(less) abortion mill.

            Years ago, we exposed Yogendra Shah and the relationship going on with the Catholic hospital across the street from this abortion mill in Granite City . We also stood in front of his ob/gyn practice in this same city. When his ob patients found out he was killing babies at 1620 21st street , his practice dwindled and eventually he no longer delivered babies. When we confronted the Sisters of Divine Providence and former CEO of the Catholic hospital, Sr. Mary Thomas, with this abomination going on under their noses for over 20 years, she commented, “How do you expect us to pay our bills?” We responded, “Sister, don’t you believe in Jesus? Let Him worry about your bills.” Within a year, they took Catholic off their hospital sign and were bought out by a secular firm. It is now known as Gateway Regional Hospital .

            Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” Please pray for this situation and the investigation to go forth, for the true crimes to be uncovered, for these abortionists to come under conviction, repent, and turn their hearts to serve a real KING, and for truth and justice to prevail. What happens in Hope butchertorium doesn’t stay behind closed doors. Rather, it is exposed.

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