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St. Louis Gay Pridefest 2008

  June 29, 2008

Written by Angela Michael

Psalms 12:8 “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”

            This two day event drew an approximate crowd of over 80,000 revelers under threatening skies. On Saturday, commitment ceremonies and a pet parade was the draw. Sunday marked the big parade full of gay churches, sponsors, gay bars, gay & transgender organizations, the ACLU, Militant gay youth group, Obama supporters, gay politicians and/or political supporters of gay rights, Planned Parenthood and NARAL representation to mention a few. This year’s set up was different. There were barricades along the parade route. And there were more female police officers.


            As we descended upon Tower Grove Park , you could feel the oppression and the smell of alcohol filled the air. It was only 10:00 a.m. We had a few religious zealots dressed like Jesus screaming hell fire and damnation to passerbys. One woman turned and screamed back, “Just one day out of the year, leave us alone,” and continued walking down the parade route. A young lesbian woman commented, “Oh no, I hear that all week. My daddy’s a pastor,” and walked across the street.

            Before the parade, I had an opportunity to meet the new Lutheran pastor of the church situated across from this debacle. He wanted nothing to do with this event and was locking up the doors of his church after the service. That’s the problem with sin, the Church of Jesus Christ stayed home or locked its doors. Instead of confronting the problem, they hid.

            A female pastor I recognized from years past attending this event greeted me and I felt this was an opportunity to witness to her. Rev. Betty told me nowhere in the Bible does it speak about homosexuality.

I pointed out Leviticus. She again said the word “homosexual” was not ever mentioned in the Bible. Another lie. So, how one interprets the Word is how one follows it. She then began praising her church and their openness and the great praise and worship team they have going. She even invited me to visit. She may want to rethink the offer. But I accepted her card and told her we would be in touch.

            “Kathy”, a lesbian deathscort, walked by and I greeted her. She refused to acknowledge us and kept walking.

            As the parade got underway, the crowds swelled and pushed us up at the turn of the parade route into the park where the entertainment main stage, booths, and food vendors were located. The barricades made it impossible to walk out and personally rebuke the honorable Mayor Francis Slay who was a no-show last year, but with the added protection, he led this abomination this year. The police chief handed out plastic badges to the crowds.

            It was so sad to see so many toddlers and children viewing nearly naked men and women swinging on floats in their scantly underwear. But then again, that’s what you’ll see at any local shopping mall nowadays: the lack of modesty. What a confusing message this exhibition sent these children.


            There was a noticeably increase of Black Americans in attendance, not only in the crowds, but in the parade. If only they realized the immorality that is wiping out their race. There was a feeling of sadness as we watched the same drag queens, only more wrinkled and after the skies opened with a downpour, their makeup was running off their drawn faces. The gay rodeo group drew applause as the gay men roped one another and marched in the rain. Mr. Leather was a little overweight this year.


           We recognized many of the employees from Hope abortion mill and Planned Parenthood. Most of our deathscorts are lesbians or homosexuals. Both serve the same master: the devil. Both detest children. But, they love pets. There were a lot of animals accompanying their owners. Why do homosexuals love abortion? Both are sin and both hate God.


            Inside the park at the Planned Parenthood booth it was standing room only; people couldn’t sign up fast enough to keep killing babies. Homosexuals don’t get pregnant. Why the feeding frenzy? Because it’s another form of rebellion against God’s Word.

            The same liberal churches, Central Reform Congregation, Metropolitan Community Church , St. John’s Episcopal Church, United Methodist Church , and Unitarian Church , were handing out their free luv literature, but notably there was no Catholic representation in the parade or booths in the park. Praise God! We are going to miss Archbishop Burke. He did put his foot down on that heresy and was an outspoken pro-life stalwart. Let’s hope the new St. Louis Catholic leader follows suit.


            There was deep sorrow and a heaviness as we walked through the park. I remembered a saying of Reverend Billy Graham, “If God doesn’t judge America , He is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah .” Could that be why we are experiencing the floods and natural disasters across our nation lately? Are we listening?

            As we exited the park, we prayed that the scales be taken off their eyes so they may see their sin and their hearts be touched. We are all sinners, but we don’t have to die in our sin. We are to hate the sin, but love the sinner and love them enough to tell them the truth. The rest is up to the Holy Spirit. We had a few tracts left by Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual, and handed them out as we departed. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17.


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