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Woman Found in Pool of Blood

Body count continues to rise and no end is in sight

Abortion- safe and legal? It may be legal, but it’s not safe

July 18, 2008

Written by Angela Michael

Zechariah 11:5 “Their buyers slaughter them and go unpunished. Those who sell them say, “Praise the Lord, I am rich! Their own shepherds do not spare them.”

            Whatever happened to medical ethics? Gateway Regional Hospital located in Granite City, IL, conveniently across the street from the Midwest’s largest late-term wholesale slaughterhouse, patches these mothers up, puts them back on the highway, collects the money, and the back alley abortionist inside Hope Clinic continues his Jack the Ripper trade. Safe and legal?

            Who is watching out for women who undergo abortions? Shouldn’t Big Brother? Why are we allowing the fox to guard the hen house? Why aren’t emergency room staffers and surgeons reporting these numerous incidents to the health department or Division of Professional Regulation? Crimes against women are going unreported. It’s the “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” in women’s healthcare. How many more women need to be hurt, maimed, and sterilized or lying in comas or worse, killed?

            We recently returned from the OSA National conference in Atlanta , Georgia . While away, we received a distress call from yet another woman who was given our contact information. She underwent a two day procedure at Hope Clinic for Women two weeks ago and has suffered numerous complications since. This past Tuesday, her co-workers found her on the bathroom floor, in a pool of blood “post-abortive hemorrhagic”. Her mother, who works with her, and co-workers summoned an ambulance and rushed her to a local hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery to save her life. She has since been released under a physician’s care on bed rest with intravenous solutions. She and her mother, who is her caregiver, now have not been able to return to work. I thought back alley abortions were over!

            Years ago, society was force-fed graphic scenes such as this happening in dank hotel rooms or on the dirty floor of an abandoned building. They were a thing of the past with the inception and “cure-all” known as “medical abortion”. Women demanded the “back-alley” abortionist with the dirty hands wearing a trench coat were a thing of the past. It was a new era. By a vote of 7-2 black-robed chin droolers thought women deserved quality care by professionals in a safer and sanitized environment to kill their babies. Women could have their sex and be assured if an unwanted pregnancy resulted, they could legally and SAFELY get rid of it.

            The feminists would like us to believe they would never return to rusty coat hangers. Well, with the numerous incidents just happening behind the purple doors of Hope Clinic in Granite City , a coat hanger would be safer at this point. No one is enforcing and regulating this chop-shop. The only people looking out for women’s welfare seem to be the little remnant of gentle Christians who have done so for over 15 years daily, offering women another option other than abortion and offering them to see a picture of their baby on the ultrasound screen inside their pregnancy van.       

           Many times we have witnessed bloodied women being hauled across the street, after being butchered inside this abortion mill, to the local first aid station at Gateway Regional Hospital , where after being patched up and put back on the highway, they are no longer the abortionist’s problem. No, they are society’s problem.

            There are many walking wounded. Abortion leaves two victims: one dead and one wounded. That’s why we see so many post-abortive support groups popping up and so many sky-rocketing sales of prescription anti-depressants and mood elevating drugs. We’re medicating the problem instead of fixing it. The one and only solution is real love; not “luv” like the anti-life crowd would have you believe. But the true love of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can cure the problems that ail society.

            Why are the breast cancer rates in women soaring since abortion on demand was made legal back in 1973? Because there is a definite proven link between elective abortion and breast cancer. Why aren’t women being told this vital information?

            When we make Jesus the center of our foundation you don’t need abortion. Women need love, not suction hoses and scalpels. As long as the abortionists and the abortion industry get by with hurting and butchering women, they will. And they will continue to make a lot of money off of them. If abortion is legal it should be safe. These back alley abortionists need to be held accountable and substandard practices and conditions inside these 2 million dollar state-of-the art slaughterhouses such as Hope Clinic need to be shutdown. As one former employee stated, “We want women to get the best care possible. The people running it now are not doing so.”

            Hope Clinic’s dynasty is crumbling. Its bloody empire is quaking. We have watched the management either fire or dismiss over 18 employees in the past 15 months. Allison Hile, Toni Bautsch, and Julie Adams, with salaries totaling over $150,000.00, are no longer working there because of the financial strain put on the Hope Clinic by God and Small Victories ministry. One employee confirmed what we already suspected were the undercurrents and the strife going down inside this abortion mill. There was a constant struggle with power and money with the management. There were some pretty unscrupulous things going on that would make the hardest of criminals blush.  

            Numerous lawsuits of gross negligence, battery, and malpractice have been filed against this abortion mill in the past few months with more on the horizon. Another employee told us, “It’s the lawsuits that are killing them.”

            Recently, when the local media would not print this fact, it took a small remnant to stand outside the largest Southern Illinois newspaper with our truth signs exposing this fact and asking why they were not printing the truth informing the public. Back Alley Abortions Cover-up

            A surgeon in a hospital or a puppy mill that was mutilating or mistreating their patients or animals would make the front page of that very same paper and the evening news. But women? Well, I guess that says a lot about how society feels about their welfare. They don’t care. But gentle Christian activists do. And so does Jesus. He can take what the devil meant for harm and turn it around for good.

            He can pick us up, clean us up, and put a new song in our heart if we only call on His name, the name of Jesus. Psalms 103:12 “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.

            Bottom line: Abortion hurts women and society. As long as Big Brother continues to look the other way, women will continue to be isolated and exploited. Abortion hurts all of us. Women deserve better and we as a sov ereign nation can do better. 


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