"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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  “Bail-Out for Babies”

Granite City ’s Labor Day Parade 2009


“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice,

but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” ~Elie Wiesel

September 7, 2009

Written by Angela Michael


“Buy American” was the theme of the annual Granite City Labor Day parade where laborers, unions, and the Democratic Party marched down the washboard streets of Granite City , infamously known as the home of the Midwest ’s largest, late-term baby killing mill.    

God blessed us with a beautiful, sunny day as we stood in the gap for the least of these. Even before the parade started, parade-goers were coming up to us and thanking us for being here. One woman said, “I hope you all change what’s going on.” Pointing to baby Malachi she continued, “Once you see what they do, you know it’s wrong.” The Grand Marshall was Congressman Jerry Costello.


Last year, it was rabid pro-abortion and Catholic Senator Dick Durbin. Boy, did we have a divine appointment with him. We got to publicly rebuke his pitiful representation as a Catholic to his church and an abomination to God. He got indignant and had a tizzy fit with us and started screaming with his finger pointed, “Don’t you judge me!” Read: You Can’t Be Catholic & Pro-Abortion, An ‘Obamanation’ to Almighty God” 

 Mr. Costello says he is pro-life, but what is he doing about it? Saying you’re pro-life does not save babies; doing pro-life does. Granite City mayor Ed Hagnauer looked over at us as he tossed candy out with half a smile on his face. “Mornin’ mayor!”


More politicians than ever before walked up, shook hands with us, and looked at the signs we held. The Madison County sheriff shook our hands and said, “I’m glad you all are here.” Daniel and I held the banner on stilts which read: “Stop Abortion in Granite City .” God gave us wisdom to outsmart the devil and his troublemakers.  

The local Knights of Columbus were visibly afflicted, especially when questioned with the sign: “Why is the church silent?” “I have my kid!” one convicted woman shouted.

            Some laborers shook their heads; others made snide remarks such as, “Why don’t they go somewhere else?“Because little future laborers and union members are being dismembered and flushed down the sewers just two blocks over. Do you care?” Silence… Numerous marchers actually waved to us and encouraged us saying, “Thank you. We’re glad you’re here,” and, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” 

Least affected were the little children. They weren’t upset upon seeing the signs and pictures, but rather their parents were as they barked at their kids to turn their heads. We overheard little voices asking, “Why do they hurt babies?” as the sparsely float-filled parade went by the remnant. “Shut up! Don’t look!” the scout master yelled.

Now, of course the local media won’t show this exchange or the peaceful, silent protest which was in clear shot of their cameras that were rolling. There is no mention in the daily newspaper either, unless the messengers are being sued. There’s no media bias, right?


Then there was the peppering of ObamaCare “Health reform NOW!” signs. It was pitiful when they propped up a young girl with Down’s syndrome on a float decorated in ObamaCare health reform signs. Dummies…didn’t they read the fine print on this socialist health reform propaganda? This little girl would be exterminated and considered a worthless parasite in society, aka a “burden” in the health system. Their value of life will be determined by their worth. The Führer and his jack-booted thugs will determine who gets to live and who gets to die. The feeble, sick, and elderly will be the first to go.


A trailer full of unpainted wooden rocking horses rolled by us and we thought their representation was fitting for this parade. Granite City houses an abortion mill and has no problem with the slaughter of over 400,000 unborn babies whose blood is flowing through their streets. They would rather curse the darkness than light one candle. Ephesians 5:11. If they would stop the genocide, there would be children on top of those wooden horses rocking, laughing, and enjoying the parade.

One laborer sat on the tailgate of a truck attempting to hit us with hard candy as they drove slowly by. God protected us. Not one piece hit us.

The Granite City marching band trailer pulled by. Parents deliberately parked in front of us holding our signs, but this year God gave us wisdom. The truth went forth. They could not block the truth of what happens in this deplorable town. The banner on stilts was impressive. Its message went forth. The band trailer could not cover it up this year as in years past. And the occupants of the truck didn’t like that. They were fuming. Lowell picked up baby Malachi and stood out from behind the band trailer so all could see what Granite City tries to cover up. This is what abortion does to little boys and girls.


There was more Black representation in the parade with the ObamaCare health reform signs. “My people perish from a lack of knowledge,” Hosea 4:6 was all I could think. Don’t they understand there is a Black holocaust going down just two blocks over? We witness daily more and more little Black American babies being murdered through surgical abortion than any other race. With ObamaCare, not only will something we do not believe in be the norm in society, but ObamaCare will be reaching in our wallets to pay for it, even more than the government is doing now. That takes some nerve.

The parade was not near as long or full, but God’s mail was delivered. We gathered for prayer, with Joe leading, and two saves and their mothers came by. They were late for the parade. They wanted to stand with us. The kids missed the parade and didn’t get any candy, but Helen, a proclaimer, reached in her pockets and blessed them with all the parade candy tossed at our feet as the organizations and groups passed by us. She said she knew there was a reason the Lord told her to pick it all up. PTL! They all laughed and we hugged the kids and mothers.

They thanked us and told us another Small Victories save was born the day before. “Tiffany” delivered baby “Armando” 8lbs.12oz. Both mother and baby were doing fine. They just needed the bassinette and supplies we promised. They were very grateful.

“Thank you Lord for allowing us to be in service to You and others and the good people You blessed us with this day. Take scales off the eyes of Granite City , touch hearts, and give vision to those wanting to make a difference in their city. Give them a respect of self, a respect of life, and a respect of others.” We reap what we sow.

There must be peace in the womb before there will ever be peace on the streets. If you don’t respect life in the womb, how can we expect respect of life on the streets? Acts 20:35 “In all of this I have given you an example that by such work we must support the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, for He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

             Be encouraged ~Angela

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.