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Granite City ’s Baby-Butcher Hit with Two More Lawsuits

 One for wrongful death of woman

August 31, 2009

Written by Angela Michael

Abortionist Yogendra Shah


There has been little visible support for physicians who perform abortions. It is thus no surprise that doctors say that if the public doesn’t care, why should we?”  -Warren Hern, abortionist


When are authorities going to investigate this and pull this hired killer’s medical license? How many more women will be mutilated or killed? How much more gross negligence will be suffered by women at the hands of this entrusted abortionist? How many more babies and children will be butchered and/or maimed? How many more families will be destroyed by this butcher and left to deal with the emotional and physical pain, distress, and loss of income and livelihood because Yogendra Shah deviated from the requisite standard of care when he is supposed to be providing medical services? Maybe that is why this failing abortionist fled the country and only recently returned from his trip to China where one child policy is mandated.

Both recent lawsuits have been filed within the month of July 2009. In one, the woman died.   Women have died and been butchered in his practice, but there is a silent code in the abortion industry in reporting unfavorable cutlery habits of bad abortionists.

Many, many times we have been contacted by former workers or abortion clients seeking help in exposing the disgusting treatment of women inside the 2 million dollar state of the art chop shop. Many former nurses who have had to work alongside Yogendra in deliveries and abortions have told us he brazenly makes comments after the patient is sedated, that he “makes more money by doing four abortions than attending a delivery and getting woken up in the middle of the night.”

It’s all about money and his disregard for women and their babies’ lives, wanted or unwanted. If this were a puppy mill and lawsuits were being filed, with complaints being voiced of the gross negligence and malpractice happening inside this abortion mill, or a physician’s office or delivery room, would we be having this conversation? No. Why? Because there is a higher regard for animals than there is for human beings!

A former head nurse of an obstetrical unit at an area hospital reported such an incident: Before a delivery of a baby, Yogendra witnessed her arrival to the unit wearing a winter coat trimmed in fur. During delivery Yogendra commented to her, “You should be ashamed of yourself to wear a fur coat. Those poor animals suffered.” The head nurse then turned to Yogendra and exposed his hypocrisy by returning a comment, “You kill babies, you should be ashamed of yourself,” and got through the rest of the ordeal uneventfully.

Mr. Shah is Hindu and converts many employees to this Karma religion. Even the aborting clients are convinced their babies will come back in a different spirit and at a better time. You see, in Hinduism, a bug or a cow is considered sacred, but not human babies. Just ask Ms. Tubbs who survived a botched delivery of her son Gauge at the hands of this butcher. According to documents, her lawsuit states that her son, “sustained severe, permanent, and irreversible brain damage; suffered a loss of normal life; has experienced and will experience untold pain and suffering; and is disfigured.”

He will be in a wheelchair with a feeding tube for the rest of his life. His mother will be responsible for substantial sums of money for medical, hospital, caretaking, custodial and other expenses during his lifetime. This did not have to happen, but it did due to gross negligence.

I often wonder if abortionist Shah sometimes forgets his dwindling ob/gyn patients for abortion clients during the deliveries inside the Gateway Regional Medical Center across the street from his abortion mill. He supposedly has stopped seeing ob patients, but still has gyn clients and surgeries over at Gateway, and the usual “patch jobs” on botched abortion clients; that is, if the abortion mill staff can find him after he leaves the slaughterhouse for the day. NAF protocol and guidelines are being broken here in Illinois , and who is going to report them? The director of Hope Clinic? That’s Sally Burgess; she is the current board president of the NAF. Joke! Once again, the fox is guarding the hen house.

According to documents, in another recent lawsuit filed against Yogendra, he killed a woman due to negligence. A questionable pap smear with cancerous cells was returned to his office and he did not order another follow-up test that would confirm. He did not provide an adequate history to accompany the specimen for pap smear screening. As a direct result of Mr. Shah’s negligence, this mother suffered invasive cervical cancer and extreme pain, suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress before her death. Her family has incurred numerous medical, hospital, and pharmaceutical expenses. She lost her chance of survival. This mother did not have to die. She died a painful, tragic death that could have been prevented had Yogendra cared. Where is the outcry? Who will be the watchdogs for the medical community?

In recent actions, a surgeon inside this same Granite City, Illinois hospital, Gateway Regional Medical Center, that covers up for Shah’s medical messes, was sued because a surgical nurse blew the whistle on a drug-addicted surgeon who was “high” during his surgeries. Of course, the nurse was intimidated and fired, but she fought back and sued the hospital. And they did get rid of the surgeon.


                              front of hospital                                                                                                                Botched abortion entering hospital       

Why are we allowing an abortionist to kill, maim, and butcher women and/or their children and the drug-addicted surgeon is held to a different standard? Something stinks in Granite City and for once it’s not the steel mill. “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke  


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