"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Spiritual Battle Is Waxing Hot

Psalm 12:8 “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”


 The St. Louis triple digit heat wave broke, yet the weather was still hot, but less humid. Despite the hot temperatures an estimated 80,000-100,000 people attended this two day event. Saturday featured a pet parade and civil ceremonies in sweltering temperatures. Sunday was the big draw with the annual parade.


Something was different with this year’s rainbow gala as we entered the gates. It was not as festive or decked out as in years past. The crowds seemed to be more subdued. There were more drinking restrictions and the local police were inspecting bags; metal detectors were posted at the main entrances.

Also, there was a recent victory in the St. Louis federal courts. Our ministry pioneered this radical movement when we too filed a lawsuit in federal court against Granite City when we were years ago banned from an annual parade, and won! The Apple of His Eye Ministry was holding court inside the Tower Grove Park where Pridefest is held and along entrances handing out Christian literature. VICTORY!

A feeling of sadness came over us as we viewed the same haggard drag queens, the same overweight, greasy, leather chapped cowboys, and half dressed boys on floats marching down Grand Boulevard to the entrance of Tower Grove Park . Floats and creativity were down this year. Maybe due to a lack of funds or energy? But the numbers of militant teen homosexuals and children marching with their ho-made signs were up. Our young are being indoctrinated at an alarming rate.

And yes it was official, after years of open rebukes to the honorable Mayor Francis Slay who leads the pride parade, barricades will stay up so no one can walk out into the parade and confront officials of this abomination in God’s eyes.


After the parade of churches such as the Metropolitan Community Church, Episcopalian Churches, United Churches of Christ, and the Hebrew Congregation Church and floating gay bars, the deathscorts from Hope(less) and Planned Barrenhood over in St. Louis trotted by braless with their “It’s your choice” signs. A familiar face was handing out “Planned Parenthood parties for your choice” invites. We held out our hand and the deathscort, aka Hot Nrs, placed one in our hands, stood back, and realized who we were. She continued down the route a little shocked and dismayed. Just our very presence in the crowd was threatening because of who we stand for and represent.


What I found interesting was the increased presence of the Catholic Church, on the sidelines. Is this because of the deafening silence from priests and bishops on issues such as homosexuality and abortion? That is not to say the Protestant churches are any better. There were notably more Black Americans attending and participating in this Pridefest. The Black American community is slowly being wiped out and they don’t see it coming. Between violence in the womb, violence in the streets, and the increase of AIDS and disease in the Black community, they don’t stand a chance. Their race is self-destructing. Sad.

One young woman viewing the parade was irritated by the protestors screaming and yelling scriptures at Pridefest participants. She shared with me that she was a Catholic, but believed in a woman’s choice and was supportive of homosexuals. “Why would anyone listen to people screaming at them?” she said.

I felt this was a good opportunity to listen and share the tract: “I Was Gay,” the Stephen Bennett testimony of how a flaming homosexual came out of the gay community and found Jesus. “Yeah, but not all people are ready and I support my friend,” she said. “God will meet him where he is at.”

After the parade ended, we turned to go inside the park where food and booths are located, and there blocking us was Hot Nrs, aka Auntie KiKi with a toddler on her hip and a portly male. She began attacking us, screaming how much we hate homosexuals and denounce them on our website. “We don’t hate. If we hated you we’d be across the street with the lunatics in Christians shirts yelling and screaming at you,” Mia said. “We love you, we tell you the truth. You kill babies. Where did you get that live one on your hip?” we inquired. Auntie Kiki said, “She is a product of a homosexual relationship.” Poor kid.

“How would you like it if we stood outside Children’s Hospital and let them know what you do on weekends? You can’t serve two masters. You can’t kill babies on weekends and try saving them on weekdays.” “They already know I work for Planned Parenthood.” “Oh yeah? They don’t know you work for Hope slaughterhouse in Granite City . Then they will not mind our signs advertising your work.

“Kiki, where’s the tolerance? Where’s the love? You are not judging me are you? I’ve stood here for over two hours tolerating this parade. And when I’m done here I’m going inside that park and tolerating that debacle. Care to join me?” Kiki’s intolerance and hypocrisy was exposed.

You see, there is a double standard with God haters. They become their own gods. Gentle Christian activists are referred to as bigots and called haters if we publicly oppose their sin in love; not “luv” which enables and helps them to slowly kill themselves with drugs, alcohol, depression, and disease, but in God’s love. Truth becomes hate to those who hate the truth.


It was nice to silently witness to and pray for the straights and homosexuals on the sidelines. It was amazing being in the enemies’ camp and being attacked for being a silent witness. If we hated the homosexuals we would have been screaming condemnation at them, or ignore them and let them die in their sin.

We shook the dust and went inside the underbelly. The booths were full of regular stuff: gay info on churches that embrace this lifestyle and make homosexuals feel welcome in their sin; aids testing, clubs, and shirts; and paraphernalia with sexual overtones. Homosexuals sure do drink a lot of alcohol and spend a lot of time in nightclubs.

Pastorette Rebecca Turner, of the Episcopalian Church , was present in her church booth. One of her lesbian henchmen tried grabbing back literature that she handed to Angela. Mia and Savanah boxed her out and told her to back off, as we continued our walk through the bare-chested thronged men and smell of alcohol, and lesbians on blankets with their menagerie of pets, mostly canines. They must hate cats.

It disturbed us to see so many gay transsexuals dressed as women escorting multiple children in their group. We recently read an article where statistics showed an increase of sexual assaults on young children by their homosexual parents. Published in the peer-reviewed Psychological Reports by Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman of the Family Research Institute, the review noted that gays' children were more frequently exposed to parental molestation and more apt to adopt homosexual interests and activities.

“What Exactly do Gays Have to be Proud About?” asked Vision America President Dr. Rick Scarborough in a recent press release. “Perhaps they should be proud of the fact that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2005, 71% of all HIV infections were among 'men who have sex with other men' -- a group that represents at most 2% of the adult population?

“According to a 1978 study, 36% of male homosexuals reported having up to 1,000 different sex partners over the course of their lives? Barack Obama is the first president to ask us to celebrate that which the Bible specifically and unequivocally condemns. Those who engage in unnatural acts should hang their heads in shame -- so should the president who asks us to celebrate their sinful lifestyle.”  

Just the thought turned our stomachs of what dangers lie ahead for children brought into these abnormal settings. Coincidentialy, abortion mills such as Hope(less) in Granite City where sexual crimes against children are covered up, the same perversions and rapes of innocent children brought into homosexual families is a “perverted paradise”. They initiate children into predestined homosexuality. How it must break God’s heart.

Abortion and homosexuality go hand in hand. Why? Because they wear the same glove. They serve the same master: the devil. “All those who hate Me love death.” Proverbs 8:36  As long as the Church in America sticks its head in the sand, the virtuous, moral fabric which our nation’s greatness was built on will continue to rapidly erode until nothing remains.


            Be encouraged ~Angela

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