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The Insanity of Illinois í Parental Notification Law

November 10, 2009

Angela Michael



This past Wednesday, November 4, the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act took full effect for a WHOLE THREE- FOUR HOURS. A parent or guardian would need to be notified when a minor girl 17 years or younger wants to undergo an abortion. However, this Act was challenged again by the ACLU and Hope Clinic via Illinois liberal Cook County Judge Daniel Riley who issued a temporary restraining order preventing the law from being enforced. Riley questions if this law violates the Illinois Constitution. In other words, Judge Riley, the ACLU, and the Hope Clinic think parents donít have a Constitutional right to their minor children when it comes to surgical abortion  Over 80% of their bloody business is crossing state lines. You understand who is keeping the lights on inside Hope abortion Clinic.

They think they make better parents.

The next court date is scheduled for Thursday, November 19.


No more delays on parental notification

Belleville News-Democrat



In 1995 when Illinois passed a law requiring that parents be notified before a minor gets an abortion, Jim Edgar was governor. Fourteen years and three chief executives later, parents are still waiting for this law to go into effect.

Earlier this week, after years of foot-dragging, it seemed it finally would happen. The state's Medical Disciplinary Board voted to allow enforcement. But just hours later, the American Civil Liberties Union got a temporary injunction from a Cook County judge.

The ACLU argued that there could be "irreparable harm" if the law is enforced. The same argument can be made about continued delays. Young teens every day are being allowed to make a major medical decision, usually in a moment of crisis, without the guidance of their best advocates, their parents.

            Whether you agree or disagree with abortion, parental notification is just common sense. Minors have to have a parents' permission for all sorts of things. If a girl wants to get her ears pierced in Illinois , she has to have a parent's OK. So if a girl wants to have an abortion, parents should have to be told about it.

The law doesn't require consent, just notification.

Critics worry some girls might be subjected to abuse by a parent angry about a pregnancy. But the law covers that. In situations in which girls fear for their safety, the law allows judges to waive the notification requirement.

Thirty-five other states already have some form of parental notification. It's time for Illinois to stop delaying and enforce this law.

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