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Visualize Abortionists on Trial

Late-term Kansas abortionist “Tiller the Killer”

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Abortionist Tiller Testifies in His Own Defense

 Stunning Admission

George Tiller on the Stand, testifying in his own defense. 

March 25th, 2009


Below is a link to a video clip of abortionist Tiller's testimony.  Amazingly you will hear the serpents hiss through a man who is wholly owned by darkness.  You will hear him, in his own words call himself the "protector" of women with "badly damaged babies." 


So on the stand, under oath, in his own words, abortionist George Tiller admits that mothers need protected from babies, humans, innocent life.  It is doubtful that anyone of substance in the court room picked up on the stark admission, but it is there none the less.  A Who is a person no matter how small or "damaged."


In this video clip you will see a sad, frail of a man whose mind is nominally coherent.  At one point in the examination, Tiller is asked about his relationship with "Dr. Neuhaus who is the 2nd "Dr." that Tiller used that is required by Kansas law. By law the 2nd Dr. can not have a business relationship with Tiller.  Tiller referred to his relationship with Neuhaus as, "When she was working for me," then quickly said, "correction, when she was providing consultations for patients."  Essentially admitting that Neuhaus worked for Tiller.


Later, Neuhaus had to be declared a "hostile witness" by the court.  From notes taken in June of 1999 by Tiller, after he had contacted over 100 Dr.'S, unsuccessfully asking them to be his second opinion, the directory of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts suggested to Tiller "Kris (Neuhaus) would be glad to dot this.  Needs the money.


Also interesting to note is that the battle is being won by the saints in the streets, Tiller said that there were only 3 mills in America that do late term abortions, his, one in Colorado, and one in Los Angeles.


The work of Flip Benham and Operation Rescue/Operation Save America was a part of the trial and Tiller's testimony.  His testimony stated; "  In 2001, Tiller says there was another protest outside his clinic to mark the ten year anniversary of the Summer of Mercy. "They said they came back to finish the job," Tiller told jurors.


He also testified to the faithfulness of the saints by saying,

"Tiller tells the jury how some abortion protestors have broken into his church during services and disrupted worship. He tells them his staff has been picketed outside their own homes, with photos of aborted fetuses plastered around the neighborhood.  Tiller said he considers his staff "heroes" for coming to work everyday in the face of so much harassment and, in some cases, danger.  He also tells jurors how protestors would picket the hotel where his out-of-town patients stayed. Some would even follow patients to their rooms, and slip anti-abortion literature under the doors."


Going to his church, picketing homes, literature...lions and tigers and bears, OH MY. 




Pastor Mark Holick

Operation Rescue/Operation Save America

Spirit One Christian Center

This is the link to the video clip of Tiller's testimony yesterday -you may have to copy and paste it into your browser.



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