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Women need endless mercy, compassionate love, and babies live…

Forward by Angela Michael

Article by Ken Ebright


            Many people standing outside Hope abortion mill are there to be seen and heard, not to help women and save babies. They are there for their flesh. It is easier to yell at a desperate woman, than to compassionately speak to her and offer her help. Instead of helping the situation they are hurting, and as a result an innocent baby is killed.  

            You will not see these prideful men or women outside a mosque or the local strip club scream-preaching the Gospel, because they are cowards. It is easier for bitter men and jealous women to scream at women and little girls.         

            When you are outside the mill be focused. Pray, hold a sign, but do it peaceably. Let trained sidewalk counselors speak to the mothers and fathers. Lou Engle, founder and director of Bound for Life (www.bound4life.com), has it right. Just a visual of a prayer warrior silently praying with a piece of tape across their mouth can save a life and bring abortion-bound mothers and accomplices under conviction. We have seen this powerful presence outside the Granite City extermination camp work. Read: Death Toll February 19-24, 2007 Thursday

This is what has caused all of the division and strife outside our mill. A rebellious group of troublemakers are doing the work of Satan, robbing, killing, and destroying. They want no order or to accept correction. What is so sad is that now the 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign is being affected. We are watching good-willed pastors and prayer warriors getting disgusted at the spectacle of what was supposed to be a silent and prayerful vigil, now turned into a loud gossiping coffee clutch. Pastors and first time participants are being turned off at the screaming and bad behavior and they leave in disgust. We, the Body of Christ, get painted with the same brush.

The following account is just more confirmation this is a spiritual battle and Satan will use whoever he can to launch his severest attacks against those who are threatening his bloodline. Only God can change their hearts.


Is Yelling At Abortion Clinics Effective?


Dear Angela:

I was disturbed by what happened this past Valentine’s Day. I feel the following needs to be said. A friend who had discipled me told me that I should, “treat others like I would like to be treated.” Since I have been standing at the Hope Clinic, I have learned what that really means.
            A few years back, in July of 2005, I noticed a Pro-choice escort getting very angry at a few of the pro-lifers who addressed the women seeking an abortion. Later that morning a few of us talked to that escort, which we nicknamed Frieda. She said that what upset her so much was that women were getting viciously yelled at as they were walking into the clinic. On that day I started to see things from someone else’s eyes. What concerned me was not just the yelling, but the condemning words that people were saying.
            Now fast forward to February 14, 2009. What happened on this Valentine’s Day was simply horrible. On this particular Saturday morning there was a certain black man that came to the Hope Clinic with his daughter. His mission was to try and talk his sister out of an abortion. As she walked by his side, they slowly made their way towards the entrance. Before they reached it, however, they were quickly intercepted by another black man, who wore a religious collar. He then commenced to scream at this innocent three year old child! As a result, the little girl froze in her steps and started to cry. The dad, for obvious reasons, was very upset. It should be noted that although the Hope Clinic apparently has a policy that prevents small children from entering the facility without special permission, because the father was so furious he took his daughter away from the area before the guard had a chance to inquire.
            I feel this behavior crossed the line. First, there is absolutely no reason that a three year old girl should be screamed at. Secondly, because the man in the collar yelled at this child a baby died. Understand, if the man in religious attire had not screamed, perhaps, at the very least, we could have talked the dad into letting someone on the sidewalk care for his daughter while he tried to talk his sister out of the abortion.
            It is my position that when people yell at these troubled women they are not scaring them out of the abortion, but they are often scaring them into an abortion!
            The women who are going into the clinic don't know us. We need to quickly get their trust and, in order to do that, pro-lifers need to make a good first impression. Imagine, if you were interviewing for a job, what would the employer think if you yelled at him? The employer would think you’re crazy, and probably would call security and have you removed. The same principle applies at the abortion mill. We are asking people to save their baby. That saying, “treat others like you would like to be treated” certainly applies. Simply put: People don't like to be yelled at.
            As far as condemnation goes: Let's say I wanted to get my car fixed while I was at the clinic some Saturday and I needed someone to give me a ride. If I went up to John Doe pro-lifer and said, “Hey stupid, could you give me a ride to Al's Car Repair?” What do you think John Doe's reaction would be? I think John Doe would tell me to take a hike. If John Doe does not like being condemned, how much less do the women going into the clinic like to be condemned?
            Concerning the pro-choice escorts: these people are hard-core. Many are getting up early on what, most likely, is their day off to stand out in the rain or frigid weather at Hope Clinic. When people scream preach to the escorts, first, they don't listen, second, maybe the scream preachers could be hurting the escort’s view of Christians. In the late nineties former Minnesota governor, Jessie Ventura, said in a playboy interview, “Organized religion is a crutch for weak minded people.” My pastor at the time, Lowell Lundstrom, said that perhaps at some time a Christian may have hurt Jessie.
            It says in Matthew 12:36, But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.
            The question I ask, why would anyone accept Jesus after being screamed at? Christians may have indeed hurt Jessie Ventura, and the scream preachers are hurting the pro-choice escorts.
            What needs to happen out in front of the clinic is not yelling, but a conversation. A conversation with the women going into the clinic and a conversation with the pro-choice escorts. I know it is not easy to do, but if at all possible we need to find out why the women want to abort their baby. If people yell, you’re not going to be able to have that conversation.
            In the United States we are blessed to have a church on every street corner. It is almost impossible for any adult not to know that there is a God. For whatever reason the pro-choice escorts have chosen not to believe in Jesus. There is also a reason that they choose to be pro-choice. If you yell at them you’re never going to find out that reason. If you have a conversation with them and ask them why they don't believe in Jesus or why they are pro choice, you may be able to change their minds and hearts.
            I have had people tell me that the scream preachers have to scream the gospel to the pro-choice escorts because this might be the last opportunity to reach them. True, no one knows the day or the hour that the escorts may die, but the scream preachers should be prayerful instead of being prideful. If they have a spirit of pride, because they want to be the one to lead them to Christ, they are there for the wrong reasons. They need to pray that the Lord would give the escorts more time to live, and that they would be able to get their attention and have a conversation. I have yet to see a pro-choice escort turn their heart to Jesus because they were scream preached at.
            An executive of Hope clinic one Saturday conducted a survey. One thing I heard her say was “You’re for the baby and we’re for the woman.” I am not surprised that the other side thinks that. Especially when they see pro-lifers condemn women going into abortion mills.
            I heard Pastor Ed Martin from Ocala , Florida a few years ago on the Small Victories radio program talk about how he is able to pray with clinic workers. This is an example of what happens when you have a conversation. If he yelled at the workers, I bet they would of told him to go fly a kite.
            Understand, I am all for presenting the gospel at abortion mills. But preach the gospel in the form of a conversation. Don't yell it.
            I am hoping that the readers of the letter will open their hearts. Our actions speak louder than words. We need to show the love of Jesus to the moms and to the pro-choice escorts. I want people who stand at abortion mills to realize the damage they do when they scream. On February 14, 2009 there was a confirmed death of a baby at Hope Clinic. Was it because someone screamed?

In Jesus’ name,

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