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Abuse of Power in Granite City

October 30, 2010

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” ~Edmund Burke 

Meet the Hope Abortion Mill Meter-Maid

Lance Reynolds


        Now meet home-schooling mom and prayer warrior Christa Owens and some of her six children.

    She looks pretty dangerous doesn’t she?

            She is so dangerous that Granite City Police Officer Reynolds decided to embark with lights flashing in full pursuit of Mrs. Owens (who had just left the abortion mill) to give her a $20.00 parking ticket for being parked halfway in the yellow area. This was all very upsetting to her young children. When faithful pro-lifer Stan came to her aid, meter-maid Reynolds threatened to arrest him for jaywalking and ordered Stan to stay on the curb. This campaign of intimidation and writing $120.00-$750.00 tickets against the Small Victories Ultrasound Van and their peaceful supporters is outrageous.

            This past Tuesday, the Ultrasound Van was parked 80% within the parking zone. Only four minutes after parking, Hope abortion mill employee Ryan Goskie summoned the Granite City Police. Meter-maid Reynolds pulled alongside the van and began writing another outrageously priced parking ticket. When the Small Victories director attempted to back the van up another foot, meter-maid Reynolds sprang from his car, thrust open the ultrasound van door, grabbed her arm, and threatened to have the van towed. We explained, “We’re not going anywhere; we’re backing up.” There were witnesses to this account and they, too, thought this was over-kill. And this meter-maid has been issued a firearm?! God help us!

Isaiah 1. Woe to this once great city, it has now become a desolate town full of innocent blood and injustice. Its officials rule as roaring lions and take no correction. They oppress the righteous and take bribes. They deprive the poor and innocent of justice. They call evil good and good evil. Its inhabitants have become slaves to complacency and have fallen under a curse of what is evil. The shepherds are leading their flocks astray and their foes have become their masters.

When God’s remnant stands against evil and is making huge inroads by saving hundreds of babies and taking innocent blood away from Satan, they are a target. The devil will come hard after you for righteousness’ sake and you will be persecuted. In the past two years of our 18 year daily ministry on the streets of the City of Slaughter , we have seen hundreds of babies saved and adopted; we have seen conversions of employees, moms, and dads from this abortion mill. On a typical Saturday, Hope abortion mill would kill approximately 45-60 babies. This past Saturday we witnessed the killings of 15 babies and the saving of five babies scheduled to be slaughtered, including a set of twins. God is rejoicing and the devil is angry. Our prayers and daily witness have been powerful.   

The ultrasound van is being targeted as it has been a source of truth to the abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices. It was so effective that this past Saturday, a Hispanic couple pulled onto the abortion mill lot and listened to us as we called over, “No aborto, no aborto.” They looked over at the Special Forces with the free help sign and came inside. Little did we know that all HELL would break loose as the portly male deathscort would pursue them and actually attempted to break into our ultrasound van where we were performing an ultrasound. Alleluia! We were able to view a set of 8 week old twins as the prayer warriors used their bodies to block the deathscorts from grabbing the door handle and entering our pregnancy van. “This is private property; you have no right to go inside,” they told the deathscorts.

The devil was fuming. Yet, this shows you the arrogance of those who love death.  The abortion mill brazenly thinks it can walk right inside our life-saving van without a thought to the contrary, whereas if a pro-lifer walked up to the slaughterhouse doors and attempted to go inside they would be arrested on the spot, hauled off by local Gestapo, and sitting in a cell at the “Granite City Hanoi Hilton.” You see, there is a double-standard in this City of Slaughter where injustice reigns. For instead of “protecting and serving” equally, local law enforcement, through    harassment and intimidation, has chosen to side with the abortion mill against our ministry and anyone who would dare to stand with us in the cause of saving the innocent. Understood, the abortion mill brings a lot of bloody revenue into this deplorable town. Not the steel mill, but the baby killing mill keeps this city afloat financially. It’s called “blood-money.”

            Just last week during the Fall 40 Days for Life campaign, Christa and her children were praying on the front sidewalk when a young girl came back out of the abortion mill and decided to keep her baby. She came into Christa’s arms for a loving embrace and heard words of encouragement and thankfulness from this precious prayer warrior and her dear children. BAM! Little did Christa know then, but she instantly became a target of the devil. She just helped save a life. Like so many, she didn’t stay at home or in her comfortable office and fight the battle for little boys and girls destined to be slaughtered from her lazy-boy; she was with us in the trenches. That makes one dangerous in the fight for life, good versus evil. We should all be living that dangerously: living in such a way that through love, commitment, and simply “being there” we are a threat to Satan and his kingdom of evil until that final day when we hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”  Keep praying for a conversion of hearts, especially Officer Reynolds’ and those who take part in killing babies; but until that final day, we will see you at the gates.  

            Be encouraged ~Angela   

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.