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Hope Clinic Hires New Abortionist
“Meet Your Murderers”
August 26, 2010
Written by Angela Michael 

“But the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” Daniel 11:32



Former felon abortionist Allen Palmer Jr. TERMINATED!
Written by: Angela Michael  

“…it’s easy to assume that women are treated poorly. Some are, some aren't. Dr Palmer hates when he has to do a procedure on an overweight woman, and makes it very known. He is also known to make terrible remarks about the patients themselves TO THEM. Talk about awkward when you are holding a 21 year old girls hand and she is going through the assembly line.” -former Hope employee

            It appears Erin King of Chicago is the new baby exterminator at Hope abortion Clinic in Granite City , Illinois . Ms. King has been spotted there on several occasions. Deathcamp director, health spa owner, and NAF board President Sally Burgess has been searching the country for seven years to find a new female baby butcher after the terminations of recent training abortionist Lisa “The Ripper” Memmel and Amy Whittaker, both from Chicago , Illinois . It took the courts 18 months to locate and serve abortionist-in-training Lisa Memmel with a court summons of alleged negligence and medical battery occurring at Hope Clinic. She was hiding out in San Francisco , California .

            Chief abortionist Yogendra Shah and his partner in crime, convicted felon Allen Palmer, are getting up in age. They have been the subject of numerous lawsuits over the years that have prompted Ms. Burgess to look for a new abortionist. Abortionist Palmer has not been sighted at this slaughterhouse for six weeks. There are undercurrents inside this mill telling us that employees don’t get along with him and his abrasive treatment of the patients, especially offensive and rude comments he makes during the abortion procedure on overweight women. Employees have witnessed Palmer becoming physical with the patient once they are sedated. That is some “bedside manner.” But the good news is, abortions at Hope Clinic have dropped from an all-time high of 13,000 down to a new low of approximately 3,000 in the past year. Read: “The Death Rattle of Hope Clinic.

            The abortion mill and industry as a whole cannot find professional people who want to enter the so-called glamorous world of baby killing. Read: “The Abortion Industry is Crumbling”. Sally Burgess reinforces this in her own words throughout the article titled “Where to Pass the Torch?” written by a New York Times journalist. The term “back-alley abortion” remains; it has never ended. It just costs more. Legalized abortion may have saved some butchers from going to jail, but the persona is the same. It did nothing to change the perception. Abortionists remain the scum of the medical community.    

King graduated in 2003 with a Doctorate of Medicine from Washington University in St. Louis , Missouri where currently in conjunction with Barnes-Jewish Hospital , residents are being trained to perform abortions. We have exposed this hypocrisy on several occasions outside their institutions with the help of conservative officials, pro-life leaders, and several church groups. King also currently is employed as an OB/GYN at Progressive Care for Women located in Chicago , Illinois delivering babies.

            “Abortion is the dirty work of our field. The sad truth is that the people who moonlight at the clinics are grade-B doctors. They’re not the cream of the crop. And it’s not because they’re committed. It’s because they can’t find steady work”. ~unidentified pro-abort ob/gyn, NY Times Magazine

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