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Missouri Laws are Bad for Illinois

Missouri Passes Expanded Abortion Consent Requirement

Written by Angela Michael

 Bad laws and statutes are not our problem. They are a sign and judgment from God.

 “…because they had not obeyed my laws... I also gave them over to statutes that were not good and laws they could not live by.” Ezekiel 20:24-25

            Today, Missouri lawmakers passed legislation expanding the vital information that must be provided to a woman seeking an abortion in Missouri . Understand, Missouri already has good common sense legislation in place when it comes to this serious, invasive surgical procedure. For instance, the current abortion law requires parental consent for minors and, for all abortion seekers, a waiting period which requires a pregnant woman to be told of the physical and psychological risks of the procedure at least 24 hours before an abortion.

            The latest bill, however, given final approval today, Friday, by the House, would also require that a pregnant woman receive detailed information about the characteristics of her unborn baby. Abortion providers would have to give the mother her chance to view an ultrasound and listen to the unborn child’s heartbeat and also requires the consultations to occur in person, instead of over the phone.

            Now, this all sounds great, the exception being: Hope abortion clinic, the Midwest’s largest late-term baby dumping mill--where there are no restrictions--is located only 7 minutes across the river from St Louis , Missouri ! So, while Planned Parenthood on Forest Park and Boyle plays their violin because of Missouri ’s new legislation, Hope Clinic in Illinois is laughing all the way to the bank. You see, this is a Catch-22, for, as the pro-life forces in the “Show Me” state do their job to protect the unborn, many seekers will simply sidestep these safeguards and cross over to the “ Land of Lincoln ” in order to abort their child. 
            Let us pray, therefore, that the generalized fog on the House floor in Springfield , Illinois dissipate soon and Illinois legislators get on board with their Missouri counterparts in order to create and enforce good laws that protect the welfare of children in the womb, and their mothers.  For, as it stands now, thousands are coming from surrounding states to obtain abortions; coming to a place without any restrictions or regulation; coming to the Hope Clinic for Women located in Granite City, Illinois, also known as the City of Slaughter. It’s a notorious, but well deserved label and Missouri , sadly, is the largest source of revenue. Yes, those from Missouri keep the lights on and the abortionist busy inside this grisly slaughterhouse. 

            So, while abortion numbers in Missouri may be on the downfall, which is good, they are consistent here in Illinois . And, it’s unfortunate that Illinois lawmakers don’t care and definitely don’t police this surgical center or give a rip about the psychological risks and physical harm abortion can do to a woman.
            But we, Small Victories, this little ministry; we care.  That’s why we are there on the sidewalk, week after week, year after year, as a messenger, offering other options and real healthcare to abortion-bound mothers contemplating their innocent child’s fate. Women, whether the state mandates it or not, have a right to know all the vital information so that they can make a clear and informed decision and, although you can’t force a mother to look at an ultrasound, you can at least offer her a chance to view one.

            How ironic that Illinois won’t allow women to walk inside a hospital for gallbladder surgery or breast augmentation or any surgery for that matter without a consult, a waiting period, and pre-op instructions. Abortion, on the other hand, is the only medical procedure that regulates itself; at least here in Granite City . Understand, this is a serious and invasive surgery! It can have life threatening results. We have witnessed many women suffering complications inside the Hope Clinic and then being rushed across the street to Gateway Regional hospital to be patched up and put back on the highway where they are no longer the abortion clinics problem, all because of…no regulation.  All the more reason Illinois lawmakers should be taking a proactive role and protecting women by making good laws, even when it comes down to abortion.

            But for now, we don’t see the floodgates between Illinois and Missouri closing anytime soon. So, we’ll continue to do our part. We’ll continue to stand, and offer, and hold, and be a voice to those who need to know; and a voice…for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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