"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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St. Louis Pridefest 2010

“God gave them over in their sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another, they exchanged the truth of God for a lie.” Romans 1:24




 In sweltering heat and sun with a heat index of 107 degrees this two day event drew an approximate crowd of 85,000 including supporters, same-sex couples and revelers. On Saturday commitment ceremonies and a pet parade was the draw. The weekend-long party culminated Sunday with the 90 minute parade full of the usual ultra-liberal gay churches, gay bars, gay politicians, and political supporters of gay rights. It would not be the Pridefest parade without the baby killers and the anti-family groups such as NARAL Missouri and Planned Parenthood.

This year there were some additions along our way into the park. We passed an Islamic center which was open. It sat on the edge of this park’s entrance. Last year organizers added the barricades, so it was most difficult to give an open rebuke to the Honorable and Catholic Mayor Francis Slay, who is a gay-rights supporter.


However, to our disappointment there was a sizable group of law enforcement marching; some, leading this debacle, which drew the loudest of cheers. There was also a notable surge of African Americans participating in the parade as drag queens, cabbana boys, marchers, and on the sidelines viewing. If only they realized between immorality, violence on the streets, violence in the womb, and disease that the Black race is self destructing. The white race is not far behind; they just have more population to go through. Some of the corporate sponsors included Macy’s, Monsanto, Barnes Jewish Hospital, and Glaceau Vitamin Water, to name a few.

During the parade there was quite an amount of space between floats going by so our attention went to those around us. I really picked up on the female twosome sitting beside me. One of the girls was a “cutter”. Both of her arms were scarred from her wrists to her elbows with perfect vertical and horizontal slices. Pain. She was full of pain and crying out by slicing her arms. Some of the scars looked old; she had been doing this for awhile. Most homosexuals in the gay community are hurting, full of pain, and looking for love in all the wrong places. Why do they consume so much alcohol? To numb themselves in submission to Satan.


Somewhere lost in the parade was this year’s theme of “going green,” and by the looks of things the only thing green was the nausea coming up the back of my throat at the sights. Nearly naked men (some in green briefs, some in loin cloths) were gyrating, drinking alcohol, and holding one another. What really broke our hearts were the very young children marching behind these floats. Children don’t stand a chance. They are being indoctrinated younger and younger. Schools, Planned Parenthood, and the homosexual agenda are spoon feeding our kids immorality and rebellion at an alarming rate. They think they make better parents than those who are raising and footing the bills of their minor children. These four, five, and six year olds looked bewildered in this parade. What a confusing message this exhibition sent to these young children. So troubling…


An oriental woman sitting next to me turned to me and was blushing at the sight of the next entry in the parade: a very large group of approximately 300 teens was descending upon us. Loud and proud, they were marching in support of being gay. The woman said, “I’m not used to all this. You should of seen them last weekend. I live over there,” and she pointed to the Asian section of the Tower Grove community. “There were hundreds of them riding on bikes, NAKED! I have never seen anything like that,” she said. “Consider yourself blessed that they have clothes on today.”


All kinds of people were at this event. From our perch we viewed some men carrying a large sign which read: “911 was an inside job!” and they went inside the park. There was a potpourri of a little bit of everything here today. We recognized several of the deathscorts and employees from Planned Parenthood in St. Louis and Hope slaughterhouse in Granite City marching both in support of gay rights and killing babies. Both go hand in hand; both serve the same master: the devil. They detest children but love pets. Both are sin and both hate God. It is another form of rebellion.

  Once inside the park, there was an abundance of beer booths, food vendors, and basically the same Pridefest boots offering: free screenings for HIV, blood pressure checks, Pridefest gear, glitter, glow in the dark condoms, and sign up sheets for equality and gay rights. Planned Parenthood had the same sign up sheets to keep killing babies legal. We passed one booth full of gay night club information dating services and photography, but a sign on the table really caught my eye. It stated “FREE PORN BEHIND TABLE.” I walked a few steps, then turned back to make sure I read it right. Yes, I did. Is this what PRIDE is all about? SEX, SEX, and naked men running around in their underwear if that? Not many “going green” booths inside this year’s Pridefest, except that green feeling in the bottom of our stomachs. Women were sporting “flat-tops,” sports bras, and Bermuda shorts. Everyone was tattooed from the top of their shoulders to their feet. The smell of alcohol permeated the already stifling air.

All we could think was, “Folks, this country is in trouble!” The family and any sense of decency, morality and values are under attack. Between the filth and immorality being pumped into our homes and the indoctrination of our children through the schools and Planned Parenthood, Satan is stealing our kids. Is it any wonder we see so much rebellion coming from our youth? So too, is this debacle. It is another slap in God’s face. The homosexual churches would have us think God rewrote the Bible. God IS always speaking, but He didn’t put a comma where a period is.

There is a reason why God calls us to attend this event when the Church of America basically sticks its head in the sand. We are our brothers’ keeper. We don’t want to see them die in their sin. We cannot enable them to slowly kill themselves with drugs, alcohol, depression disease or even suicide. We must love them enough to lovingly tell and share the truth of the consequences if they don’t turn from their sinful lifestyle. Scripture tells us that the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth with their wickedness. That is what we are seeing. God has handed them over to a reprobate mind. That is what is happening in our society. But God is also looking for His chosen to cry out against the injustices of our day and to stand for righteousness until He returns and destroys those who would not listen and do His will. “How long Lord?” we ask. In Habakkuk 1:5 the Lord answers, “Just watch and be utterly amazed. I’m going to turn this world upside down.”

Until the Lord returns we, His chosen, must stand firm for righteousness, seek the Lord, take dominion and possess the land, and continue to be blameless so that the Lord can use us to do His will. As long as the Church in America sticks her head in the sand, the virtuous, moral fabric on which our country’s greatness was built upon will continue to rapidly erode until nothing remains. What will be left for our children?

“Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, He gave them over to a depraved mind to do what not ought to be done” Romans 1:28

  God have mercy!  

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