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St. Louis Susan Komen Race Turns Violent 

“Beat Me” in St. Louie

Gentle pro-life Christians attacked as the truth is exposed

at the largest national Race for the Cure fundraiser

Written by Angela Michael

June 12, 2010

“The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it,

but in the end, there it is.” ~Winston Churchill


            Back in 1904, St. Louis was the setting for the World’s Fair where delicatessens were being discovered and the song “Meet Me in St. Louis ” was born. Today that song was being remembered with a twist for different reasons.

Under steamy weather conditions another new record setting extravaganza decked in pink awaited our ministry as we made the trek over the river to the Gateway to the West. Stan and Cathy joined me. We quickly gathered our materials, including our dangerous banner. Lock and load! The area was swarming with thousands of participants. A record 71,802 braved the stifling heat in support of breast cancer awareness, or so they say, as over $3.4 million was raised. We worked our way up to the finish line where all the main celebrants and celebration seemed to be holding court. This is where the Lord told me to go years ago when our ministry dedicated itself to be at this annual event to really care for women who are fighting this devastating disease and lovingly tell them the truth about ALL preventable risks. We prayed, realizing that when you stand for the truth all hell will break loose, especially when you’re a threat to Satan’s wallet.

Breast cancer was unheard of in the 1930's. What has been introduced to society that now has breast cancer at epidemic proportions? Elective abortion, and the numbers are soaring and victims are becoming younger and younger and a lot with no history of breast cancer in their families.

Women have the right to know that 28 out of 37 worldwide studies have independently linked induced abortion with breast cancer. Thirteen out of fifteen studies conducted on American women report increased risk. Seventeen studies are statistically significant, sixteen of which found increased risk. Most of the studies have been conducted by abortion supporters. The first study was published in an English publication in 1957 and focused on Japanese women. It showed a 2.6 relative risk or 160% increased risk of breast cancer among women who'd had an induced abortion.

            Studies suggest that an induced abortion causes biological changes to occur in a woman's breasts which make her more susceptible to breast cancer. At the moment of conception, a woman’s estrogen levels elevate. With an induced abortion/miscarriage those hormones go haywire in a woman’s breast. These abnormal cells lie in wait. www.abortionbreastcancer.com

            Why wouldn’t you want women to know this vital information? Because the incidents of breast cancer might just go down by preventing a proven cause. We can’t leave out the money pit. The Susan G. Komen foundation has raised a lot of money and a lot of that money is going and funding the very same risk factor: ABORTION. They give money to Planned Parenthood. If the truth were known then they may lose some of that funding, and making money is what it’s all about.

We were pretty sure we heard the Southwest Illinois College Chorus singing “Season of Love” during the emotional procession of more than 4,500 breast cancer survivors. You can’t help but feel for these heroic women in this party-like atmosphere. Emotions always run high this day. We handed out several pamphlets along the way. All eyes were focused on the racers about to make it to the finish line. Cameras, reporters, and Rams cheerleaders stood in wait. Little did they know that the Komen Race was about to run right smack dab into the truth. Stan stood armed with camera in tow. It was stifling. Staffers were shooing the overflowing crowd back onto bloated sidewalks. Our time was short. I signaled to Cathy, “Let’s roll.” We walked out onto the finish line in front of the media, cameras, and volunteers. To their shock, we quickly rolled out the message that God told us to deliver for all to see- the truth. “Abortion is a cause of breast cancer. Why aren’t women being told? www.abortionbreastcancer.com

Our sole purpose was to bring the truth to this million dollar “Dash for the Cash” fundraiser. And yes, all hell began breaking loose. Komen chairwoman Helen Chestnut got in our faces and yelled for operations staffers. She grabbed at our banner and told us, “This is not allowed! You should not be here. This is the Race for a Cure; this is not the place to display this kind of message .It is not allowed here.”

She waved for several big men to throw us out, and she whispered, “Get rid of that banner!” She looked at Angela, “You don’t belong here.” “We have every right to be here. Would you like a brochure to read the truth? The Komen Foundation does a lot of good, but why don’t you want women to know about all of the ways to prevent breast cancer?”

These jackbooted thugs then began pushing and grabbing at our banner. Participants were watching. We began walking into the crowds and groups of supporters and survivors. We thanked them for being there and congratulated the survivors as we handed them the brochures titled, “Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risks.” It gives proven statistics and facts provided by medical groups as well as explanations of findings regarding elective abortion and breast cancer increases. It also gives out the website and a contact for more in depth information.

The Komen staffers kept harassing and following us. One thug radioed that we were not leaving voluntarily and needed police. Another male was taunting Cathy with her short statue. We were just about out of brochures when we started heading down the main street of this gathering. This was a well viewed area with booths, media, and large crowds. The Holy Spirit told us to take advantage of this witness and we unrolled the dangerous banner for all to see. The Komen thugs went ballistic and started fighting us. They were punching our hands and shoving Stan while trying to get his camera. They didn’t want women to see the truth. They tried breaking our grasp with their fists. At one point, we stopped walking and shouted that they were assaulting us. They tried blocking the banner from everyone’s sight with their bodies, but the truth prevailed.

The Holy Spirit rose up and I began speaking to the tallest Komen thug, “We have a right to be here; it’s a First Amendment right. You have no right to hit us or block our efforts to tell the truth.” One of the thugs yelled for the cops. I turned to the staffer and asked him why he didn’t want women to know the truth about all of the risks of breast cancer and preventable causes. He just stood there with a dumb expression. “Don’t you care about women? We do! We really care about women; we love them enough to tell them the truth. I thought the Komen Foundation did too. Oh, don’t worry. We realize why you all are doing this. You don’t want this little remnant to spoil your fundraising party, do you?” He just grinned. “You know what? You and the Susan Komen Foundation are exploiting women and you are making a lot of money off of these sick and desperate women.”

The two police officers were about up to us. They saw the attack and told the staffers to, “Knock it off!” and leave us alone. The staffers quit following us the rest of the walk to the exit, but several witnesses stopped, spoke, and looked at the banner. We informed them that since the inception of elective abortion in 1973, the cases of breast cancer are at epidemic rates. “What changes were introduced into society that we are witnessing this devastation disease without a history of breast cancer and at younger ages: ABORTION. We care about women. We want to tell the truth about ALL of the risks, elective abortion being the mostly preventable. That is why are here in this heat wave.”

We rolled up our banner and as we walked to our car we gave the last remaining brochures to participants entering the festive grounds. We prayed and thanked God for His protection and this awesome opportunity. We then drove back over the Mississippi River to the infamous City of Slaughter to save some babies outside the slaughterhouse in Granite City , Illinois . It was torrid heat that met us and the good news of one precious baby leaving this mill ALIVE!

            Psalm 138 “ Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You preserve my life; You stretch out Your hand against the anger of my foes, with Your right hand, You save me.; Your love, O Lord, endures forever- do not abandon the works of Your hands.

 Be encouraged ~Angela           

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