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A Cry for Help

“Please Help Me! I Would Have Given Up Had Angela Not Been There.”
MOSAIC Pregnancy Center : just another cash cow

Written May 7, 2011
Revised August 14, 2011
Written by Angela Michael

 UPDATE: We just received word tonight that Tiffany gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

To whom this may concern:

            My name is Tiffany. I am 5 months pregnant and have 4 precious children who have all been helped by Angela prior including this pregnancy. She has given me money for food out of her own pocket if needed on several occasions. She has provided me with clothes, diapers, food, etc. If it was not for Angela helping me, I would have given up by now. I have went to Mosaic pregnancy center several times and other Granite City agencies such as Catholic Charities and have not received anything due to lack of funds they told me. Over the last 5 years Angela has paid my electric bill when Catholic Charities turned me away. I know of several girls who have received help through Angela when they were turned away from other agencies. I am willing to testify to what I have written.                                                                                                             ~Tiffany


Editor's note: It's mind boggling how many agencies reportedly receive over half a million of dollars in donations (according to the Guidestar 990 tax form listed under Metro-East Crisis Pregnancy Care centers, aka Mosaic) to help pregnant women and their babies and received $600,000.00 in government grants last year alone, but tell desperate and downtrodden girls that they don't have funding in order to help them. You understand why our sidewalk ministry of over 18 years has turned into the safety net outside this abortion mill catching hopeless pregnant girls who feel they have no other options than abortion. Why would a pregnancy center only offer ultrasounds to first trimester pregnant women who must meet their criteria and only offer them on Tuesdays, when abortion minded girls are pregnant in their second and third trimesters also? Unplanned pregnancies happen everyday of the week.

               That is why Hope abortion mill is there with open arms (so to say) to help these frustrated and distraught abortion minded women.  Hope Clinic is laughing all the way to the bank. Unfortunately, some pregnancy centers, just like churches, have lost their focus and main objective: that is to prevent and stop abortion. Rather, they have turned into financial ministries or growing churches and social networking. That is why our hands on ministry is there as the last lines of defense for both the mother and unborn child, and even other children already born. When the director of the Midwest ’s largest, late-term abortion mill refers to our ultrasound van as "special forces" and "relentless," you know we are on target with the devil. If a pregnancy center or agency makes it hard enough for these pregnant women, they will always turn to abortion as their answer. One has to ask, "Are we preventing abortion or perpetuating it?”    

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