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Back alley abortions have not ended; they just cost more…

July 22, 2011

Written by Angela Michael

            As fate would have it, our ministry assignment during Operation Rescue/Operation Save America’s National Event, along with our dear rescuers from Connecticut , was the very same Orlando chop shop that convicted felon James Pendergraft operated: Orlando Women’s Center. The Casey Anthony media-blitzed trial had just ended when Pendergraft’s began which coincided with OR/OSA’s annual event. SWEET! Of course this trial received no coverage as it involved the “A” word. Tsk tsk...

            As some of us were outside exposing child-killing with our graphics, other rescuers and prayer warriors were inside the actual courtroom listening to the testimony. Pendergraft was in the news a while back for discrepancies inside his mills and has even been stripped of his medical license; yet, his big time bloody business went on. Pro-life witnesses couldn’t believe their ears with some of the cross-examination and lawyers referring to “babies” and fetal ages. Mr. Pendergraft could only ask to review reports which wasted more courtroom time, and at several junctures ticked the judge off. “No protocol,” was Pendergraft’s response to several questions from prosecutors. He didn’t even make sense with his answers. The abortionist just ran his mouth in circles. The judge in one instance just screamed, “Just answer the question, yes or no!”

            The trial focused on an abortion obtained by Carol Howard at Pendergraft’s Orlando Women’s Center. She was given RU486 by a medical assistant when it should never have been given to her. The drug is meant to end early pregnancies, typically 4-7 weeks. Howard was 22.3 weeks along. After that, every two hours she was given exceedingly high doses of Cyotec which irritates the cervix causing bleeding and facilitates dilation; according to Howard’s attorney, the Cyotec exceeded the standard dosage 50 times. This caused spontaneous labor to happen right away, and when Ms. Howard asked for pain medication she was told by medical assistants to go walk her labor off outside in the parking lot, and if she didn’t like it she could leave. During this entire time, no doctor was present. This violated the abortion industry’s NAF guidelines and Florida State Law which states that a doctor must be present for the abortion and cannot leave the premises. Nurses were not present either, just medical assistants. This is the same parking lot we stood feet from with the help from an adjacent chiropractor’s office who allows pro-lifers to stand and sidewalk counsel abortion-bound women quietly as they walk their labors out behind the bungalow-looking slaughterhouse.  

            Ms. Howard did leave and went home. She lay on the floor doubling over in labor before calling 911. She was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital where she delivered her baby. This baby survived the abortion, otherwise known as a “botched abortion”. This little girl suffered severe lifetime disabilities from this horrific abortion; her name is Jordan . This truly was a crime against humanity.

            The jury saw through the lies, and when the first judgment of approximately $19 million was handed out on July 21st, the final juror to okay the decision emphatically stated, “Absolutely!” With punitive damages added, it ended up being over $36 million awarded! PTL! The jurors were also able to listen to Pendergraft’s accomplice in crime, abortionist Randall Whitney’s deposition where he cavalierly stated that, “Yes, babies are delivered in the toilet all the time and many times are still alive, wiggling around in the toilet. What he didn’t say is that he would pick them up out of the toilet and do what the law tells him to do: do everything you can to help save the life of the viable child.  

            During the closing arguments to the jury, Carol Howard’s attorney was sharp and right to the point when she stated, “He (Pendergraft) has an abortion dynasty around the state of Florida . He only cares about money, and I say hit him where it hurts!” And hit him where it hurts is what happened: $36,737,660.16. SWEET!

            I never thought our t-shirt stating: “Picture abortionists on trial” would come true, but slowly and surely, it is. The media won’t print a word, which shows how much they care about women and so-called healthcare...THEY DON’T. We have butchers setting up chop shops across our nation, unsafe and unregulated, and the pro-aborts shaking their wire hangers in our faces screaming, “No more!”  But the only way the public is made aware of shoddy cutlery habits and substandard conditions inside abortion mills is through the watchmen on the walls. Where’s the outcry? If this were a puppy mill operating under the same gulag standards it would be shut down in a matter of minutes. Nowadays, it seems with so many lawsuits filed against abortionists for malpractice and negligence, and in some cases wrongful death, a coat hanger might be safer. 

            “The abortion clinics never accept any responsibility for complications. They just say it was not their fault. The concern is not the patient at this time. The concern is with taking care of the doctor and keeping his reputation and the clinic’s [reputation] clean.” ~Carol Everett, former abortion clinic director  

(excerpts provided by Michelle Herzog, Pro-Life Action Ministries)

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