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"Another Abortionist in Granite City, Illinois Bites the Dust"
Former felon and abortionist Allen Palmer retires
from butchering babies and women
February 17, 2011
Written By: Angela Michael

                 Small Victories Ministries is pleased to announce the demise of another abortionist and butcher of babies and women. It appears former felon and abortionist Allen Palmer Jr. is closing his last known cutlery practice, Womenís Care Gynecology, located in Bridgeton , Missouri . In speaking with his office manager, she confirmed they are no longer doing abortions and are closing their doors at the end of the month. Mr. Palmer has been the subject of many lawsuits of medical malpractice, gross negligence, and medical battery just to name a few inside Granite City , Illinois í Hope Clinic for Women. It stands as the Midwest ís largest, late-term abortion provider where just this past summer Allen Palmer Jr. was terminated due to the surmounting lawsuits filed against him and Hope Clinic.

            It appears the final straw that broke this abortionistís trail of destruction was the tsunami of lawsuits recently filed against Allen Palmer and several other hospital employees at a St. Louis area hospital where Allen Palmer Jr. has medical privileges. The plaintiff allegedly suffered complications after a surgical procedure. Palmer has been no stranger to controversy or problems at this abortion facility, and in June 2008 Antoinette Blanton filed a $50,000.00 suit against Hope Clinic saying the failed March 2006 abortion caused her to be sterile. According to the lawsuit, Palmer failed to remove the entire late-term unborn child during the abortion procedure at Hope Clinic. A substantial amount of time passed, causing her to be rushed to a Metro-East hospital where life-sustaining measures were performed in order to save her life. She underwent a complete hysterectomy and many hours of blood transfusions.   

            In April 2008, Hope Clinic became the subject of a lawsuit from a woman who accused them of doing an abortion on her without her consent. Our ministry helped facilitate this lawsuit on behalf of Brandy Hildreth of Granite City . She sued for having a different abortion practitioner do the abortion. She was treated by Palmer but Chicago-area abortion practitioner Lisa Memmel eventually did the abortion without her knowledge. This lawsuit is still being litigated in the courts.

            Palmer was also the subject of controversy in January 2010 when a New Yearís baby was found dead and the mother was rushed to a St. Louis area hospital after her late-term abortion was botched.

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