"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Former Abortion Mill Director of Nurses

Granite City , Illinois
June 6, 2011
Written by Angela Michael
“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23


            Ryan Goskie was only 25 years old.  Daniel and I warned him and spoke to him this past Saturday morning as he walked inside Hope Clinic abortion mill. He worked here per diem after quitting his fulltime position this past fall killing babies inside this late-term abortion mill for the past 8 years. He gave us no reaction. Ryan started as a volunteer deathscort and worked his way up with the feministic guidance of former godless career baby-killers inside the Midwest ’s largest late-term abortion mill. Through the years we were kind to Ryan, but we still told him the truth in love. He repaid us by harassing our ultrasound van and summoning local police posing as meter maids to issue us outrageously priced parking tickets that we are still dealing with in the courts. He and Trish Wallis (another former abortion mill volunteer) would come to the Granite City parades to sit and watch the townsfolk, “Beat us up,” (as Ryan put it) when we asked him if he was there to help us. He pushed our young son to the ground when an ambulance pulled into the abortion mill garage to transport a butchered mother.

            The obituary read that he died at a St. Louis area hospital where he sought medical treatment for gastrointestinal pain. I can’t help but think maybe it was his lifestyle that killed him. He appeared to be a misguided kid working at the local Weather Vane Ice Creme shoppe and volunteering at an abortion mill. He was flirting with the homosexual community as a deathscort. His obituary read that he left behind his partner Jason. After graduating from nursing school our worst fear was that he would train to replace the aging abortionist Yogendra Shah. Ryan helped kill babies inside Hope abortion mill and went as far as to boast on the internet that he personally trained residents at Washington University in St. Louis , Missouri on how to dismember babies in the womb. We don’t know how much truth is in that posting, but he enjoyed his time inside the abortion mill until we let the public know what he did in Granite City and asked for prayers. He soon quit this past November. Read “Director of Nurses Quits” Ecclesiastes 7:2 “…death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart.”

            We noticed that the abortion mill was eerily quiet this past Tuesday, but attributed it to the heat wave we are currently experiencing. We now know it was because a fellow baby killer died, which hopefully will make those likeminded employees pause and rethink their position with the Lord and His laws. We never know when God will call us back. Whether we believe in God or not, every human being has an expiration date.

            We noticed that there was no mention in the obituary that Ryan was a long time employee at Hope Clinic. Our prayer is that in Ryan’s final hours he came to know Jesus again and entered into full repentance for all the innocent blood his hands helped to shed.  May God comfort his grieving family and have mercy on Ryan’s soul.  


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