"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Nov. 16th, 2011

 Scissors, Suction, or Blunt Trauma
Written by: Angela Michael
Children continue to be an endangered species, born and unborn.


     We no sooner arrived home in the dark of night after our vigil outside the Midwest largest late term abortion mill, Hope Clinic in Granite City , when our daughter called us to mention a baby was missing from a family in Afton , Missouri .  His name was Tyler Dasher and he was the same age as our youngest son, Isaac.   Of course the news of the death or murder of a small child is always shocking and riveting, but, consider this; had that child been three months younger, it would have been perfectly acceptable as far as American society is concerned.  You see, we have allowed murder in the womb for over 38 years inside abortion facilities; all the way up to 9 months, for any reason.

 Reportedly, like a thief in the night this sleeping child was snatched from the security of his crib while his mother lay sleeping in the other room.  When she awoke in the morning she discovered his disappearance and law enforcement soon lined the streets of this neighborhood.  By the dusk of evening his tiny body was found less than a mile from his home, cradled underneath a pine tree in a small walking park; his blue blanket lay with him.  Wailing could soon be heard from the crowds gathering outside this innocent child’s home.  Yes, the medical examiner confirmed it was the missing little boy; he was dead.  The lead investigator told reporters, “Only a monster could do this to a small child and leave him in that condition”. He died violently.

BREAKING NEWS:  Local media is now reporting that an arrest has been made early this morning.  The mother of little Tyler has been charged with his murder. “ Shelby ” led authorities back to the crime scene and back to the tree where she disposed of his small beaten frame.  In most murders investigators say the perpetrator is usually someone in the family or someone closest to the victim.  But if you think about it, there’s another reason we should have suspected the mother;  you see, we have allowed mothers to pick and choose which child is worthy of life… for decades.  Noticeably, reporters behind the news desks were outraged when first reporting this missing child and finding his lifeless body.  Now that a suspect, the child’s mother, has been arrested and named, their demeanor has gone apathetic.  As if to say, “Oh well” just another day.  In other news…

You see this is how we treat children in society; like garbage. This past September we reported the horrible deaths of two East St. Louis, Illinois children ages 4&5 at the hands of what was considered their greatest protector, their mother.  But instead of a scalpel or suction tube, this mother used a shotgun to relieve herself of the responsibility of motherhood.   Scissors Suction or Shotgun  

It all goes to prove; when citizens allow bloodshed in the womb, we will reap it in the streets.  Everyday babies are barbarically ripped apart inside abortion mills. They too die violently.  Understand, we are not being insensitive of this terrible tragedy, but, the increase of violence on the streets, our homes, and our jobs, is a symptom of what is being sown in the womb.  We have become a nation of savages. Life is cheap. No respect for life. That is why mothers and their accomplices don’t even blush at the sin of shedding innocent blood, or its ramifications.  Child-killing has become so acceptable, it’s just another day.  I’ve often repeated a saying, “When you make the monster, you have to live with that monster”.  We have polluted our land with innocent blood for over 38 years, why should we be shocked when a mother decides to kill her baby outside of the womb?  It’s just a different weapon, and location.

            If this tragedy hasn’t broken your heart enough, as we close, breaking local news is reporting that two young children, ages 1 & 3, have been found wandering the streets of Granite City, Illinois in 40 degree temperatures with no clothes on.  Parents are no where to be found.  God help us!

    Innocent children don’t stand a chance. This is the “monster” the chief investigator referred to. Who is most responsible for child killing? We need only look into the mirror.

   “If our American way of life fails a child, it fails us all” `- Pearl Buck      

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