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Slander Campaigns Against Public Figures

            Conservative talk radio hosts with nationally syndicated radio programs generate a great deal of controversy. When they give their conservative views on politics, religion, business, war, finances, and law, they make a lot of enemies.

Since their enemies cannot answer their conservative arguments, they attack the character and motives of the host. Instead of using logic and facts, they call them names, ridicule them, and slander them. If you doubt this, Google Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, D. James Kennedy, etc. and you will find them smeared with every kind of accusation.

Dr. Morey had a nationally syndicated conservative talk radio program called “Bob Morey Live!” It aired from Coast to Coast, Monday through Friday, during prime time, on both secular and religious radio stations. With great humor and rapier sharp wit, he argued his conservative views with liberal politicians, Muslim terrorists, religious liberals, astrologers, reincarnationists, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, witches, Mormons, Catholics, Orthodox, etc. They could not refute what he argued any more they could defeat Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, etc. so they set up websites to attack him personally.

Being a nationally syndicated conservative talk show host means that all kinds of mentally unbalanced people become outraged with you and become obsessed with destroying you. Some of these become stalkers, some even psycho-sexual stalkers who want to sexually rape the host or claim that they had sex with him or her.

Dr. Jerry Falwell had several homosexual male prostitutes who claimed on the   internet that they had gay sex with him. Larry Flynn even ran an article in his porn magazine that Dr. Falwell had sex with his mother! When Falwell sued for slander, the courts ruled against him because you cannot sue someone for what they say about you on the internet! This legal precedent opened the door for all kinds of nut cases and stalkers to vent their hatred against conservative talk radio hosts.

Dr. Bob, like all other conservative talk radio hosts, has down through the years collected his share of Muslim terrorists, mentally unbalanced people, stalkers, psycho-sexual stalkers, and some have attempted to murder him!

We checked into all the gossip and slander on the internet against Dr. Bob and found them without merit just like the vile attacks against Limbaugh, Falwell, etc. The following is a list of the baseless slanders found on the internet at the time the committee did it search. You have no doubt read some of them. They are examples of what sick minds can do to slander public figures. They are all groundless smears based on the logical fallacy called argumentum ad hominem in which you try to refute someone’s argument by calling them names (mean, unkind, unloving, liar, etc).  Dr. Bob could be the wickedest man who ever lived and yet tell you the truth.

All the vile attacks made upon conservative talk radio hosts eventually fall to the   ground as baseless mean-spirited slander. Only a fool would believe the slander found on the internet against public figures. Hopefully, you are not a fool.    

A Biblical Analysis of Slander

Principles of approach:

1.      The Bible sets up clear standards to determine if an accusation is admissible or should be rejected.

2.      These standards are found in Deut. 19, Psalms, Proverbs, Matt. 18, and 1 Tim. 5.

3.      In 1 Tim. 5, Pastors are given the highest level of protection by holding accusations to the highest standards of evidence.

4.      The burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused.

5.      The accuser must have hard evidence and must not be based on any gossip, hearsay, single witness accusations, etc.

6.      We must begin with the assumption that the pastor is innocent until proven guilty.

7.      We must not begin with the assumption that he is guilty and then demand that he prove they are innocent

8.      Hard evidence refers to accountant reports, bank records, canceled checks, letters, i.e.  not hearsay evidence.

9.      If an accusation is based on an unrecorded conversation (he said- she said), this is to be dismissed as hearsay evidence and inadmissible.

10. Ad hominem arguments attacking the character and motive of a man must be rejected according to Scripture.

11. The person making the accusation must have nothing to gain by discrediting the pastor. Those under church discipline, people trying to split the church, someone trying to divert attention from his sin, defending a friend who was offended, etc. have transparent reasons why they would engage in attacking a pastor.

12.  Fellowships and associations of pastors who engage in secret meetings and then publicly attack pastors - whom they have usually never met - without giving them the opportunity to answer their accusations, will receive the severest judgment of God on their own ministries. This is particularly true when the accusations have nothing to do with morals or doctrine but with the private affairs of a local church such as the hiring and firing of employees. They are busybodies, tattletales, gossip mongers, and guilty of pastoral abuse.

These biblical principles should govern all accusations made against Pastors. To ignore these Scriptural standards of evidence is to commit the sins of gossip, slander, single witness, false witness, malicious witness, and lying. We recommend Dr. Moreys book, A Bible Handbook on Slander and Gossip, as the biblical antidote to such wickedness.  The following is a list of fifty slanders spread around on the internet against the character of Dr. Morey. New ones are invented every day by the Father of lies. They have only one goal: to destroy his ministry.  There is no attempt to reconcile with Dr. Bob. No one attempted to meet with him or his Board to give them the opportunity to answer any biblically valid accusations. These websites and blogs are filled with bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander and malice (Eph. 4:31).  Those engage in such things are the tares among the wheat and not the children of God.

Accusation                                             Hard Evidence      Biblical Judgment


1.      Morey is dead.                                              none                invalid accusation

2.      Morey is in prison.                                         none                invalid accusation

3.      Morey is in the Mafia                               none                     invalid accusation

4.      Morey launders money for the                                

drug cartels.                                                   none                invalid accusation

5.      Morey is guilty of mail fraud.                        none                invalid accusation

6.      Morey is in the C.I.A.                         none                invalid accusation

7.      Morey is in the Mossad.                               none                invalid accusation

8.      Morey is a secret Mason.                             none                invalid accusation

9.      Morey accused an innocent

 man of molesting children.              none                invalid accusation

10. Morey takes the offering,

records it, deposits it, and

does the book keeping.                               none                invalid accusation

11. Morey stole from the offerings.                    none                invalid accusation

12. Morey stole the money from

the sale of the building and ran

away to South America                              none                invalid accusation

13. Morey lied when he denied that he

ordained Clark G. an elder and

Pastor at FCC.                                             none                invalid accusation

14. Morey lied when he denied that

he told Clark to start a church by

stealing people out of his church.                none                invalid accusation

15. Morey stole money from the Limited

Partnership.                                                   none                invalid accusation

16. Morey is guilty of adultery.                            none                invalid accusation

17. Morey borrowed money from two

brothers.                                                         none                invalid accusation

18. Morey refused to pay back the loan.           none                invalid accusation

19. Morey stole money from people.                 none                invalid accusation

20. Moreys wife and son stole church

funds.                                                  none                invalid accusation

21. Moreys degrees are all bogus.                  none                invalid accusation

22. Moreys D.D. was never given.                   none                invalid accusation

23. Moreys D.D. was not given by

the official Board of the seminary.               none                invalid accusation

24. Morey bought his D.D. degree.                   none                invalid accusation

25. Louisiana Baptist University is a

degree mill.                                                   none                invalid accusation

26. Moreys Ph.D. dissertation

was not on Islam.                                           none                invalid accusation

27. Morey did not write

a book on Natural theology.             none                invalid accusation

28. Morey did not write his books.                     none                invalid accusation

29. Morey did not do his research

at the Library of Congress                           none                invalid accusation

30. Morey lied when he accused

Gregory Boyd , Clark Pinnock,

etc. of heresy.                                                none                invalid accusation

31. Morey lied when he claimed

that the moon lander had special

landing gear in case the dust

was deep on the moon.                                none                invalid accusation

32. Morey lied when he said that scientists

were concerned that the dust was so

thick on the moons surface that the

lander might sink.                                          none                invalid accusation

33. Morey lied when he said that he

was the chairman of the Membership

Committee of the ETS for several

years.                                                              none                invalid accusation

34. Morey lied when he said he was

with Francis Schaeffer in

Switzerland .                                                   none                invalid accusation.

35. Because Moreys father was an

alcoholic, this means he also

is an alcoholic.                                               none                invalid accusation

36.  Since Morey admits in his  

 sermons that he is a sinner,

this means he admits that he

is a thief and liar.                                          none                invalid accusation 

37. Morey believes it is OK to lie. Thus

he cannot be trusted to tell the truth.            none                invalid accusation

38. Morey forced a man to invest in

a company run by Lee Iococca

and the company went bankrupt.                none                invalid accusation

39. Morey is not recognized as a scholar.        none                invalid accusation

40. Morey does not know

anything about Islam.                                    none                invalid accusation

41. Morey had no right to

give pastoral admonitions.                           none                invalid accusation

42. Morey has no right to hire

or fire church staff.                                        none                invalid accusation

43. Morey lied when he said

that Clark G., Javier V.,

James M., Tom M. and

Pastor N. were guilty of the

sins of gossip, slander,

and lying.                                                        none                invalid accusation

44. Morey lied when he said that

Clark G. was calling people

who attended FCC and stealing

them out of the church by slander.  none                invalid accusation

45. Morey has been thrown out

of his denomination.                                     none                invalid accusation

46. Morey was mean to Glen H.             none                invalid accusation

47. Morey did not have the right as

Vice Chairman of the elders to set

the agenda for a Board meeting

when the Chairman was absent

and he sinned by giving two new

elders a biblical study of the duties

of elders.

48.  Morey fled PA after he stole money

from New Life Bible Church .                        none               invalid  accusation

49. Morey sinned when he suggested

changes to the proposed annual

budget.                                                           none                invalid accusation

50. Morey is guilty of pastoral abuse                 none                invalid accusation

and abuses other ministries.                      



 Dr.  Peter Hammond 
I am very sorry to read the outrageous, slanderous accusations made against you.
 We know you as a man of your word, and a man of Gods Word.  You are a man of integrity and we pray that those who are violating the Scriptures by bearing false witness against you will come to their senses and repent of their sins, being reconciled to you that they may find forgiveness from Almighty God. We appear to be living in an age of intense envy and malice. Dr. James Kennedy is his book, Delighting God, wrote:

If you rise just a little bit above the common herd, if you achieve just a modicum more success than your neighbors, most assuredly those barbs of criticisms are going to be shot your way.  To avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.  There is no defense against reproach except obscurity!

I have now been involved in missionary work for over 30 years.  I have seen all too many examples of this increasing tendency of character assassination against some of the most diligent and dedicated servants of the Lord and against some of the most effective ministries worldwide.  That is why I wrote Character Assassins Dealing with Ecclesiastical Tyrants and Terrorists.  Anyone who wants to understand this phenomenon and respond to it in a balanced, bold and Biblical way would be blessed and practically helped by studying Character Assassins.  On our www.frontline.org.za website you will also find the helpful articles When All Men Speak Well of You; Mockers and Scoffers; A Biblical Response to Slander and Dealing with Pathological Antagonists.

Dr. John Frame
Bob Morey has been a good friend of mine for many years. I have long appreciated his understanding of Gods word and his hard work in research and teaching. He has risked his life to bring a witness for Christ over against Islam. Naturally he has accumulated critics who have made serious accusations. I have determined to put no credence in these, because of my overall confidence in Bobs ministry, and because I have not seen credible evidence that any of these accusations are true. What constitutes credible evidence in this context? To answer such a question we must follow a biblical path of inquiry. His book, A Bible Handbook on Slander and Gossip, sets forth how the Bible would have us respond to accusations within the body of Christ. I think Bob has done a good job in summarizing Scriptures teachings on gossip and slander. These are timely subjects; given that many have been using the internet irresponsibly, seeking to destroy people they dont like. Many have compared the internet to the Wild West, where there is no accountability and any ignorant fool can take a shot at anyone else. I too have been hit by such people. It is time that the church took a stand to reinstitute biblical church discipline and to repudiate lying bloggers. I pray that this book will help to bring that about.

G. Lloyd Rediger (author of Clergy Killers: Guidance for Pastors and Congregations under Attack)
Your email tugged at my heart as I read yet another story of the
Clergy Killer Phenomenon, the spiritual epidemic that has now affected so many faithful pastors, here in the USA , & throughout the English-speaking world.  I wrote the CLERGY KILLERS, & THE TOXIC CONGREGATION books during these 30 years I have been doing therapy with hundreds of pastors & providing seminars & consultations.  And I continue to be amazed & troubled by this unprecedented incursion of Evil into organized religion.  I keep praying that denomination officials & seminaries will respond with relevant support & training, but there is little such help—“they just dont get it!”  First of all, reassure yourself that the CK Phenomenon is usually not the fault of the pastor. We know that CKs have one goalto damage &/or get rid of the targeted pastor no matter how honest, faithful & compassionate you try to be.  They cannot be subdued by negotiation or shamed into stopping.  They will try to gather allies, & will begin to attack your supporters if they cannot get rid of you.  And, recognize that denominational officials seldom do much to support you, even if they are sympathetic.  There sometimes is legal recourse, but only if you have substantial & clear records & incriminating copies of their libelous attacks.  Therefore, you will need to assess the strength & faithfulness of any true supporters you have.  The long list of accusations brought against you seems to be malicious lies & innuendoes, which is a natural pattern of CK attacks.  Dont brood over them.  Rather offer them to God and continue on.  

Doug Shenk (New Life Bible Church )
I have been a member of New Life Bible Church since 1977, about a year after its formation by Dr. Robert A. Morey.  I have been a deacon in the church since about 1980 and am to this present day.

Dr. Morey had been my Pastor and Elder for over 21 years up until the time the Lord called him to a ministry in California in 1998.  Dr. Morey was, and is to this day, a great theologian in the faith and a very controversial figure in the Christian community; thus many satanic attacks have occurred over the years--both on him and the local church.  It is no surprise to me that he is once again under attack.  But as is the promise of God, he will be vindicated, if not in this life, in the next.

Dr. Morey is not a perfect Christian.  He has told you all this from the beginning.  But as an Elder of the Church, he has much accountability to the Lord, and much responsibility to us, and therefore cannot compromise on the doctrines of our faith.  He has preached, from the beginnings of New Life Bible Church , the truth and has made no apologies for the gospel.  Therefore it would profit you much to listen to what the Lord has to say through this teacher that He has given unto you at this time in history.

As for the allegations at hand brought against Dr. Morey, I do not know all nor do I want to know all of them.  But as for the one that has been brought to my attention, that Dr. Morey left New Life Bible Church in disgrace and took monies from the church, I will relay the following truths, in order that the Church may be strengthened.  Dr. Morey preached at New Life for about 21 years.  We never restricted him in what he preached as the Elder and he never got entangled with the finances as this was the job of the deacons.   In this time he wrote many books, spoke freely at many conferences and traveled for the purpose of furthering the Kingdom.  He was pressured many times to leave this small church in Pennsylvania to take positions with bigger ministries, but never did because he waited on the Lord's timing in these matters.  When the Lord was ready for him to move, He made it clear to Dr. Morey and to the local church that it was time.  The church was disappointed in the news, as was to be expected, but knew that the timing was not ours to control.  We, as a congregation, voted to support his ministry through prayer and finances as we could afford.  We, to this day, do send a gift almost every month, as we can afford.  We are a small congregation, designed that way by our King.  We do pray for the ministry in California and for all of you on Wednesday evenings at our prayer meeting.

So in summary, Dr. Morey did NOT leave on bad terms at New Life Bible Church , but as a missionary sent out by the people in our congregation.  We did pledge to support him in prayer and with financial gifts, that are ongoing to this day.

Do take heart in that Satan is noticing you.  This means you are having an impact on the world.  He hates to give up ground that he has claimed for himself.  If there is anything else I can clarify please do not hesitate to let me know.  This is a battle people, and the stakes are high.  The good news is that we have won!  

Bishop Colin P. Akridge
I have known Dr. Morey for over twenty five years and his character has always been a Christian man of integrity and honesty. He has loved the Lord his God with all his heart, mind, and soul. I have literally witnessed him his willingness to die for the Gospel. He is one of the few white brethren I know who is free from racism and all other
isms that divide the Body of Christ. Dr. Morey has never claimed human perfection but has always said that Christ alone is his righteousness, grace alone is his plea, and by faith alone he is Gods man. The accusations against him are vile and wicked because they are not true.

 Dr. George P. Hutchinson
Dr. Morey’s Handbook on Slander presents and discusses the biblical material, a plethora of passages dealing with gossip and slander beginning with its history in the Bible: Satan’s innuendo slandering the Lord God in the beginning in Eden, the slandering of Job by Satan and the patriarch’s so-called “friends”, the slandering of Moses and Aaron by Korah, the slandering of Nehemiah by Sanballat, finally the slandering of Jesus by false witnesses.  Then the author discusses the primary texts of Scripture on gossip and slander: Deuteronomy 19:15-21, Psalm 15:1-3 and Psalm 25:8-10, Matthew 18:15-22, 1Timothy 5:15-21, and finally the passages in Proverbs on gossip and slander. 

Dr. Morey’s handbook is full of practical and valuable counsel on recognizing and responding (or not responding) to slander: for instance, 21 signs of how to recognize a gossip monger.  Last but not least, what makes this little book especially valuable, are all the contemporary illustrations of gossip and slander, along with the application of biblical principles to them.  These illustrations are drawn from Dr. Bob’s long ministry and vast experience as a pastor and as a counselor of pastors (pastor pastorum) and their parishioners.

 Dr. B. J. Rudge
I had the privilege of writing my dissertation on the apologetic approach of Dr. Robert Morey.
  Dr. Morey has a high regard for Scripture, and a strong commitment to defend the biblical faith.  The body of Christ needs more scholars like Dr. Morey, who will not compromise the faith, but will contend earnestly for it.  I highly recommend his ministry to all believers who want to grow in their walk with Christ and be equipped to give a reason for the hope that they have.
May God grant you the strength and grace to endure unjust criticism joyfully and without bitterness, to forgive those who insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you, and to recognize that what man intends for harm, God can use for good (Genesis 50:20).
  We know that God will work all your negative experiences and suffering together for good for you who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

 Pastor Vijay Chandra

I have read the false, malicious slanders against you put out by so-called Christians - who do not understand the grace of God or his love.  I have read their false statements and I do not agree that these slanders, which are devilish and evil inspired. In my view, these slanders and false accusations have their origin in the heart and pit of hell, where the Devil and his companions will one day will go for ever with their lies and trickery.

Brother, I respect you as a man of God who is governed by the principles of the written Word of God. I know you have great integrity, both morally and spiritually. Your testimony for the sake of the Gospel of Christ is amazing. You have stood up to defend Christianity and the Gospel from the attacks from Islam, Hindu, open theism etc. I have full confidence in you as a Pastor; head of your home, and in your testimony. The accusations against you are unethical, illogical, unwarranted, non-spiritual and immoral. I have full confidence in you.

Kathie Adler (Narrow Way Ministries)

I have known Dr. Robert Morey since the early 1980's when he referred a lady to me who was studying with Jehovah's Witnesses. Throughout the years, Dr. Morey has counseled me about my ministry, giving me wise advice from the Scriptures.  Each time I spoke with him, whether it be about doctrine or how to handle certain situations, I found him to be impeccably honest and never doubted his character.  His advice was always right on.
While others use different tactics to further their ministries, Dr. Morey always refers to Scripture and his Christian character is always consistent. Never at any time has he given me advice that was not in keeping with the Word of God nor have I ever doubted these past twenty eight years that he was anything but ethical in all his dealings.

Any attacks on his character are totally unfounded, but, as we all know, Jesus was attacked more than any human being and Jesus already told us we, his servants, will also be attacked.  So this is no surprise.  I ask that the attacks be stopped, that the character assaults cease, and that anyone who truly wants to know the real Dr. Robert Morey simply ask him themselves.  Once they meet him, they will certainly change their minds. I thank God for my friendship with Dr. Morey these many years, and I count it a great privilege to know him personally.

 Dr. D. James Kennedy 
Dr. Robert A. Morey is an excellent speaker and writer on the subject of cults and the occult, His books are excellent resource tools on these -subjects. It is my pleasure to recommend him to churches everywhere throughout our land.

Dr. John Ankerberg  
I have known Dr. Robert Morey for a number of years and welcome this opportunity to recommend him to you. Dr. Morey is a man with an excellent understanding of the historic Christian faith and a particular skill as a defender of the Faith. I heartily recommend him to you.  

Dr. Herbert Ehrenstein 
It is a genuine privilege for me to recommend Dr. Robert A. Morey as a competent Biblical scholar in the field of apologetics, Bible teaching and evangelism. I have known Dr. Morey for over 30 years and it has been a delight to me to see his developing a fantastic grasp of Biblical truth, and his unique ability to translate that exalted truth of God
s Word into down-to-earth, meaningful and methodical ways his audiences can make use of it.  

Dr. Kevin Johnson (Mt. Carmel Ministries)
Dr. Robert Morey is one of the finest Biblical scholars in the field of comparative religious studies (apologetics) in North America . His books and presentations have been tremendously useful. I highly recommend him to you.

             The above recommendations are only a few examples of the huge outpouring of support for Dr. Morey. Dr. Gleason Archer, Dr. Walter Martin, and many other well-known Christian leaders and pastors repeatedly spoke out against the slander and gossip campaigns against Dr. Morey. For example, Dr. Bob was not thrown out by his denomination.  He is a member in good standing with the Southern Baptist Convention and anyone can contact the CA Orange SBA County office for their recommendation: 250 N. Golden Circle Dr., #101, Santa Ana, CA 92705-4022 Phone: (714) 547-5409. Yet, this lie is still on the internet to this day.

            Those who have known Dr. Morey for many years repudiate the lies spread on the internet against him. Every church he founded supports him to this day. What is shameful is that some pastors,” most of whom have never met Dr. Bob, have joined the heathen in smearing his character. They have set up websites and blogs and engaged in gossip and slander in the attempt to destroy Dr. Bobs ministry.

            Just ask yourself this question: Since no credible evidence has ever been put forward by  anyone concerning false teaching or immorality and the accusations come from those who violate Deut. 19, Matt. 18, 1 Tim. 5, etc., was  not Paul right when he said not to entertain such vile slander and gossip?     

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smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
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