"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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The Elephant In The Room
Written by Angela Michael

           There is an elephant in the room and the eyes of our nation, communities, spiritual leaders, and legislators keep looking the other way. Although now and then there is a rumbling and a flash in the pan such as when the horrid doings of the unsheathed butcher, Kermit Gosnell, come to light; for the most part the elephant in the room...is abortion.
           Abortion is a national sin. Thou shalt not murder is a commandment.  When a baby in the womb is deliberately killed, terminated, itís murder. If that same developing embryo is left undisturbed it will be born and called a newborn. A baby. Itís a human being like you and me. What gives us the right to pick and choose who is deserving of life? Where in the Constitution does it state that a person has the right to murder another human being? If a baby is not a human being, then what is it?  How hauntingly true is the real estate saying, "Location determines the property value."  Just as the dark side of our history concerning the horrible oppression of those persons with black skin, and those with a Jewish last name; now we the treat the ailing, the elderly, the disabled, and the innocent unborn...as property; to be disposed of at will.
            The schizophrenic right to abortion is a state by state law. Who makes the law? The Congress. Then why do federal judges have the right to make law and rule from the bench? Illinois has parental rights on the books since 1995. Itís the law, but a federal judge and attorney general have it bottled up in the courts. It was actually enforced for three hours in 2010 until another injunction was filed against it and the same federal judge has tied it up once again. Enforce the law! Who should be raising underage minors? Those that provide a roof and foot their bills; not the abortion mill staff. Parental rights need to be restored and placed back in the hands of the parents of that child. 
            How ironic that the same Constitution founded and written with Christian morals and principles, is constantly under attack with attempts to dismantle it by liberal judges and lobbyists. The Declaration of Independence firmly states that all men are created equal and deserving of certain rights that are protected by our Constitution: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without the right to life we could not enjoy the other two. We must always protect and stand up and be heard when it comes to the sanctity of all human life. Why are Federal and state officials, that are supposed to be the watchdogs, held to a different standard when it comes to women and abortion? Being purposely unregulated and unchecked; this is how deplorable and substandard butcher shops exist; and why women continue to be victimized and hurt by those professing to be their advocate. This should not be tolerated. No amount of money is worth it. Enforce the law!
             Abortion is not an economical issue; it's not a political issue; it is a moral issue. Some may argue, "Well, we can't legislate morality." Do we allow rapists to rape; thieves to steal; Would we stand by and watch a predator snatch a 4 year old from the streets and molest that child?
            There are more back alley butchers like ďGosnellĒ out there. Itís time to wake up and notice the elephant in the room. A puppy mill has more protection and advocates than a baby and its mother. Shame on us!

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