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Another House Cleaning Inside Hope Slaughterhouse

3 more long-time employees have quit inside Hopeless

Öall without the presence of 40 Days

April 21, 2012

Written by Angela Michael


            Amazingly, there was no 40 Days for Life Campaign underway to take claim for this victory. Itís good to get people outside of abortions mills, prayerfully and peacefully; but donít make them pay $200.00, and donít be present just twice a year. Babies are being killed everyday.


            It is a really good feeling to see Klara Dixon away from this abortion mill, as well as her sister, whom we helped to get another job. As we understand it, with the new management inside Hopeless, there is much turmoil and strife as authority is being shuffled.  According to former employees, Klara, a medical assistant, was very difficult to work with. This seems to be all that Hope Clinic is hiring: medical assistants.                                                                                       


            Who is administering the intravenous fluids and medications?  Can the abortionists multitask not only the dismemberment of the baby, but monitor anesthesia, and perform as the circulating nurse, instrument nurse, and post-op recovery room nurse?  It makes us wonder what kind of quality care women are receiving inside this $2 million state-of-the-art slaughterhouse when medical assistants outnumber the medical professionals.                                                  


        However, we know the love of money is the root of all evil, and this abortionist would rather save money and hire unprofessionals to fill in because it is cost effective inside abortion mills. Recently, Hope(less) was once again cited and written up on various safety and health violations upon inspections.


            Nothing gives us more joy than to see babies saved and abortion mill workers choosing a better path. We wish Klara all the best. Hopefully, Klara can now finish her education, settle down with a decent Christian man, and raise her son.


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