"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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From Pro-choice to Pro-life

May 17, 2012

Written by Angela Michael


            In the past two weeks, we have received confirmation of the saves and conversions of at least two couples, both located out of state travelling over three hours one-way.  They contacted our ministry to let us know they both have had a change of heart on the subject of “pro-choice.”


            In one instance, the female was an older woman who brought a young couple, not her relative, for an abortion. Once inside the abortion mill, she felt saddened as she looked around in the lobby and viewed all of the girls and women waiting to kill their babies.  I asked her, “Why did you bring them?”  She said she felt obligated.  HUH?  She went on to share how she saved her own children who are now expecting her grandchildren.  However, this couple had their minds made up and there was no swaying them from their reasoning, she explained. Thus, she felt obligated to help them.  (aside:  You just broke that precious mother/daughter covenant by assuming a parental role in driving and abetting this young couple to kill their baby).


            This is why Illinois is the dumping ground for underage teens.  How would a mother feel finding out that her underage daughter was brought across state lines to kill her grandbaby by a total stranger?   The woman went on saying that this was the hardest thing she has ever done.  All the way back home, the driver who brought them kept picturing the “fetus.”   It made her appreciative that she saved her own children.  However, the fact remains that she helped this young couple kill a baby.                                                                                                        


            “Stella” feels guilty now.  She contacted the couple to see how they are doing. The girl has no regrets and feels “relief,” no sadness.  Stella said, “All those feelings fell into my lap.  I feel shame,  I feel sorrow, I feel loss.  It wasn’t my decision, but I live with the stain on my spirit and I feel it ever since, the grief of what may have been, what should have been.  I am forever pro-life from this day forward.”  


            The second conversion was more detailed about what our ministry has been exposing in this deceptive industry, especially the pure evil that exudes at Hope Clinic, the Midwest ’s largest, late-term baby dumping mill.  It started with an apology.  The young man then shared that this was an unexpected first for him and his pregnant ex-girlfriend who was 20 weeks along. He was not aware that this was an abortion center only.  “You go there for abortions; not counseling, not hope.”  He described the shocking assembly line atmosphere and total lack of professionalism and how it traumatized both of them once inside the slaughterhouse.


            “Adam” fast forwarded that after their horrible experience inside Hope(less) Clinic, he returned home and stayed up all night reading our website, our accounts, and warnings basically exposing the truth and the deplorable conditions inside this deceptive women’s clinic titled “HOPE. He wished he had researched this place before agreeing to come.  This really was not his idea or to make the appointment, but, reluctantly, he demanded to come along with her for safety reasons and to help her keep her sanity, as he put it.  However, the red flags came out as soon as he stepped foot inside the slaughterhouse.  Was it after agreeing to speak with the counselor (joke)?  Or the 5 second ultrasound?  Adam got a sense of pure evil that ran up his back and almost took his breath away, and it must have been very horrible as he has seen a lot of tragedy and endured bad circumstances in his young life.  But the pregnant girl and her relative accompanying them didn’t feel the same degree of discomfort as Adam until they all stepped out of the slaughterhouse and got back into their car.  It was unanimous.  Her reaction to their experience inside the killing place:  “She could not believe she even thought about doing this. Let’s go home!”  They all three agreed that although it was a bad experience, it was invaluable because a more clean and compassionate facility might have pulled a hat trick.  We only saw an end, not an option.”  


            He added that he and our ministry may not spiritually believe together and that he hoped he didn’t offend anyone, but without a belief in God and their doubts of ever worshipping, they probably would never see eye to eye with most of our organization,  “But we do agree with you on LIFE.”  Adam concluded by saying,  Keep it up… you are the only HOPE for that town.”   


            The most amazing revelation is that as babies continue to be rescued and saved; as hearts are being changed and conversions of once being pro-choice and now pro-life continues; all this is happening without a 40 Days for Life campaign underway in Granite City.  The 40 Days for Life campaign is no more than a scam to raise and pocket money.  It is a social club that may raise some awareness, but it is raising and pocketing millions of pro-life dollars for something the Church of Jesus Christ has been ordained to do for the least of these. 


            As both authors wrote, this was a teachable and valuable lesson.  Abortion thrives in the darkness of what is evil. However, it is only in the darkness that we are able to see the stars.  Let us always be a light to others who have lost their way.  We are fighting the world, and when the world tells us to give up, hope tells us to try it one more time.    

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
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