"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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 Dr David Eisenberg, Dr Erin King, Rachel Maue


Husband and Wife Serial Baby Killers


along with Rachel Maue, Hopeless counselor

March 9th 2012

Meet your butchers! Here they are pictured at a local NARAL gala this past fall. Both Eisenberg and King have OB/GYN practices in St. Louis and moonlight as baby butchers. Eisenberg is located at Planned Parenthood, aka Auschwitz West in St. Louis, Missouri and King over at Hope Clinic, aka Auschwitz East in Granite City, Illinois. Both reside in University City, Missouri, a growing diverse entertainment area which houses two teaching and learning universities. Sally Burgess, Hopeless deathcamp director, also has property in the “Loop” area of University City.


King practices at the Grace Hill Health Center in a section of North St. Louis, a highly crime ridden and poor black area. She then travels across the river to the Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois where, ironically, more black babies die, than white.


Erin King and David Eisenberg are both 2007 graduates of Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois, and have violated the sacred Hippocratic Oath given to those “called to heal and preserve life.” They are guilty of murdering babies at two local abortion mills. Yes, the husband and wife team have willingly chosen to dismember unborn babies and are getting rich off blood-money at the expense of moms and dads being deceived by the Father of lies, Satan.


There are not many duos like this in America, so let’s pray that God will deal with this deadly tandem and continue to bless our 20 years of daily ministry. Abortions have dropped over 70% in the last two years at the Midwest’s largest, late-term abortion mill, Hope Clinic, due to our faithfulness. God calls us to be the salt and light, “to have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”, Ephesians 5:11. Let us continue to stand against injustice and plead the case of the fatherless.


In Jesus’ name we pray,


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