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Labor Day Parade 2012


September 3, 2012

Written by Angela Michael

This parade is about honoring our men and women in the workforce, but amidst the fact that over 23 million men and women in our nation are unemployed, it is was more like a funeral...


That seemed to be the distinguishing feature at this year’s annual Labor Day parade in Granite City , Illinois , home to the Midwest ’s largest, late-term abortion mill only two blocks over.                   


            An out-of -work machinist was grabbing the attention as we stood in a police-protected area with our pro-life banners and signs along the parade route. At first, the arriving officers drove up to us like a bunch of wild-eyed cowboys as we were setting up. The lead officer shouted at us to not obscure the sidewalk. “Excuse me, it’s a banner, officer.”  I told Daniel to start video taping. Their mood changed; the officer seemed to have calmed down and told us to let him know if anyone harassed or said anything to us as during the parade.                    

             With a loud cannon “BOOM!” the union-laced parade began.  A few parade goers sitting along the parade route yelled at us and cursed us for being there. Some spectators came over and wanted their pictures taken with us, asking how to get on our mailing list.  We handed them campaign literature.  Not only did we have our graphic signs, but also our “Stop Abortion in Granite City banner and our campaign banner. Our new signs were impressive, and the Mayor, dignitaries, and groups of various union locals were letting us know. On the other hand, there were those union members who thanked us for being there. Most of the politicians gave us their approval for being there and thanked us for our courage and our cause.                 


            One woman stepped from her group and thanked us. She told us that when the abortion mill came to this town, she fought almost single handedly to stop its efforts. “You see now what it is,” she said. “Keep fighting for us!” and she ran to catch up with the parade. The other notable thing was that there were only two, small OBAMA signs. The groups of union members were down also: same entries at that and smaller numbers as well as the same foul language in front of kids. Now, they were upset with our signs, but it was okay to call us “M****r F*****s” in front of those same kids.                                                             


          At different intervals, some of the mothers who had children in the parade decided to educate their child on our graphic signs. They pointed out that they were babies and what happened to them. This was great. These parents told them the truth. Praise God! 




            A Granite City ambulance crew got anal with us and tried to conceal our signs. Even the three union bullies from last year tried to use their bodies to stand and block the truth of what this city allows to happen to little boys and girls only two blocks over. We repositioned our signs, some of us crossed to the other side of the street, and the truth went forth as the police looked on.


            We noticed the parade was not as full as in years past, but especially the lack of support for President Obama as only two OBAMA signs were noted and held by children.  Wow! Even the unions are distancing themselves from Mr. Obama. At different times, several of the entrants screamed at us, “You should be ashamed of yourselves.”  However, overall we received more positive comments, “This needed to be said,” and thank you’s for being there.


An out-of-work machinist stole the show as he kept yelling at his former union buddies, “I need a job!” That seemed to be the undercurrent in this parade as the current administration keeps insisting that they’ve created so many thousands of jobs. Well, maybe if you are with the auto industry or the highway construction workers (all union of course) or if you are entitled to be a government worker, you have a job; Mr. Obama made sure that he took care of those unions that put him in office. However, stimulus package can run for only so long. You can’t keep printing money in Washington and sending our jobs over to foreign countries and then expect our nation to prosper. And let us not forget to mention the fact that we allow the innocent blood of over 53 million children to flow through the streets of our cities, especially here in Granite City, Illinois, home of the Midwest’s largest, late-term abortion mill. Over 400,000 thousand people have been slaughtered just two blocks over from this parade. Sounds like the atrocities during a Middle Eastern war, but sadly it happens here, right in the heartland of the steel mill industry.


            The parade barely lasted an hour. Afterwards, we gathered our signs and banners as Helen picked candy off the street. We then bowed our heads in prayer to our Lord Jesus and thanked him for this opportunity to touch some hearts and to remove the scales from their eyes to see the truth of the abomination that is housed in their fine city. “Thank You for Your protection and for the many comments of praise for our mission this day as we serve You, Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray.”


            “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires in people’s minds.”  ~Samuel Adams

            Well, today we were the minority as always. Let us pray that we set a few sparks in those minds and into action.

             “Innocent blood has a voice, and that voice cries out for justice.”



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