"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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                                             “MOSAIC PREGNANCY CENTER                                          


                                                                                                                                  November 2012

                                                                                                                               Written by: Angela Michael

“The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered innocent men who were not opposing you.”

James 5:4-6


            Years ago, executive director Kathy Sparks exploited pregnant women and killed babies behind the abortion clinic doors. She says she has changed her ways, repented, and started a chain of dormant pregnancy centers. For the past twenty years outside the Hope Clinic in Granite City it has been obvious to our vital ultrasound/pregnancy resource ministry and many abortion-bound clients that Kathy Sparks continues to exploit pregnant women and kill babies by her actions under the guise of being a Christian and pro-life. Her pregnancy centers discriminate and make it nearly impossible to receive on-the-spot help for desperate pregnant women. And where are mothers to go after they have delivered their babies and need help?  


            Kathy Sparks is like President Barack Obama: she talks smooth and is very convincing; she is a great salesman, but she is not saving babies or helping women, contrary to her radio ads and billboards. We have exposed and confronted her on several occasions, but she cons her donors and steals others’ work to print in her newsletters in order to build her financial empire on the backs of desperate pregnant women and dead babies.


            Now, Sparks’ latest money-making scheme is to raise funds for an ultrasound van. She only needs twenty thousand more dollars to obtain a van.  Sparks has been saying this for over a year now as she panders to the churches to, “Go into the inner city and reach out to women who need her.” REALLY?  Where have you been, Kathy?  You refuse to help women in your hometown of Granite City. Are you going to make the poor pregnant women take classes in order to obtain an STD test, a package of diapers, or a car seat like you have been doing for years?  Our ultrasound / pregnancy resource ministry has been going out into the streets and helping those very same women your pregnancy centers have been turning away for decades now.


          Why isn’t Sparks helping abortion-bound women? This should tell you that she is not pro-life; rather she is pro-money. Unfortunately, Sparks is similar to many other pro-life organizations that are not here to see abortion end. And God forbid, they don’t chastise one another because these pro-life centers are making money hand over fist and vying for the same dollar. They, like many financial businesses, would be jumping off their buildings if abortion came to an end overnight. She’s an entertainer and a liar. And just like President Obama, uneducated people think Sparks can walk on water. So more babies die.


            We begged Sparks’ pregnancy center to help us outside the Midwest’s largest, late-term abortion mill decades ago; each time we begged for an ultrasound, she refused to open her doors. At one point, we called the emergency number, and we were told to just let the 17 week pregnant girl go, “especially if she is on drugs or alcohol.” We were devastated. It took two days to kill that baby, and we witnessed the execution while Kathy Sparks was out of town on another speaking engagement.  


            Look at Sparks’ reported income. It should reveal her true character. She is here to build a financial empire on murdered babies. Many witnesses who stand with us outside the abortion mill are aware of her lies. Several have tried speaking with her and have gone to her offices, if they are open...if we have an appointment.  


            Many pregnant girls have fallen through the pro-life cracks due to Mosaic’s restrictions i.e.: Must come to Mosaic at the onset of pregnancy; must take classes to qualify for baby supplies; must accept Jesus on the spot; must be in the first trimester to receive an ultrasound; must be on Tuesday afternoons only. These desperate women end up coming to the local abortion mill to get help; we have intercepted them. Mosaic is a running joke inside the abortion mill and to city inhabitants seeking assistance.                                                                                       


          At least Kathy Sparks’ tax return form of 2011 states that she only provides abstinence education; no mention of helping pregnant women. Sparks continues to pay herself approximately $80,000 annually. Most recent tax returns report that she took in approximately $959,971 in 2009, $760,000 in 2010, and $443,000 in 2011. Less than $5,600 reportedly was spent on pregnant women. Visit www.guidestar.org under “Metro East Crisis Pregnancy Centers Inc” to see the truth of where retirees’ donations are going.


            When we broke the story on Sparks and her relationship with Thrive STL and Miss Missouri, plans to try and destroy our vital ministry were being plotted. When you tell the truth, it becomes hate. All of the sudden “anonymous” and slanderous websites went up. We have successfully connected the perpetrators. As the defunct Christian tabloid publication, “St. Louis Metro Voice” told us, “This was Small Victories’ payback for exposing Pregnancy Resource Center, Kathy Sparks, and Miss Missouri” according to founder and editor Jim Day.                                  


           Even a defaming and slanderous website against our 20 year daily ministry outside the Midwest’s largest, late-term abortion mill has not gotten rid of us” as these despicable so-called Christians have schemed to do. Psalms 101:5 “Whoever slanders his neighbor in secret, him I will put to silence.” If God be for us, who would go against us? That should tell you the condition of most pastors and churches nowadays.  Read “Chatham Bible Church and Tim Keating Exposed”        


            Unfortunately, the pro-life movement has become a financial industry and a career for many people, including Sparks. It’s good to want to teach young women how to become great mothers with classes and support, but pregnant moms need help right now. They cannot wait weeks or months for assistance or jump through hoops to get a layette. Kathy knows her former employee in Granite City, Hope Clinic, is there with open arms to help pregnant women with one choice: abortion. There will never be unity where individuals posing as “anti-abortion” are making a fortune by scamming donors and living off of innocent blood. That’s why abortion continues 40 years later.


            Other good organizations are too afraid to speak out and chastise their own because they too are striving for that pro-life dollar. Cash cow rackets include 40 Days for Life, Coalition for Life St.Louis, Life Choice, Vitae Society, Priests for Life, Thrive St. Louis, and most pregnancy resource centers.(call and ask for a crib) They do nothing to very little to stop abortion except to send out mass e-mails and fund-raising letters to make more money. They make Bernie Madoff look like a saint.


    Now on the bright side: I guess you could say that our pioneering ultrasound streets ministry has forced these much larger cash cow organizations out of their buildings. Sort of a back handed compliment to our 20 years of daily ministry. Over 4300 babies have been saved from abortion and many mothers helped with assistance to continue their pregnancies. 43 babies have been adopted.  I don’t put much faith in any of them to do what they claim they will be doing, or in inclimate weather as we have done, but “Thank You “, all the same.  It’s good to know we started a wildfire from a little brushfire, in doing God’s calling.Transparency and accountability can be viewed on our fruitful website smallvictoriesusa.com .


            We will keep confronting what is evil and exposing the unfruitful works of darkness.


“Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” E. Hoffer    


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