"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Tragedy in Connecticut


December 14, 2012

Hosea 4:2 “Bloodshed pursues bloodshed.”


        Today, less than two weeks from Christmas, the unthinkable happened in a small, close -knit picturesque Connecticut town.  Evil came to this community and wrecked havoc. A massacre of the innocents took place where children, teachers, and their trusting parents felt safe. That trust was violated in the most grotesque way by a deluded young man on a mission to kill babies.


            Not to take from the recent tragedy, but how many more mass shootings will it take for us to connect the dots on child killing? Yes, this was horrible; the most vulnerable and innocent were cut down in a classroom; they were like lambs being led to their slaughter, trapped in terror and in their Christmas decorated room. There was no one to defend them… just like those babies scheduled to be slaughtered at the local abortion mill.


            Yes, this kind of thing happens everyday across our nation inside abortion facilities; innocent babies are massacred…legally. The only difference between the carnage in malls, classrooms, theaters, and abortion clinics is the age and location of the human victims. They are all innocent, but someone else chooses to end their lives. And where was God? Remember, we kicked Him out of the schools. We have drifted so far from the Judeo-Christian teachings our nation was founded on that there is no fear of our consequences, or of God.


            But I ask you, could there be a connection between the bloodshed we have allowed to be shed in the womb and what we see in these mass mall and school shootings? Could it be possible that when we have removed God from every part of our lives we have allowed the devil in? Our nation has been entrenched for over 39 years in bloodshed-on-demand. What then should society expect? When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you will reap it in the streets. This is what we are reaping. We have become a savage nation. We allow the senseless murder of pre-born children inside abortion clinics; we shouldn’t be surprised when these mass shootings happen. In fact, we should be prepared for more.       What it will take for us to connect the dots: murder in the womb leads to murder in a classroom; lethal bullets versus curettes and suction hoses. There is no difference; both kill.


            As reported by media, one little girl who was murdered in the room was preparing for and looking forward to her first communion. Another kindergartener was excited to play the angel in the Christmas play scheduled for this Tuesday. These innocent children and their teachers had their whole lives to look forward to. It was violently taken from them. I cannot imagine the horror that those innocent babies and the teachers felt and saw in the last moments of their lives, the same horror that innocent babies scheduled to be aborted feel inside their mothers’ wombs, which is supposed to be the safest place.


            How cold and calculated can people be? First Columbine, then the Amish schoolhouse, VA Tech, the Oregon mall, an Arizona Congressional rally, Northern Illinois University, now a Connecticut elementary school. According to police reports, a man killed his mother at home then forced his way into the elementary school where his mother taught, massacring approximately twenty children and six teachers. He then took the coward’s way out and turned the gun on himself.


            There is no police force big enough to protect our nation from the evil within. Our hearts are broken; there are no words to soothe the grieved. We are sorry, so sorry that there is so much violence and disrespect for life in our nation; this is indeed a heart issue. We have to change the hearts of our nation, not laws, if we are ever going to stop these senseless killings.


            I woke up this morning to cold rain; it set the mood to the heavy heart we have felt for the past 18 hours. I got ready to go to the abortion clinic where I am every Saturday. I couldn’t even listen to the festive Christmas music because I cannot imagine the pain of having to bury a child that was murdered, let alone twenty at this special time of year. It was only after I stood for hours at the abortion mill pleading and begging on behalf of those innocent babies scheduled to be slaughtered today inside the abortion mill, that the heaviness lifted somewhat when we were able to connect the dots to those parents that were contemplating their child’s fate and only by the grace of God that were we able to convince at different times, two abortion-minded moms not to go through with their child’s execution. Only then did I feel like I wasn’t helpless, that I was able to do something to prevent more murders. I can relate to the first responders at the crime scene.   


            We were joyous with the two precious babies that were saved through our efforts, but there is so much more that this nation needs to be doing to stop the senseless murder of innocent children in and out of the womb. We need to return to a culture of life, or we are doomed.


            Please keep the situation in your prayers.

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