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Hope Clinic House of Horrors... again

Please Help Me!

April 10, 2013

                                                                                                                          Forward by Angela Michael


On the heels of infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell's murder trial, our ministry received this disturbing message today from a distraught Hope slaughterhouse survivor. Abortionist Yogendra Shah makes Kermit Gosnell look like a boy scout in comparison, as Shah tends to fly under the radar with his grotesque practices inside Hope Clinic.  This damaged woman is one of the many who seek out our website to complain and expose the "dirty little secrets”, inside this notorious meat market in Granite City, Illinois. It’s so ironic that those feminists inside this abortion mill who cry that they are all about women and their treatment, are the very same perpetrators that perpetrate or aid in the cover up of substandard and inhuman treatment of pregnant woman seeking abortions. Hypocrites! The abuse, negligence and barbaric treatment of just this one woman is appalling. Back alley abortion's have not ended with legal abortions. It goes on behind 2 million dollar state of the art facades like Hope Clinic. The abortion industry could care less about protecting women.   They only care about protecting the abortionists and their bloody income. That’s all.


Hi. My name is “Mandy” and unfortunately I was there on 4-5-13. I'm allergic to Novocain and Lidocaine. My file is stamped in bright red ten times so they know that.  They doped me up with their "Benadryl" that makes you so tired you drool on yourself and the nurse took me downstairs and I laid on the bed and the nurse told me the doctor didn't see any reason not to use Lidocaine.  I told her, “No, I cannot have that, I won’t be numb....she told me, “The doctor would be in, in a minute”, so when he came over he had a large needle.  I began to tell him what I just told the nurse and he waved me off and came at me with the needle...I panicked a little as he stuck me and it hurt bad.....it wasn't until he started coming at me with this thing that I started to be a little hysterical. They kept saying, “Calm down, calm down”, and by this point I am begging them to let me up ... doctor Shah grabbed me by my left leg and pulled me back on the table the whole time, which wasn't that long. He held me, put whatever that was in and I felt pain, excruciating pain. He told the nurse to hold me and she laid over me until I moved so much shah literally threw the tool down said, “I'm done”, and walked away.  The nurse took me in the I guess recovery room and cleaned me up ...she kept saying “it the medicine,  its the medicine that’s why I'm hysterical”. I said, “No its not, it’s because I'm in pain, terrible pain.” I left that place a different person. It was bad enough what I was doing. I was being punished for it.  They didn't give me any pain medication at all either. This is day 4-5, still a wreck.  I have visions of his face at night it was like being in a horror movie... you can contact me at 6*********.

Thank you and I'm sorry, what I did was terrible.


  Update: Our preliminary investigation has revealed Yogendra Shah was the abortionist 4/5/13 on duty.


 Deb Weidhardt was Hope Clinic’s version of anesthesia as she laid across this woman’s chest to hold her down during her abortion procedure. I surmise that it's cost effective rather than using Fentanyl and Versed medications and an I.V.  Deb Weidhart is not a trained or licensed nurse.  Deb Weidhardt is listed as the abortion clinic manager. She is also the same abortion mill staffer who performed “Mandy’s” ultrasound. According to witnesses (drivers) in Hope Clinic’s waiting area, loud screams could be heard a few minutes after they took Mandy downstairs for the procedure.  Mandy confirmed she entered the abortion mill at 8:00 a.m. Hope Clinic discharged her around 5:15 p.m.  She needed assistance as she couldn’t walk on her own power.  After contacting our ministry, she was instructed to seek medical treatment for hemorrhaging,severe pain and possible incomplete abortion.At this posting her family contacted us to let us know Mandy is being rushed to hospital in severe distress. Please keep this situation in your prayers.       


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