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HOPE CLINIC MILLIONAIRES..    Midwest wealthiest late term abortionist Yogendra Shah & wife

 September 25, 2013
                                                                                           Written by Angela Michael                                                                                           

“The wages of the righteous bring life, but the income of the wicked brings them punishment”. Proverbs 10:16

Yes, you are viewing the most recent snapshot of the Midwest largest and wealthiest late term abortionist and his goldigger wife. They drive luxury cars and wear a lot of bling jewelry purchased with the blood money Yogendra Shah has made off of killing innocent babies for the past 30 years.  Yogendra used to belong to the Chesterfield Country club where fellow country club members informed us of how arrogant Yogendra acted, bragging about his trips to Asia and investments into gold. BLOOD money!  Evidently, they have relocated from Missouri to Illinois as we noted their vehicles have Illinois tags instead of Missouri. Or their luxury vehicles are just listed as so. Yogi drives three different brand new cars. BLOOD money!


    They had a mansion with four garages in a gated culd-e-sac off Highway 367 and Parker road in the Spanish Lake area of North County in Missouri.  Their two daughters are grown with their own families and one is actually a Swansea, Illinois dermatologist named after her abortionist father Yogendra Shah.  They may of moved here to be closer to the slaughterhouse so he can patch up his botched abortions and continue making a fortune off of killing babies and hurting women. And to be closer to their adult daughters and families. 

            This Tuesday afternoon, where midnight abortions were underway, we didn’t know it, but our paths would cross again, and it would be eerily close. The abortion industry would have you believe their rhetoric that abortionist such as late term baby killer Yogendra Shah “fears for his life”, to the contrary. Today, after our ministry set up, he and his wife “Parul”,  cut through us to get to his luxury car parked on the abortion mill parking lot after being at the collaborating hospital, known as Gateway Regional.


   Yogendra hurriedly walked several feet ahead of his wife. Both of them were laden with gold jewelry that blood money bought.  As he stepped on the curbing of the slaughterhouse where he has murdered over 300,000 innocent babies in his 30 + years of dismemberments and D&X procedures  we gently warned him to “Stop killing babies as we didn’t want to see him burn in Hell.” Yogendra let out a laugh. His wife just followed him. Both got into their car and hurriedly pulled off the lot and onto the street in front of the abortion mill . His demeanor and those black shark eyes have not changed. He is still the silent killer he was years ago before we knew of his moon-lighting job, killing babies.


  You see, we were former co-workers at an exclusive, posh hospital in West County of Missouri, when I first relocated to the Midwest. Yogi and I worked together bringing babies into the world. He was cold and calculated then, but, we just thought he was quiet, not very social. Little did we know decades later we would cross paths and he would be murdering babies for hire. Mr. Shah had an Obstetrics and Gynocological practice in Granite City, Illinois, across from the High School, convienently. That is until we told Yogendra that “You cannot serve two masters”. Matthew 6:24  We picketed his Myrtle Ave. office and let the public know that he murders innocent babies at Hope Clinic. The response was tremendous. Many clients thanked us and told us they could no longer go to him as a physician if he was killing babies. He gave up his obstetrics practice and went full time, killing babies.                                                                             


     Yogendra, unsuccessfully threatened us, tried to run over us, and sued us attempting to persecute and intimidate us for telling the truth about him. All we did was give him free advertising. They falsely accused us of “making a pregnant woman’s water break after viewing our (prolife) signs” ridiculous accusations!  Can you imagine the business we could get if that were even possible, with overdue pregnant women? :) Of which they couldn’t prove it or produce this pregnant woman, by the way. He and his attorney, Mark Levy, ended up dropping the lawsuits. We in return filed charges and sued him. We ended up with a settlement out of court. These frivolous lawsuits are how the abortion industry tries to silence witnesses and the truth. Hope Clinic and Yogendra Shah have filed many frivolous lawsuits against our relentless ministry. Praise God, we have had the VICTORY with each one. 


   But when you have the devil backed up in a corner or you are messing with their money and in Shah’s case, millions, the devil will come out swinging and using everything he can against you. We are fighting and standing toe to toe with pure evil.  

 The recent trial and conviction of abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell made mainstream media. Finally, darkness brought into the light. But it took the gruesome deaths of born alive infants and the death of one recorded woman inside this “house of horrors”, for the curtain to be lifted and the reality of abortion shown. Do you think Kermit Gosnell is an anomaly? No. It happens everyday behind the walls of state of the art, late term abortion mills, just like Hope Clinic. It just goes unreported.                  


  Our vital ministry has confronted and exposed these atrocities inside Hope Clinic in Granite City for decades. The only difference between Kermit Gosnell and Yogendra Shah is 40 lbs. That’s all. Both have made millions off of killing babies and butchering women. Both abortionist believe they are helping women: As a matter of fact, Shah being a Hindu, tries to convey not only to his employees but to the clients that, “he is doing a good thing and that their babies will come back in a new spirit and a better time.” Shah’s worst fear is lawsuits. They don’t like bad publicity.  We have witnessed drug cartels bigger than those in Mexico being run inside Hope Clinic read:     We have assisted with the capture of a Arkansas rapist. It made national news. Read:

 capture of a Arkansas rapist. It made national news. Read: Hope Clinic Cover-up and BUSTED! Hope Employees Arrested in Abortion Mill

              You see abortion mills, such as Hope Clinic are havens for illicit, criminal activity and cover ups. They have NOTHING to do with healthcare. 


  “When the wicked thrive, so does sin. But the righteous will see their downfall”. Proverbs 29:10


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