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 July 11, 2013

Illinois Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Parental Notice of Abortion Law
                                 HUGE Victory for Small Victories Ministries

     This Victory is not only a victory for Illinois , but also for the custodial parents and guardians of underage minors . In our two decades of being embedded outside the Midwest largest late term abortion mill with our pregnancy outreach, we have personally witnessed the tragedy that has been occurring due to the lack of enforcement of the 1995 parental notification law here in Granite City, Illinois, at Hope Clinic for Women.   We have personally had to hold up distraught parents who just found out their underage daughter was pregnant and brought across state lines to abort their grandchild.  Our ministry has helped to expose the travesty of sexual predators committing crimes against children only to bring them to Hope Clinic, here in Illinois to get rid of the evidence.  The mandatory statutory rape laws are not being enforced here at Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois.  Unfortunately, Illinois has become a "baby-dumping ground" for all surrounding states . According to our weekly streets reports, on calculation if it were not for out of state revenue, Hope Clinic would shut down.  Most underage abortions are coming across state lines from Missouri, where strict abortion laws are enforced.

      The Thomas More Society chief counsel and president Tom Brechja, has long battled with the ACLU and the Illinois courts to enforce the rights of parents. He agrees with our ministry in stating" This is a huge victory for the rights of parents not only in Illinois, but the Midwestern states".

        Our ministry is in the business of keeping families together. It only makes sense to place the control of minors back into the hands of the parents that are footing the bills and raising those very same underage minors.   You need parental consent to pierce your ears, to get a tattoo. An abortion is an evasive, surgical procedure. You wouldn't allow your underage daughter to undergo an appendectomy without your consent, why is abortion any different? And if complications would arise, who would the abortion clinic call?   This is a good law. It protects children and needs to be enforced immediately.   

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  Be encouraged,

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