"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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The Disdainment of Roe v. Wade

Written By: Angela Michael

Isaiah 56:1


Bitterly, cold, temperatures met our ministry outside the late term abortion mill in Granite City this afternoon. We, all three of us arrived and quickly set up our vital outreach. Praise God, we arrived earlier than usual as the abortion mill has mixed up its operations times on midnight abortion due to our ministries effectiveness in talking abortion minded mothers out of their abortions, and showing them the truth.


             We were thefirst responders” arriving to stand in the gap on the 41st anniversary in disdainment of Roe V Wade outside the abortion mill in Granite City in frigid temperatures. Cars began arriving shortly, thereafter. Due to the inclimate weather the death toll was low. Praise God! We spoke with several abortion bound mothers and their accomplices standing in line.  A few mothers were noticeably advanced in their pregnancies. Abortionist Dr. Yogendra Shah and his wife Parul, flew around the corner in their third luxury vehicle, a Lincoln MKZ, to get inside the abortion mill garage.


  This frigid weather takes its toll on the aluminum garage door as it slowly lifts up… Daniel gave both of them a gentle rebuke. He rejoined us on the front walks. A couple from Bloomington, Illinois, pulled onto the parking lot where we spoke to them as they got out pleading mercy for their innocent baby. We told the driver he could wear a tag saying , “hero” instead of driver. Many looked over at the small remnant freezing in the winds and below zero temperatures.  So proud of my little girl in her tiny voice telling the abortion bound "Don't kill your baby you could have a little girl like me". We kept her in the ultrasound van, for the most part, too cold. She was a big helper as we rejoiced with this Michigan couple, our third save, who came out and told us they "were touched by our lil girl and they kept their baby" ! Second save was 26 wks. a mother and daughter from Missouri, who "thanked us for being there". Cars from MI,MO,IL Approx 12 babies killed 3 precious babies saved. Special Forces embedded for 3.5 hours on the frontlines of the battle, making a difference.   

Still after 41 years, abortion is just a symptom of the underlying problem: immorality. Let’s face it: people are tired of hearing about abortion. The church remains silent on it. The Pope says we can all go home. The pro-choicers can’t get enough of it. The pro-life movement is going nowhere with it; their only success is fundraising. Abortion is the only acceptable act of violence against children. I have heard that we can’t legislate “morality,” but we don’t allow rapists to rape or bank robbers to rob or animal owners to abuse pets. In all these instances, Americans favor stiff penalties in convictions.


            Clearly, most in society have decided that rape, robbery, and inhumane treatment are unacceptable practices. Rapists disagree, but the rest of society decided to impose our morality on them. What is it about abortion that makes it different from every other human behavior? I think it is the most unnatural and evil act a human being can perpetrate against another human being. If you visualize the truth of what an actual abortion is, it's heart wrenching. And it feeds into the immorality that runs rampant in our homes, our streets, and our nation.  


The Church and our shepherds seem to be missing in action for the most part. Oh, every now and then, possibly once or twice a year the pastor or priest will dust off a pro-life sermon to be given on behalf of Sanctity of Life Sunday; however, you won't hear any more the rest of the year. They, like most in society, don't want any trouble. They just want to be on the sidelines, not in the game. This nation is full of them. I like to call them “Catfish Christians.” You know, all mouth and a thimbleful of guts.


            And have you noticed lately the godlessness in our nation? God isn't welcome in any of our public institutions lately. Not until our next crisis, that is. We turn our backs on God when good times return. We avoid God until we’re in trouble. The Bible has a word for that; it's called sin.


            Again, abortion is symptomatic. I imagine our ministry will still be maligned and labeled “the radicals” for actually rolling up our sleeves and doing something about it. We are not trying to co-exist with evil like most do, but have been trying to make a difference all these years with our blood on the sidewalk being sued, chewed, and tattooed, exposing what is evil and saving what is good. You know, there was a man that went through the same demonizing and black listing: His name was Jesus. I’d like to think we’re in good company. Proverbs 31:20 We reach out our hands to the poor, and extend our arms to the needy.

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
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