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Another Botched Abortion at Hope Clinic


Written By: Angela Michael


 More late term babies are being murdered in Granite City than any other metropolitan area due to the lawlessness here in Illinois and the abortionist’s love of money and greed.


    On May 31st, another young girl was butchered inside Hope Clinic at the hands of abortionist Erin Lee King.  Hope Clinic called for an ambulance and this time they by passed the Gateway Regional Hospital less than 50 ft across from the abortion mill and sped over to Barnes- Jewish in St. Louis, Missouri, only 7 minutes across the river in an effort to perform emergency surgery to keep this unresponsive botched abortion alive.


Again, this girl was late term from the day before, Friday, May 30th. More than likely, Hope Clinic by passed Gateway Regional in Granite City, Illinois due to the recent mandatory reporting law issued here in Illinois. All hospitals are responsible for reporting any abortion complications and the abortionist who performed it when a patient is admitted or treated at their facility.   


   Now, you would think with ALL the money Erin Lee King’s parents invested in her education at all these various universities and medical schools she would  know how to kill a baby!  Geeez!  But we also realize abortionists in the real medical field are considered 3rd class, bottom feeders: scum in the medical establishment. The reason they’re abortionists is that they could not cut it in the real medical community. They do abortions, they don’t do REAL medicine. To her account, I believe this would be Erin King’s approx 9th botched abortion to date that we have caught, since her arrival almost 4 years ago. How many more women have been butchered and go un- caught? More details to follow with FOIA


   We learned a long time ago with botched abortions and the Jane Doe lawsuit , one of many that we prevailed in,  that the abortion mill will close down for several days or weeks after they butcher a woman during a late term abortion. It just depends on the severity of complications inside the slaughterhouse. Abortion mill staffers that are newbie’s or un-medicated during the horrific procedure usually need some time off to regroup after witnessing and participating in the grotesque torture rooms. It is a dirty business, it is not an appropriate or a legitimate medical procedure. Abortionist Dr. Erin King / Dr.Yogendra Shah and Hope Clinic baby killers make ISIS radical Muslims look like boy scouts.


 Now let me ask you something, if this abortion mill were a veterinarians office or a orthopedic surgeon office and you witnessed several ambulances or stretcher hauling bloodied animals or patients over to the local hospital or the Missouri hospitals for emergency surgery,  would you think the medical  hirelings at either facility are qualified and competent?  Do you think that negligence or malpractice may be an issue at either facility?  Would we tolerate such substandard care on an a pet or grandma? 


   Then why are we allowing “dirty doc’s” to butcher pregnant women during abortion procedures? How many maimed and butchered women is enough to have the abortionist’s medical license pulled and an investigation begun?


  Back alley abortions have not ended .They’re legal, and they cost more money.

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All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for GOOD people to sit around, complaining and to do nothing.  Or what’s worse, to wait for someone else to do something. We will never change what we are not willing to CONFRONT.



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