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Another Pregnant Woman Butchered at Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois


April 26, 2014 

 Written by Angela Michael


SAFE, LEGAL, RARE?? Abortion motto.


Here we go again, another pregnant woman butchered at the hands of those entrusted to provide safe, legal abortions. 



scan1380            Ambulances do not pull up to the front doors of this late-term abortion slaughterhouse in Granite City Illinois; instead, the butcherette brigade marches women covered in sheets over to the hospital nearby via wheelchairs, all the while calling us liars when they are confronted with the truth that yet another butchered woman was leaving this abortion mill. It is so convenient to have a collaborator hospital at your fingertips, isn’t it?  Unfortunately, Hope Clinic employees bypass the emergency room and haul bleeding mothers up to the third floor of Gateway Regional Hospital, where they are admitted and prepped for emergency surgery to save their lives.


We realized that something had gone astray inside the meat market when Tamara Threlkeld, the slaughterhouse director, was flying into the abortion mill garage.  She is usually off on Saturdays.  Half an hour later, workers were rushing out with a Missouri woman who had been there the day before to start her late-term abortion. She was very pale, holding up her head with one arm, and looked bad. Her driver was carrying her purse. “Another butchered woman, huh Tamara? Is this what you call healthcare?" 


            The death camp director of Hope Clinic started yelling back at all the witnesses. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re all liars!" We responded, “If nothing is wrong with her, why doesn’t she simply walk across the street? Why is she covered in sheets? If you gave her good healthcare, why are you rushing her across the street into the hospital?! We know a botched abortion when we see one, Tammy. You can’t cover up the truth.”  “Shut up, Angela, my name is not Tammy, it’s Tamara,” the deathcamp director replied. She is more worried about her name than her patient...sad. “We know you killed the baby, but you better pray this mother survives."


The puzzling question is, who is doing these late-term abortions? As chief abortionist, Yogendra Shah whipped around the corner only after they rushed this distressed woman into the hospital. Who, then, is ripping these late-term babies out of their mothers’ wombs when the only abortionist arrived ten minutes later? Another fact is that this abortion mill is opening earlier and earlier on Saturdays as pregnant women are precipitating in their motel rooms and homes. Again, who is overseeing and performing medical procedures inside Hope Clinic when the only nurse and abortionist are not on the property?


scan1385         scan1388


            Two Missouri deathscorts escorted them inside the hospital. Twenty minutes later, the deathcamp director and her goons exited the hospital pushing an empty wheelchair back inside the Hope Clinic slaughterhouse. The new portly butcherette was smiling and waving at the witnesses as they walked back inside the abortion mill. You know, the dust was just settling from another botched abortion that made the headlines of Christian news sources and some local media, namely Lakeshia Wilson. Read 28 MINUTES

 This woman, too, was late-term and she didn’t survive her abortion. Rather, she bled to death for 28 minutes inside an abortion mill in Cleveland, Ohio.


scan1387How many more butchered women will it take for the medical profession and “big brother" (who supposedly are looking out for us) to look into these slaughterhouses and their “medical complications?"  Once again, back alley abortion has not ended with the inception, 41 years ago, of legal abortion; it just costs more money and the abortionist comes in the front door. More women have been duped into thinking that because abortion is legal, it must be safe. In reality, more women have died by legal abortions (visit the Blackmun Wall at www.lifedynamics.org) than by the façade of rusty coat hangers of yesteryear. 


Unfortunately, a tattoo parlor or an 11 year old cupcake maker (http://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/family/item/17521-frosted-health-department-shuts-down-11-year-old-s-cupcake-business) is better regulated than an ambulatory surgical pregnancy termination center, otherwise known as an abortion mill.  

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