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Do the Amish Kill Their Babies?

Written by: Angela Michael

May 31, 2014

See: “Amish Mafia” (http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/amish-mafia)

“Return to Amish” (http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/return-to-amish)



Well, disheartedly, YES they do. As we have documented and reported through our years of photos, here is yet another misguided Amish/Mennonite couple being brought by an older outsider woman from Lee County, Iowa to kill their unborn baby, and dump its remains at Granite City’s late term abortion mill, Hope Clinic for Women Ltd.  Most Iowa abortion clinics only kill up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. You can only imagine the shame an unmarried pregnant Amish woman would bring to the bishop’s attention in her community. If found out, the couple would be shunned and her/ his family also. We have said this before, just because people dress a religious life, does not make them living a righteous life. Churches nowadays, are nothing more than social clubs or financial institutes. They do not teach or practice the biblical teachings of Jesus Christ.

      Disproportionately, we witness more church people killing their babies at Hope Clinic and dumping them in Granite City, Illinois. Pastors and priests alike are more afraid of the lack of nickels and noses in the pews each Sunday, rather than preach on sin, consequences, and God’s judgment as not to offend the tithers. Our shepherds are more fearful of man than God. They turn a blind eye to sin and what is happening around us, and throughout the church.  The older outsider that brought the Iowa Amish couple, just sat with her feet hanging out her minivan behind the abortion mill for over 3.5 hours as the couple remained inside the slaughterhouse…Oh how God’s heart must be breaking with every child murdered and left behind. When you view such television programs as listed you realize we are all sinners. Some just enjoy it more and cover it up better. But in time it all comes out. What is hidden in the darkness will come to light. Now, if only the Church would stop killing their babies, maybe the pagans will follow suite.


 Read: When The Church Stops Killing Their Babies, Maybe the Pagans Will Too!”

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