"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Written by: Angela Michael     

           Regarding the June 8, 2015 AP article that abortion rates are dropping across the country.                                     http://www.stltoday.com/search/?l=25&skin=/branding/stltoday/news&sd=desc


Maybe so, but they have increased here in Granite City, Illinois, home of the Midwest’s largest late-term abortion provider, Hope Clinic, where regulation and restrictions are seemingly nonexistent and the only questions are, “Visa or Medicaid?” “Tuesday or Friday?” Granite City was once known for the towering steel mill industry, which currently is struggling, unlike the abortion mill which is flourishing.  Sadly, the number one reason for the increase is that as Missouri makes it harder to kill the unborn, those so inclined simply cross the river to do the deed. My suggestion to Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner: if he really wants to get Illinois out of the fiscal red, simply put a toll booth between the Poplar Street Bridge and the entrance of Granite City. Of course, the tragic irony of all this is that through local media coverage we witness outrage coming from Illinois residents and government figures when we discovered old tires being dumped in East St. Louis, Illinois; and we certainly don’t allow animals or couches to be dumped. So why are we allowing aborted babies being murdered then dumped in Illinois?  Skeptical? Come stand with me and see for yourself. Illinois is unfortunately known for its # 1 manufacturing product: CORRUPTION. There are several former Illinois governors currently making license plates in prison as we speak, but it is still no excuse for Christians to tolerate this evil being dumped in our backyardCorruption is a process that begins with tolerance. Christians are to love, but love is not tolerance of evil. Love is standing for righteousness being free of corruption and following Jesus and moving out of the building. We cannot change what we are not willing to confront.

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