"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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                                                                                                                                   December 2, 2015

            As a veteran prolife activist, we do not condone one act of violence for another. With that being said, the recent Colorado shooting inside a Planned Parenthood facility, was unfortunate and tragic. But more appalling is the blame game and finger pointing coming from the very same people who have been inciting violence and the real war on women for over 40 years.  

            In particular, Planned Parenthood and prochoice advocates are accusing every prolife advocate that they’re responsible, due to the prolife rhetoric associated with the recent videos exposing the trafficking of baby body parts at Planned Parenthood facilities. Again, we exposed this kind of atrocity 16 years ago with Hope Clinic, in Granite City, and a Baby Body parts factory in West Frankfort, Illinois. Like rats in the night, they moved their facility to another feeding area within 200 miles of a supplier; another abortion mill. But the hypocrisy goes on. Everybody is up in arms and so disgusted with what this shooter did, as they should be, but, the same disgusting acts of violence happen every day the Granite City baby slaughterhouse is open. Different weapons; same results. And, it isn’t one or two people killed, it’s 20 to 30 a day. This is happening in our own back yard! Why are we not disgusted with this violence?  Of course, Planned Parenthood is going to milk this tragedy as much as they can. “Poor us!” But those killers are doing the same thing to the most helpless victims of all. And they make a lot of money doing it. Also, those tapes were not edited as Planned Parenthood claims. They were the truth, and they revealed how greedy and callous these abortionists really are. It’s all about money. I even heard that that very day a tweet via Twitter went out from Planned Parenthood asking for donations to ensure “women receive healthcare”, blah, blah.   You disgusting people are doing the same thing! Sad thing is baby killers don’t want you to know what they do or how late term in a pregnancy they’re willing to kill.

            Consider this: Granite City houses the Midwest’s largest late term abortion mill. Just this past Tuesday we witnessed over 7 mothers of the 32 in line obviously well advanced in their pregnancies. One woman from Missouri was either high on drugs or drunk as she yelled vulgarities and was having difficulty standing. She was disheveled and her belly was hanging out as she brazenly told us she was 26 weeks. Why are we not disgusted? Come stand with me! See for yourself!   Since September 2014 we have had an influx of out of state babies coming over the river from Missouri to kill and dump their babies in Granite City due to Missouri’s abortion restrictions. Unfortunately for Illinois, they don’t have to wait 72 hours, they just come across the river. Here’s a question: We don’t let people dump their tires in city limits. Why are we allowing them to kill and dump babies in our backyard?  You see, it’s all about the truth. It’s considered hate to those who hate the truth.  As long as we allow this depravation; senseless acts of violence will increase. Where there is no respect for life in the womb, there will be no respect for life on the streets. Whether it’s a shotgun, scalpel, or suction hoses; different weapons; same results. Murder is murder.

          When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you will reap it in the streets, and that is exactly what we are seeing with the increasing violence in our homes and on our streets. Are we going to connect the dots or stay in denial? When will our church leaders rise up and stand against what is evil and call it what it is?  This is not the will of God. And our professing leaders bear the responsibility to say so and preach and act against this evil. It is the most important crisis that we face in our day. It’s not the economy or the environment; it is the value we place on human life.

           God showed us, his people, how he felt by shedding his own blood and giving his life for us. How can God bless a nation that continues to ignore the cries of over fifty-million children and counting whose blood is being shed? We must confess that as our brother’s keepers we have failed, but we do not have to wallow in that failure. We must follow in the example of those brave souls who have gone before us to bring to an end any oppression and holocaust, and not worry about the loss of man’s praises or character assassinations. We must embrace courage and make sacrifices, and act on it, in order to restore full protection to the innocent child in the womb and out of the womb. Only then will the murders of innocent children end and respect for life return. It is an epic battle of good versus evil, and it is a battle that can be won. 

        So, who is most responsible for “senseless acts of terrorism”? Hope Clinic, or any abortion mill, need only look in the mirror.     

“Since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.”  Ezekiel 35:6


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