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Abortionist Yogendra Shah carves up late term Indiana woman


 May 2, 2014



 On the weekend of April 24 & 25th   we later learned of yet another young woman butchered during her two day abortion at Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, at the hands of chief abortionist, Yogendra Shah.  Only minutes after our late departure from the slaughterhouse on Saturday the 25th, a private ambulance pulled up in front of the abortion mill.   It was around 11:30 a.m. Clinic manager Deb Weidhardt and death camp director, Tamara Threlkeld came out with ambulance attendants carrying the black female from Indiana.  She was unresponsive.  She was a late term client who we remembered and spoke to the day before.  She came in a jeep Liberty on Friday and parked up front by the entrance.  Sadly, she returned to finish the grisly dismemberment of her large baby on Saturday.  Abortion is increasingly dangerous the more advanced a woman is in her pregnancy.  What’s worse is the increasing number of abortion complications coming from Hope Clinic at the hands of both abortionists, Erin Lee King and Yogendra Shah; and these are only the ones we know about.  The make shift staff usually tries to hold the hemorrhagic patients inside until all the witnesses on the sidewalk are gone, but this day they only waited till our ministry left.  Not only is Hope Clinic jeopardizing this young woman’s life with malpractice but since last fall, Illinois hospitals are required to report to the State of Illinois all abortion complications and the abortionist that was involved.  It’s a law.  So, what does Hope Clinic do to try and cover up their abortion complications which are frequent? They don’t call for 9-1-1; they call a private ambulance firm so there is no reporting, and they bypass local emergency care and travel the distance to St. Louis, Missouri where both abortionists have privileges or are on staff at Barnes Jewish Hospital. There is no public record.

 And now, the Illinois mandatory reporting law makes it even harder for Hope Clinic to continue dumping their patients at Illinois hospitals, especially Gateway Regional, which is situated right across the street from Hope Clinic and was constantly seeing butchered transfers from this slaughterhouse in Granite City. Hope Clinic’s worst fears are lawsuits and public knowledge of “abortion complications.” This is not good for their image and their so called “healthcare” façade. 

Abortion was built on a lie and it survives by lies. They have to keep the lies going.                  

More late term babies are being murdered in Granite City than any other metropolitan area due to the lawlessness here in Illinois and the abortionist’s love of money. We’re frustrated because the death toll numbers are going up due to abortion restrictions in surrounding states, especially Missouri. Illinois also caters to underage minors and late term abortion minded women. Is this what the Granite City leaders want their city to be known for? Instead of the towering steel mill that is currently struggling because of lack of demand, Granite City is now known for the baby killing mill. This is a blight on this nation, let alone this city. Something has to change.     

Now let me ask you something, if this abortion mill were a veterinarian’s office or an orthopedic surgeon office and you witnessed several ambulances or stretchers hauling bloodied animals or patients over to the local hospital or to the Missouri hospitals for emergency surgery, would you think the medical hirelings at either facility are qualified and competent?  Do you think that negligence or malpractice may be an issue at either facility?  Would we tolerate such substandard care on a pet or grandma? 

Then why are we allowing “dirty doc’s” to butcher pregnant women during abortion procedures? How many maimed and butchered women is enough to have the abortionist’s medical license pulled and an investigation begun? #redflag


  Back alley abortions have not ended .They’re legal, and they cost more money.

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All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for GOOD people to sit around, complaining and to do nothing.  Or what’s worse, to wait for someone else to do something. We will never change what we are not willing to CONFRONT.


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