"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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  Hope Clinic Flushing Babies, ..AGAIN


Granite City, Illinois



  Once again, it appears the Midwest’s largest, late-term slaughterhouse is disposing of fetal parts  and bodies of aborted babies, into the sewers. Years ago, as far back as 2002, we reported a similar accusation from a waste management worker who feared the repercussions of publicizing this information. After tuning into our popular Christian radio program broadcasting throughout St. Louis, he felt convicted to confirm our suspicion that babies were regularly being flushed into the Granite City sewer system. This occurred so frequently that the city’s water gauges would elevate in pressure alerting supervisors that “something was caught” on a grid under the washboard streets of this city of slaughter. Public Works would arrive to remove manhole covers and climb down the rungs of steel only to find a large object on the trap or grid preventing the sewage flow. Workers would then have to use large coal shovels to remove the objects in order to restore the water flow and proper pressure. To their own disbelief, workers also reported that these “objects” caught on the sewer traps were late-term unborn babies missing a limb or two. They were appearing primarily in the vicinity of Hope Clinic along the main sewer directly in front of the abortion mill, which is located across from the emergency room of Gateway Regional hospital. This particular sewer gives off a rotting odor amidst stagnant air on very hot days outside the abortion mill. We have nicknamed the area “stinky sewer” because it is so repulsive.

This disgusting treatment of aborted babies continues even after the most recent expose of baby body parts being trafficked from abortion facilities. Our ministry exposed this scandal over sixteen years ago at Hope Clinic. In the course of our twenty-two years of being faithfully embedded outside this abortion mill, we were told by a former employee that everyone hired was required to work their way up into the procedure room and assist in actual abortions. This worker, lacking a medical background, said she was trained to aid in the abortion procedure. Specifically, she described disposing of aborted babies by laying them in an over-sized commode located in a back room, then pulling the handle to flush them into Granite City’s sewer system. Smaller fetal parts were reportedly “grounded up” in a garbage disposal in a medical testing/kitchen area. Mind you, these are aborted babies supposedly not sold for research, cosmetic firms, and pharmaceutical companies. 

            At around 3:30PM this past Friday we witnessed a familiar sight outside Hope Clinic: a Granite City Public Works truck arrived near the main sewer. Two men exited the vehicle and lifted the manhole to investigate. Their disgust could be overheard clearly. As one worker remained in the manhole, the other walked up to the abortion mill’s doors and banged on the entrance. However, Hope Clinic was closed for the day and all employees had left a couple of hours earlier after the completion of the morning’s abortions. The public works employee quit banging after a while and both workers replaced the manhole cover and returned to their vehicle to drive disgustedly away.

            I think most decent people in Granite City abhor this murder mill, especially when its purpose is evident. Again, we can pray about it and throw money at so-called pro-life organizations, but until the real Church of Jesus Christ shows up outside “high places” and does what God has already ordained them to do, nothing will change and not ONE abortion will be stopped. The American churches must stop sticking their heads in the sand, grow some guts, and truly bring God back into this nation and our churches.

             “You cannot change what you are not willing to confront.”    



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