"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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It happened again,..we just received word and the 911 tape from Yogendra Shah's Peoria ,Illinois abortion mill,  "National  Health Care",  where a small group sometimes stands praying. On Wenesday , Feburary 25th, 2015, a witness just happen to show up outside the abortion mill, when the ambulance arrived and took a woman in distress to the local hospital. This same scenario happens quite often in Granite City, Illinois at Hope Clinic for Women, where Shah is the chief abortionist. Mr. Shah has given up his medical practice and is killing babies full time in Granite City. He admittedly makes more money off of performing four abortions rather than getting woke up in the middle of the night to delivery one baby. He kills in Granite City, Illinois on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday. On Wenesdays, he moonlights up to Peoria to  kill babies. Shah has been killing babies for over 37 years in Granite City, approx 400,000 innocent babies just in Granite City, Illinois. This butcher has not made enough money off dead babies, I sumise, or he really loves his job. "Pam" is still answering phones at this Peoria, Illinois slaughterhouse where we asked if the same butcher was working that almost killed that girl in Feburary? "click".

  Yesterday, we knew something was out of sorts when "new mom" and abortionist Erin Lee King  shortened her maternity leave and arrived to begin the slaughter in Granite City, Illinois. Repeat, botched abortionist Yogendra Shah is more than likely laying low until the "dust settles" on yet another one of his"botched abortions". How many more women have to be killed or maimed by these legal back alley abortionist before the state of Illinois steps in? If this were a real physician, his licensed would of been pulled and this mill shut down. Even a tattoo parlor has more oversight and regulations and inspections.

 According to FOIA 911 tape the call was placed early in morning where a young woman was overheard requesting an ambulance to National Healthcare for a woman who was having complications.  The operator asked "if the patient was still breathing"? the caller responded "Yes, but having difficulty". The 911 operator went back and forth a few times requesting pertinent information to access the condition of patient and abortion clinic caller was being evasive with her answers as not to acknowledge the real problem . This is a very dangerous and seedy, lucretive business. Evidently, the love of money is the root of all evil ..How can anyone call butchering women and murdering babies,"HEALTHCARE"?  
The investigation is still active and forthcoming. Will update later.

Another Botched Abortion at Hope Clinic
Hope Clinic House of Horrors

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