"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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 Inaction is indifference: No help KILLS.


  Executive director and chameleon Kathy (Kathleen) Sparks, now remarried shortly after her first husband’s death, continues to spin her cash cow pregnancy business., in Granite City/ Belleville, Il..  It seems this gold digger who raked in over half a million dollars in reported donations,  just last year, simply cannot locate anyone to operate or perform ultrasounds on pregnant women, or perhaps refuses to hire qualified technicians to do so. Tsk, tsk. This fraud continues her mission to mislead and entertain pastors while smooching churches’ butts in order to deflect the fact that her gold mine prego-funding is not going directly to help abortion-minded women or pregnant mothers needing assistance. She is a running joke as far as saving babies scheduled to be aborted is concerned. What is worse is the gullibility and ignorance of individuals and the fact that most church-goers don’t care. Corruption and hypocrisy run rampant nowadays.


Let’s review: Sparks’ website, www.revealmosaic.com continually transforms in order to cover up her lies. One week the Centers’ van is out of service. The next week, the van is only traveling once a month to a remote parking lot in Swansea, Illinois, supposedly offering testing. The next month, no driver is available. The only time one might view the mobile unit is at her fundraisers. When a client tries to schedule an appointment online, her website claims that Mosaic is completely booked up. It also states: “walk-ins welcome,” although Mosaic knows they are not accepting any appointments. What a scam! And we thought Sparks pretending to be a Catholic was bad while asking for support in the Catholic Times publication. She still has her hands in the Catholic churches pockets, although she has terminated all Catholic volunteers.   Mosaic purchased this $300,000.00 unit over two years ago, and it is still not being utilized to the fullest extent or saving babies. Why do they need three pro-life fundraising walks when they are not helping women? When one calls the center, all the intake worker asks is if you can help them fundraise or donate to their cash cow center. Ridiculous.


Kathy, you need to retire. Haven’t you made enough money? Between scamming your audience at ten thousand dollar speaking engagements and posting deceptive advertisements on your website to get more money, have you no shame? You’re remarried; go and watch the sunset, because you sure as Hades are not saving babies or helping mothers. Kathy, you may have quit killing babies inside Hope Clinic back in the 1980’s, but you are still killing babies when you are deceitful and play the shell game with a piece of equipment that could be used to save babies. Why don’t you donate that mobile unit to our ministry that can really utilize it and will save babies scheduled to die ?


 We challenge you to call / text or e-mail Mosaic to ask where your money is going:      www.revealmosaic.com  


Proverbs 14:10 “ The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel”.  

     The new Kathy Sparks Lesnoff still in mourning

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