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February 2015                   

 Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute.

2 Peter 2:2

The best scam going lately is duping churches and donors that their donations are “saving” babies from abortion, when in reality their donations are going in the director’s pockets. Do your homework! Mosaic takes in over $600,000 a year; their director Kathy Sparks pays herself  $ 80,000 a year, and they refuse to help desperate pregnant women with baby supplies or anything else. Who are they helping? Sounds like themselves. We recently received a call from a girl that went to Mosaic in Granite City and she told us she was refused help or assistance due to their policies. She just had a baby less than two weeks before and needed a crib, diapers, and baby clothing. The Mosaic intake worker told her that because she did not come to their center at the onset (beginning) of her pregnancy that they could not help her.


 Why would anyone believe this center’s claims that they are saving babies with their donations when they refuse to help pregnant women? Surely, church leaders and their congregations must be ignorant of this troubling fact; otherwise how could they continue to support these do-nothing pregnancy centers? And, to make matters worse; this disease is spreading in the by-state area. “Options Nowaka “Arms of Love” is another dormant pregnancy center in Alton, Illinois, that is following the same deceptive path.


 Understand, they too recently changed their name and policies. Just recently they refused to help an abortion bound pregnant girl we had talked out of her scheduled abortion when she sought their assistance. She was told they no longer give out baby supplies, or offer classes. The only thing they do offer is a pregnancy test/ ultrasound once a week by a physician. They too, are now considered a “health center” just as Mosaic in Granite City. “Options Now,” according to their annual non-profit report, admits to taking in over $307,000 last year, and of this the director received $60.000.   Ironically, they have not changed their website which still offers assistance and materials. 

 So, the question is; where is the rest of the money going? It sure as heck is not saving babies as both centers claim.  Reportedly, Sparks keeps spending donors money on rehabbing buildings that no longer exist, such as Mosaic’s Edwardsville, Illinois office. How stupid are people? It’s on their tax return. Look it up. In 2012 Sparks reportedly took in just under  $1,000,000.00 dollars and less than $5,600 dollars went to pregnant women and their babies. That’s less than one percent!  Don’t these pregnancy centers have a conscience or moral values anymore?  As a human rights advocate there is something ethically wrong with these pregnancy health centers policies. They collect donations (money) directed to aid pregnant women and their babies, and they are not using it to help women or babies. And they definitely are not stopping abortions.  

   On the other hand, desperate pregnant women do know where to turn when Mosaic and others have turned them down for help or assistance because we intercept them at the abortion mill. Skeptical; have questions?  Come and stand with us. Better yet, try and call a pregnancy center for help. If you’ve donated to these organizations you have a right to know where your money is going. One has to ask, “Why are these directors of pregnancy health centers taking in so much money and paying themselves outrageous salaries for doing nothing, while frustrated pregnant women are contacting Small Victories day and night for help?”

1 Timothy 6:10

 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

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