"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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                 “We must not allow creative protest to turn into physical violence” ~MLKJr.

As peaceful prolifers were physically attacked by attendees. Mosaic PHC executive director unleashes supporters to take our signs and harass peaceful protestors. Complaint has been filed with local police department, who came earlier on a false complaint that protestors were "rioting", of all things. Truth is hate to those who hate the truth. Just when you think the American church cannot sink any deeper, it does. As the attendees pulled into the parking lot, several began rolling down their windows and cursing us, or we received a few middle fingers, many had Christian symbols on their cars. One pastor in a red Cadillac, tried to run us over as he gunned the engine and steered his car inches, not feet, in front of where we stood. Most were older and some 40-50ish supporters. One sign read "You didn't help me or my baby" another "Mosaic's policies kills babies." You see, this pregnancy center makes it so hard for pregnant girls to get any assist or an ultrasound, that many cross our paths at the GC ab mill. We have been exposing this problem a long time in GC but, this pregnancy center takes in a million $, a year and gets government grants. The exec. dir. pays herself 80k a year and does very little to help pregnant girls. Most of their revenue goes toward furniture, fundraising events, and salaries. Less than 5% goes directly to helping pregnant women or their babies according to their income report. Other employees don't have to list their income according to non-profit report. This prego center has a $400.000 med. mobile unit, complete with ultrasound, and only leaves their lot for fundraising views, from donors. We have asked Mosaic to please let our ministry have the van if they are not going to be good stewards of God's blessings. Lord knows the repairs and upkeep we have endured over the years in our out dated van. Our appearance must have incited a couple (fem-black coat& male-blue shirt) as they left their red BMW in the middle of the parking lot and doors opened as they charged towards the protestors across from me. They picked on a young man. They shoved him and took their camera inches from his face and screamed at him to "answer them", "why can't he talk?" the irate woman kept screaming as she shoved her camera in his face.

Praise God, he held tightly to his sign and dodged their intimidating rants and the physical altercation. I ran over to see if he was ok, he looked up at me and whispered "I just want to punch their faces, but I’m going to pray harder for them". We were already struggling with high winds as you can tell from the pictures. Now, we were struggling with violent people. The couple kept taunting the prolifers, I told Daniel to call police. We have a right to peacefully assemble and protest. Matter of fact, the cops who came earlier told us they were there for our protection also. This just really goes to show how corrupt individuals aka so-called "Christians" don't want the public to know the truth.

Another woman came over to us holding her hair in the blowing winds, diamonds dripping off her wrist and ears. She wanted us to explain Mosaic's policies. She kept insisting that we talk to her. We informed her for years we have intercepted preg girls coming from Mosaic after being turned away. Some that are substance abusers are told "it would be better to undergo an abortion" then bring a drug baby into the world. This is wrong. We informed her how hard it is for a preg girl to get help at this prego center. 'Pregnant girls have to complete classes and come to Mosaic at the onset of their pregnancy or they refuse them. A lot of girls have jobs or school or other children how are they supposed to take classes to get help? A lot don't have transportation. Then Daniel handed her the Catholic times article where Mosaic lied and misrepresented themselves as being a Catholic organization and their readers should be supporting them. She didn't like that untruth. She took the article with her and wished us some resolve.

Then a man resembling the new Mr. Kathy Sparks Lesnoff ran over to the half parked BMW still with the door opened and began backing it into a parking space. He is much younger than K Sparks Lesnoff. That must be her latest husband. She remarried shortly after her last husband died. The couple attacking us took notice, and began walking over to their car. Mr. Lesnoff then went and parked his wh Mercedes in another spot and walked inside the event. More attendees walked over to us and began asking question about Mosaic PHC. We concentrated on the cars still arriving as others gently answered them. One woman complained "I have donated to her for a long time, I wish I would of had this information sooner, but thank you for doing this, people need to know." Another thought it was "ridiculous that she (Kathy) takes such a large salary, when it should be going to help pregnant mothers, not salaries, and she would not be donating diapers to them anymore”. As the last bit of cars were trickling in, we notice something missing from years prior. Kathy must be reading our website as her 400k ultrasound med unit was not staged in front of the Gateway Center for her donors to think Mosaic is actually using it to save babies or help pregnant women. The only time it moves is when they find a driver to park it at fundraisers. Today was different. The farce is over.

The MC, Sandy Brown, arrived from JOY99.1, radio station LOL as she pulled onto the lot. There is nothing funny about good people being fleeced. Just like career politicians, there needs to be term limits on cash cows. 30 years of fleecing the flock. I said a long time ago, there are some organizations out there that " if abortion came to an end overnight, the directors would be jumping off the roof tops". They have made a living and lifestyle off of donor’s money. Unfortunately, the prolife movement has turned into a financial business. It's all about making money and perpetual fundraising. Not about stopping abortion. And the American Church feeds into this travesty as they are more worried about their comfort and prestige than what the Lord says. Our marching orders are right there in the Book. But it's just easier to throw money at our moral problems than to face them, "We cannot change what we are not willing to confront". We ended with a closing prayer, and thanking God for His guidance and protection.

Keep speaking the truth,no matter the cost,



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