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Pictured above “botched abortion” being transported to hospital, and former exec. dir. Tamara Threlkeld

               Executive Director at HOPE CLINIC, GONE!

   May 31, 2016

Praise God, another abortion mill executive director is gone from Hope Clinic abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois, known as one of the largest, late-term abortion mills. This executive director was younger and more flamboyant than the previous one, Sally Burgess, whose bloody career lasted decades. Read: Passing the Torch            

Tamara was only resident at Hope Clinic for approximately four and a half years. She also had three children. The oldest, a 16 year old girl, accompanied her to work often. Before that, Tamara had been employed at De Paul Hospital over in St. Louis, Missouri before filing for bankruptcy.

Speculation has it that Tamara was fired after the most recent horrific “botched abortion” that happened inside Hope Clinic on April 16, 2016. Read: Hope Clinic Butchers Another Late Term Abortion

The botched procedure was so damaging that the private ambulance firm Hope Clinic has contracted with, “Abbott,” had to transport this Illinois woman over to Barnes Jewish. Why? Because gross complications of abortions are not reported in Missouri. Illinois hospitals have been mandated to alert the authorities for the last two years.

We’ve also been informed recently that there were personality clashes inside Hope Clinic between Tamara, the abortionist, and some of the employees.

Our prayer is that all involved with the shedding of innocent blood would come to a full repentance and find Jesus, and then go on to do great things for the Kingdom of God.

Please help us to continue praying for Hope Clinic and all those involved in this evil business. 


Keep speaking the truth, no matter the cost,





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